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hello and welcome to A-207 productions where we believe that history is very important
because if man doesn't learn from history, he is condemned to repeat it
just kidding, we need a good grade on this project
you may be wondering why I'm wearing a banana
it's because throughout history many factors have influenced the world
one of those factors is the cultivation of champa rice
champa rice, originating from Vietnam has affected the demographics of many regions such as south
southeast asia
east asia as well as Latin America through the Colombian change another major factor
that has influenced the world is the modern Olympics which just happens to be the theme
of today show
the olympics have long been a symbol of triumph and athleticism
but that's not important
in modern times the Olympics have gained the ability to give its host country economic prowess
political power and social superiority
and just so that we don't get yelled at for not including societal illustrations and causative analysis
when the Olympics arrived in moscow in nineteen eighty
the rising tensions between the USA and the Soviet union was so powerful
that the USA refused to set foot on those damn communist ba*****s soil
furthermore every four years there's some kind of controversial situation at the Olympics
for example
why are there thirteen-year-old Chinese girls competing in gymnastic competitions
we consider that to be Olympic pedophilia
for decades the modern Olympics have brought the people of the world together while tearing them apart
at the same time
as a matter of fact
I remember back when I was in the child