Project Marrow: Save Nasim, She needs a Bone Marrow Transplant. Swab to save a life!

Uploaded by projectmarrow on 26.11.2012

I am Nasim
I am Nasim
I am Nasim
I am Nasim
There's a
fellow Iranian-American named Nasim who is 21 years old... she's young,
and she's diagnosed with cancer
and we as Iranian's, can step-up and save her
Not just Nasim
any patient in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant.
While everyone's still looking for a cure for cancer
a patient's transplant from a matching donor can be the ultimate cure for their
Blood Cancer
Chances are only thirty-percent
find a match within their families... the other seventy-percent rely on the registry
At any given time in America
10,000 people are waiting for a bone marrow transplant. Patient's are a lot more likely to match a donor within their own ethnic background
we need a strong community to join the registry and starts with you!
Marrow donation is not as scary as you might think
it's very simple
they're gonna send you an envelope... you take a cotton swab. You don't put it in your ear, okay? You put it in your mouth!

You just swab it, put it in the envelope and just mail it back
If you're lucky enough to match to be able to help and save this girl's life...
then they will contact you and it's just a very quick process... it doesn't...
they don't rip you open... there's nothing... it's very easy!
We're not asking for money, we're asking you to consider joining the registry.
To be able to donate something from my body...
that would help somebody else would be the greatest gift
So let's come together!
Save Nasim, Save Nasim
Save Nasim NOW!
Don't wait, help save this girls life, okay?
you go to To learn more about how you can be a life-saving donor