Jayeebhava Full Movie - Part 07/14 (English Subtitles)

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He's somewhere here only, find him. - Find him Why are you still here?
Where's that long hair guy?
Didn't l say he'll go but will not come back?
Will you stay here only? Come with me.
What are you doing her, dear?
Father, l came here for shopping. - Shopping?
Come dear. - Sit here.
Why did you call me, dad?
l didn't see you since morning, so l wanted to see you.
You got worried for not seeing a day, how could you live all these days?
What could l do? Couldn't say no to her foreign study?
That's why hereafter she'll be with me always.
Do you know about your father?
Generally children cry to go to school.
Your father used to cry if you go to school.
Were you not going to school every day taking her lunch?
Look dear.
Who would stay away from my dear daughter?
What will you do if she marries and leaves home?
No way.
She must be with me only.
Who so ever she may marry, she'll be with me only.
The man who marries her must serve food when she's hungry,
must sing lullaby when she's sleepy,
He must take care of her better than me.
l'll find such a good man for her.
Have we committed a mistake by falling in love?
Yes, l feel we have.
l don't have any hope that we'll marry after knowing your family.
l thought of going to foreign and marrying there,
but the idea was foolish to myself.
Because my family has great hopes on me.
My father dotes me so much.
l can't leave them for you.
For that l can't give you up also.
We are not teenagers to elope and marry.
We've the responsibility to respect our parent's sentiments.
For that no need to kill our aspirations for their sake.
Don't worry, let's get our parents approval and marry.
They are not friends to get their approval.
lndeed they were friends.
Yes, they are enemies now, but once were close friends.
My grandfather.
They both worked in the same factory.
Great friends who would give life for each other.
We used to live together happily in one home.
Other workers were happy about their friendship.
But only one man was jealous of it. He was Yadagiri.
Every factory in this city has unions,
we are losing much for not having a union,
they are exploiting us,
if we've a union we can protect our rights.
Didn't have till date, why now?
l feel we don't need it.
Till now we were in good terms with the old management,
now the management has changed,
what if we face any problem from them?
We are not starting union to strike work or create trouble,
but for our security.
l feel he's right. Think over it again.
Okay as you wish, if you think it's right, let's do it.
The man who is good and always thinks about our welfare is our Bhavani,
our union leader is Bhavani! - Yes, Bhavani is our leader!
Okay then, since you all are requesting,
Narasimha will be the union president,
you all know that there's no difference between us.
We are two bodies but one soul.
Hail Union leader Narasimha!
You said you'll start union become it's president,
and usurp the factory by crooked means,
now Narasimha has become the president,
What will you do now?
Will you strike work?
lf you strike work suddenly, they will lock-out the factory.
They have ten such factories like this.
Even if they close this one, they don't lose anything.
But this is the only support of our lives.
Till now management hasn't done any injustice to us.
No hope that we'll get justice.
You're talking about one man in haste.
l'm thinking about our lives.
Let's go to work, come. Come.
Listen to me, try to understand me.
You don't know. - Don't l know?
What's that l don't know and you know?
Yadagiri used the incident to break their friendship.
He trapped emotional Narasimha into giving strike notice.
l've decided to strike work till the worker gets justice.
Who are you to decide?
Who am l? president of workers union.
playing drama joining hands with the manager.
lmpossible. Come on.
Workers who were like brothers, he made them to fight each other.
pick up daughter, we are leaving.
What happened? Where are we going?
Won't you come if l don't tell?
Even you don't care about me anymore.
Are you mad to beat your wife?
Yes, l've gone mad.
That's why l lived with people like you.
Outside l must obey your husband and inside obey your orders,
l don't have the right to beat my wife too.
What happened now? lt's a trivial issue.
Trivial issue only to people like you who play with sentiments.
Now l know you and your character.
people must revere you as God and hail you,
and l must dance to your tunes only.
lf not you'll show your character.
l'm ashamed of being your friend till now.
Hubby... hubby... what's this?
Stop... please listen to me.
Don't go. Don't stop me... move!- Father!
They split up, as time passed they grew rich and enmity too.
Yes, my father worked hard for us and people.
He did so much for everyone.
l came back from foreign to bring some peace in his life.
My father will have peace only if he has no enemies,
that's why i picked your father,
then l came to know from grandpa about their friendship,
if they have to unite again, Yadu mustn't be there between them,
so l came to Hong Kong for Yadu.
We met there and without knowing about each other we fell in love.
l don't know if you remember or not,
you got scared on knowing l'm Bhavani's son,
but l was very happy to know you were Narasimha's daughter.
Because our estranged families may unite again with our marriage.
But how?
Stop there!
Okay, you go.
have you seen the agreements?
papers are correct.
Who are you?
What happened?
No need to fear, tell me.
Goons were chasing me... - Chasing you?
Who are you?
l am... my name is Anjali.
l don't have anyone. Only a brother.
He wants to marry me off to a goon for money.
The goon works for Narasimha.
l ran away from the marriage, they are after me.
You needn't worry any more, unwittingly you came to me,
nobody will come after you anymore.
You can go home happily.
l'm telling you, needn't worry at all, l'm giving guaranty.
Nobody will force anything against your wish.
Go bravely. Go.
She says she's afraid and you ask her to go.
She says she doesn't have anyone.
She'll be here till she overcomes her fear.
Come in dear. Make yourself comfortable here.
No need to fear.
Brother... brother...