Pedicure tutorial : Cute toenails in 10 steps !

Uploaded by cutenails on 05.10.2012

Hello! Today I will show you how to apply nail polish on your toe nails.
You will learn how to prepare your nails.
And how to apply nail polish.
I will use a red nail polish for this tutorial.
I hope that you will like it.
Here’s how I stand to make my toe nail polish.
It allows you to have a good view of what you’re doing and it won’t give you a backache.
First, remove your nail polish with a nail polish remover.
Then you have to push back your cuticles with the Blue Cross.
You can click on the annotation to know more about this product and its effects.
So apply some on your nail then wait for 10 seconds.
Then remove the cuticles with stainless steel tool like this, a pusher remover.
It is more effective than a silicon stick.
Remove all the dead skins.
It is very important to remove all this to obtain a beautiful nail polish.
Since you won’t have skins that will bother you.
And your nail polish will last longer.
Then I use some alcohol to remove the oil produced by the cuticle product.
And now, I use the nail buffer block to better apply the color base
And to smoothen the nail
As you can see, I have a shiny nail now thanks to the nail buffer.
Now I put the toe separator to apply the nail polish easily.
And for the toe nails, I apply a color base.
Choose the base according to your nail type: you may use a yellow stains remover, an anti-streaks or a nail hardening base.
I am using a hardening base since I have soft nails.
Then I let it dry.
I'm sorry for my second toe, it is not very beautiful. I’ve hurt myself lately.
And now, I apply the red nail polish as I would apply it on my finger nails.
I apply it very close to my cuticles without touching them.
Since I have used the buffer earlier, the nail polish is applied very easily.
Do the same for the other toes. Do not apply too much nail polish.
And if the nail polish overflows, use a wooden stick to remove it before it dries.
Later I will use the nail polish corrector pen for the finish.
Let the first coat dry first. Then later apply the second coat.
Then I remove the overflow with a nail polish corrector pen.
It is quite difficult not to overflow when applying the nail polish on toe nails.
When the contour is clean, apply the top coat or make a nail art.
In my case, I will apply the top coat.
Don’t forget to apply the top coat to make the nail polish last longer.
Now I apply the Quick Dry & Cuticle Conditioner from Tammy Taylor.
It’s a kind of oil that will moisturize your cuticles and will put an oily coat on your nail.
It will help your your nail polish to dry quickly.
And since you’ve applied nail polish on your toe nails, you will have to wear flip-flop for some times.
This protection will prevent your nails from collecting dust or animal hair.
I hope that this video has been useful to you.
All the references for the products are available in the description.
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