Robotic Cat Toy

Uploaded by Afrotechmods on 13.12.2008

Are you sick of your cat eating your electronic parts? Maybe he needs something to keep him
Here is how I built a robotic cat toy to keep Pikachu busy for hours.
I used the Axon microcontroller for the brains of project.
I started out by plugging in the battery pack, then plugging in a cheap hobby servo
into port A7.
I connected the usb programming cable and started coding.
After doing a lot of debugging I uploaded the final program to the Axon.
Now I had a system that can move the servo in random directions
at random times.
Next, I used some hot glue to stick a dollar store laser pointer onto the servo.
I could have used an external power supply for the laser, but instead I used a piece of tape,
because I'm lazy.
Now after powering it up I was able to watch Pikachu play with his new toy.