How To Lose Belly Fat and Lose Weight Fast -The Truth About Abs Review

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So, the truth about abs was created by Mike Geary, and Mike Geary is a certified nutritionist,
and certified personal trainer. So, he definitely knows what he's talking about. He's been certified
like all that stuff. And, the big thing that the book that talks about, the real truth
about getting six pack abs and toning up your stomach is not doing thousands of sit ups
all day long. It's really about implementing healthy, nutritional, and training practices
into your workout and into your diet. And, uhm, a lot of people want to hear that you
want to do a lot of sit ups and crunches all the day long, but the truth of the matter
is that, you got to get your nutrition right, you get your diet right, and your training
program right; and then you can only have six pack abs.
The focus of the program is nutrition, and that's the number one Mike Geary talks about.
He said "You can't out train a bad diet." And, I firmly, firmly believe that as personal
trainer, myself. You can all the workouts in the world, but if you're willing to eat
right, then you won't get the results you want because the nutrition would gonna make
the majority of your results.
The program doesn't teach you dietary tricks like taking supplements, and all that stuffs.
Uhm, but he does give unconventional nutritional advise. Stuff that you won't find in the food
pyramid, and other stuff like that, but he's gonna teach you how to live healthier life,
and you also definitely will lose fat, as well.
The program also provides training strategies for all around fat loss and lean muscle building,
so you're not just gonna get the nutrition, you also get the workouts, and how to do different
workouts, and also the abdominal trainings as well. The thing I like about the book was
that, Mike Geary talks you like he's gonna talking to a friend. He's not talking down
you like a lot of fitness guru out there, who use fancy and crazy words, and other stuffs
like that. The book is easy to read, and uhm...he only promise a lot of workouts are a little
harder than it used to. Because a lot of people are used to just walk on the treadmill and
doing sit ups, but the training progam incorporate a lot of body exercises, that will increase
your heart rate and they will be metabilically demanding than just sit ups and crunches.
So, overall the truth about abs is a really awesome fat loss progam that not only teaches
eat healthy but also how to lose fat. The thing to remember, though, just by buying
this is not gonna be a magic pill. You still have to read the book and start to implement
what Mike Geary talks about.
The concepts are easy to understand, what I felt like, and if you can implement those,
and if you're willing to put the hard work, then the sky is the only limit. You'll have
a healthier life, you lose more fat, toned up your stomach, you'll get the six pack abs,
but you gotta do the work, too. You can't just pop a pill and it will be magic. You
have to read the book and implement what he talks about.
Hey, everybody Dr Sean Moore here, and Mike and I just wanna give you and inside or sneak
peek on the truth about abs VIP access area. Now, as you can tell each one of the chapter
of the truth about abs ebook is actually organized into its own unique tab, right here at the
top of the site, to make it super simple to navigate the site and find exactly where you
wanna go.
What we've done is we've actually created the entire site push-button style, so you
know exactly what to do and there's no user confusion. Everything is downloadable to an
iPod, or your computer or other video device, so you can watch it wherever you want. The
video loads insantly, and each one is located on its own unique page just like this, so
you don't have to worry about streaming time or anything else.
As you can see, the killer abs and core exercises, we actually go through all the variations
and some of the most difficult exercises, and most effective exercises you could ever
In general core strengthening and functional warm-up, we go through individual exercises
you can choose from here, but we actually also stitched together all the function and
warm-up routines, so you can just click play and follow along once. Very, very easy stuff,
and again everything is downloadable. In the ab training programs, we have levels 1 through
8 up here. Meaning, that you don't have to progress. By the time you get to level 8 you
gonna be so ripped that neither fixing your diet cause you're not ripped enough or your
abs are just insanely strong and got an ab of steel.
The multi-join free weight exercises, take a peek here because we've got a lot of options
that Mike threw in. Each one of these are extremely effective to support your program,
as you'll see in the example training programs. In the example training programs, we've actually
gone ahead and stitched all the videos together that constitute example training program A
for example, and made it so you can just hit play and follow along. It's very very convenient.
In the secret weapon exercises, we actually get into some of the most powerful stuff that
you can do in order to get the six pack abs and get lean in the fastest way possible.
In fact, we've even included the nutrition area where, Mike actually goes through and
teaches you all about his philosophies on nutrition, and exactly what you need to know
in order to be able to get the best possible lean body results.
In addition to that, any of the useful links that you may need that you have trouble clicking
out of the printed ebook are all located here for you under the nutrition tab.
So, again I'm really looking forward to working with you, and look forward to see you on the
other side. Bye bye...