All About Salt with The Spice Boss at The Spice House

Uploaded by chicagospiceboss on 29.06.2012

I’m Tom Erd, I’m the Spice Boss. This is where I spend my days, here in the shop.
All salt is sea salt. Either it was left underground by prehistoric oceans, or we can get it out
of the ocean. If you get it outta the ocean, it’s nothing more than sun-dried sea water.
There’s still sea water on this one. So there’s literally hundreds of kinds of sea
salt, mined salt, evaporated salt, we can’t carry them all. If I had every salt that was
made, we would be The Salt House, not The Spice House.
But, we are The Spice House so I take this real fancy salt and I gotta jazz it up. This
is Porcini Salt. I make it with the Portuguese Sea Salt and we put Porcini powder in it that’s,
that’s freshly minced through a screen. Wonderful, wonderful mushroom flavor. It’s
a great steak rub. But you can use it on all kinds of savory dishes. Then this little secret
weapon, this is Vulcan’s Fire Salt. This’ll rip your face off. We use ground habaneros
in here, and we...Get this. You know how they make hot sauce, how they make it in the casks?
What happens when you pour the sauce out of the cask? You know what’s left at the bottom
of the barrels? That’s what I use in the Vulcan’s Fire Salt.
Hey Spice Boss, what do you use that Vulcan’s Fire Salt for? You know what? You can put
this on anything except ice cream.
This is truffle salt. There’s actual white truffles in here. When we’re filling these
jars, this whole place smells like truffles.
I could talk about salt all day. But the best way to find out what you like is to come into
our shop and taste ‘em. We’ll give you tastes of any one you like. Or if you’re
online, you can go to our salt page. There’s a lot of good dialogue on all these salts
right there online at
Or, shoot the Spice Boss an email at
Spice on!