Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: CloudSherpas

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 22.06.2011

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Mark Wood: Cloud Sherpas is one of Google's most successful Google Apps resellers.
We resell Google Apps and other Google products.
We migrate customers to Google Apps.
We provide custom app development services and we build products
on top of Google infrastructure to help make that transition as smooth as possible.
We migrated hundreds of thousands of customers
and our app has been the number one admin app in the marketplace,
well, since the marketplace launched.
Sherpa Tools is the industry's number one app in the admin space.
We have tripled our revenue year over year.
We're growing really, really fast.
And it's all part of being really, really tightly integrated in the Google process.
We plug ourselves not just into the Google technology,
but into the Google partner side of business as well.
And so what we do at Cloud Sherpas is we come in with a very structured process
that we've learned over the years,
how to help customers eat this elephant in bite-sized chunks.
We start off with small deployments.
We get them up to speed.
We select some key customers, some key internal users,
who are gonna be champions for the whole process.
Get them excited about it.
Get them involved.
Get them migrated.
Get them talking to their co-workers about how awesome it's gonna be.
And then that tends to help the whole thing flow a little bit more easily.
So it's a combination of solid product from Google
and well-established process from Cloud Sherpas.

Some of the benefits people talk about after having migrated
really relate to the productivity improvements they see.
The ability to collaborate, to be able to share documents,
to be able to reduce travel costs.
Sites is probably the most underappreciated component
of Google Apps on the market today.
You have each department able now to take control of its own workflow and its own space,
where they couldn't do it before run from a software.
It's a huge, huge win across the board.
We have case study after case study of customers
not only being happy with the move to Google Apps from an email perspective,
but once they get there, they realize,
"Wow. These collaboration impacts these sites, these docs,
YouTube, the ability to deliver videos.
All of this stuff really has made a fundamental difference to the way we do our business."
And it's been great.