Add QR codes to your business card

Uploaded by bamagazine on 13.02.2012

This is a QR code.
QR codes are popping up everywhere: on printed material, on t-shirts, on teacups, on billboards,
and they're codes -- QR stands for Quick Response -- that you scan with your smartphone, and
the code can contain all kinds of information. Most typically, when you scan it, it will
take you to a Web site. It can take you to . . . or it can queue up an e-mail address.
It can dial a phone number for you. One of my favorite uses for the QR code is to pull
up a Google map. So you print your QR code on your business card, or whatever, and there
you go. And if you have a business that's in a labyrinthine, hard-to-reach location,
this is like a perfect thing for it.
Anyway . . .
We had a reader write recently and say, "I have been asked to put three QR codes on a
business card. And it was like, Oh my God, what do I do? You know, because the card is
already so busy, just how do I handle that?" This really is a face that only a computer
could love, and it's not going to do anything to help your card be attractive.
And so our favorite way to handle this is to turn the card over, and put these on the
back. Simple, centered presentation -- the machine-readable part, the people-readable
part, black, red, gray, white, right down the page. It makes it really clear instantly
that this is sort of the contact information side of the card.
A more conventional card is horizontal. You could do this horizontally as well. You could
put four on this way. Where you're going to run into trouble on this is if you have a
very long street address. But otherwise it's a great solution. The bonus to putting all
this contact information on the back of your card, is that it frees the front side of your
card to get more creative with. Put other stuff on, for example, like a little brochure
cover, almost. Company name, your name, your title, anything you want on there. If you
turn the card vertically, same thing. Anything you want to put on there, you can put on,
because the back of the card has all the good stuff.
Anyway . . .
QR codes are free. You can get them online. Our favorite place -- although there are many
places to get a QR code -- we go to Just type in your email, or type in your phone,
or whatever it is you want your QR code to do, and it just magically makes a code for
you that you download. Similarly with smartphone scanner apps, there are a lot of apps that
do scanning. The one we use most often is called Red Laser. Just download it at the
App Store.
So that's what we do with QR codes, at least on business cards.