One stroke nail art : les pétales ronds / round petals !

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 10.06.2010

Hello I'll show you how I make this nail art. But this video is not a tutorial because I do not control the technique.
This is just to show you how I did
It is done with basic acrylic paint that we found in any store: this is not a special paint for nails
Then I take a brush square and flat
and of course a cotton or tissue moistened with water in order to clear the creation when it is not dry
so as you can see I take some paint
Here I failed so I take the cotton and I take it off directly and I wipe the nail for not having water.
First I wet my brush with my cotton
And I dip one side of a color
and the other side with the other color
And then I'll come crush my brush on the nail
and make a simple rotation
so it's a two-color gradient
if you want the colors more mixed together you do on your plastic beside a line like this
and the more you pass brush strokes, the more your colors will be mixed
I'll show you on a support
I crush my brush and I do a rotation so a petal
Then I will put two rhinestone in the middle of the flower
and then put the top coat and paste pieces of pink pearl
Here then I put a lot of layers of top coat to maintain the pink pearl
because it hangs to the fibers of fabrics, it is not very practical so you need a top coat as thick as the dryer faster or the Poshe.
And here it is ! And good luck for your second hand!