Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 9.

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Why, don't you remember?
The advance payment of 50 Nyang I gave you when you entered Sungkyunkwan.
What do you mean the Left State Minister's son?
What are you talking about?
What are you doing all the way here?
My lord.
Do you have feelings for me?
I absolutely despise such foolish trickery.
Please go back.
And I hope...
that we would not meet again.
Hyo Eun, you!
Nothing will happen.
Don't worry too much...
How can you ask me to give up someone like you?
Soon Dol
Take Miss home safely.
Aren't you here to see me ?
Kim Yoon Shik
All this time
Did you have fun?
Seeing me excited going around as a Sungkyunkwan scholar not knowing anything,
how much must you have secretly mocked me?
What you talking about?
50 Nyang
I heard everything from Mr.Hwang at the bookstore.
Never again...
do I want to see your face.
First listen to me!
I am greatly indebted to you and owe you a favor.
If I had known earlier,
I would have obediently listened to you better.
Stop acting like a child.
You needed money then and
I had it.
You can pay me back little by little from now on.
What's the problem?
You should have told me.
To me...
You should have told me.
If I did tell you?
I wouldn't have accepted it.
Even if I had to keep cheating...
or take out more debt,
I wouldn't have accepted it.
What kind of foolish behavior is that?
That foolish behavior...
is what people call pride.
You know?
That great pride you would want to keep even if your life depended on it,
why do you believe that someone like me doesn't need it?
did you have pity on me?
Up until now, I was to you...
just weak and poor.
Always a pitiful person.
So whenever someone offered help, abruptly
it was natural that I would gratefully accept it.
Isn't that so?
have no right to blame President Ha In Soo.
You're even worse than him.
At least, he...
knows that he is a bad person.
Young Master,
This is writing a marriage fortune letter, 3 pennies.
And also this is,
5 pennies.
And also this is,
ghostwriting a love letter.
I forgot.
This is something that even our talented scholar can't do.
For money...
What wouldn't I do?
You should have been like this from the start.
Then, I would take that secret to my grave.
And this is,
Scribing a study guide.
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If you came then you should have gone inside, why are you still out here?
Did something happen to you?
What could have happened to me? I'm just happy.
Now that I'm home after a long time...
I'm just too happy.
Please have some, mother.
Foolish fellow.
How will the wound heal...
by merely bandaging it up?
I told the doctor that you might have gotten hurt a little at the Dae Sa Rae.
He prescribed these for you.
Kim Yoon Shik...
I would like it if you didn't get close to him.
Why not?
Because he's a Namin who won't be of any help to success?
For how much longer will you be...
going astray against your father?
Until when,
do you intend to live as Norons' puppet?
That day, I...
died with my brother.
When you protected your post from the Norons in exchange for keeping silent after my brother's death,
you had abandoned both your sons.
With that power,
will protect you.
Being close with Kim Yoon Shik
is too dangerous.
Minister of War is suspecting Kim Yoon Shik
might be Hong Byuk Seo.
What do you mean to say?
Kim Seung Hun...
Along with your older brother,
the one who was sacrificed while protecting the Geum Deung Ji Sa,
Is Kim Yoon Shik's...
That child's father.
what about Father...
were you in love with?
Father who never even bought you a silver binyeo (hair pin)...
what did you like so much about him...
to even turn your back on your family?
What nonsense.
Instead of your family,
Choosing father...
Have you ever...
regretted it?
I regret it. Everyday.
After sending you to Sungkyunkwan,
I regret it everyday.
If I had not turned my back on my family back then,
I wouldn't have lived as such a helpless mom.
I regret it.
Did you say marriage?
Father, I'm not yet...
Then, as a man...
after your behavior today,
did you think of not taking responsibility for it?
It's a good thing.
You can prepare for the Dae Gwa exam after getting married,
and leaving Sungkyunkwan.
Yes, Miss?
The moon... has it always been this pretty?
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You are really able to tolerate it there, right?
Of course!
Yoon Shik,
I'm going to try harder from now on.
As you said, I have to live up to the name.
Kim Yoon Shik...
My old man...
gave this to me as I was leaving.
It has a jewel on it or something.
Wow, this is the precious white porcelain that the king has banned for being too luxurious.
Confucius said...
Bin Yi Lak. Even if poor, learn to enjoy.
You got a new eyeglass strap made of smoky quartz.
My mother was so worried...
that I would lose these expensive eyeglasses.
I've attached it, hyung-nim.
Hey Yong Ha,
have you brought anything?
Well, me, a toy that I ordered last summer finally came in.
That's all I brought back.
A toy?
Last summer when I visited Beijing in the Qing Dynasty,
we went to see the Forbidden City.
It took a while because it was made by hand.
Hey, you guys.
have you seen Daemul?
Where on earth did he go?
I have words to say...and to hear.
Last time, I went too far.
From now on, you don't have to worry, because I'm okay.
That money I will slowly, but surely pay you back.
You know that's not what I'm talking about.
I must be out of my mind.
I forgot to thank you.
For all you have done up until now, thank you.
Hey, brother-in-law, there you were.
Brother-in-law? President!
I hear there are marriage talks.
There was just a little misunderstanding.
It will be corrected, so don't you worry.
A misunderstanding?
How does his own son not know Left State Minister as well as I do?
Don't forget that whatever your father has set his mind to,even the King can't do anything about it.
So are you serious about that Lee Seon Jun, that jerk, and Miss Hyo Eun getting married?
For those who want something out of their league,
a beating is the only solution.
They only get their head straight after they're half-crippled.
I don't want to lose my underling like that.
You still have a lot of use.
Thats why, just do well what you're told to do. I don't forgive second mistakes.
Haven't you seen Daemul?
Haven't you seen Daemul?
No. We haven't seen him.
Sa Hyung...
The reason why you're here...this was it?
You knew about everything?
There has been a problem! A problem!
Thief! Thief!
A thief took off with my white porcelain!
My eyeglasses and the strap are gone too.
My allowance money,
he took them all!
Ah, what a brave fellow!
It's not me, you punks!
This tacky fellow!
If he's going to take the clothes, he should take the matching pairs.
My Forbidden City!
He took the handcrafted masterpiece that I waited on for a year!
This darned thief.
What do you mean a thief?! Is there anything else missing from Sungkyunkwan?
It's my fault. Medicine is missing from the apothecary.
what kind of madness is this? Who has the nerve to be a thief on the school grounds?
An assistant is at the marketplace right now.
I sent him because I heard there's someone selling medicine from Sungkyunkwan there.
Catch him tonight. Tomorrow is the day of His Majesty's exam.
When His Majesty arrives, Sungkyunkwan must be a pure hall of truth.
You known what I am saying?
You know me better than anyone else!
I couldn't move one step because of acute indigestion.
I was preparing for the exam at the school library.With Woo Tak.
I was having a snack at the cafeteria. The cafeteria workers can attest to that.
I was at Myung Ryun Dang.
What were you doing?
I was studying for tomorrow's exam.
Did somebody see you?
Hey, it's strange.
A while ago, Geol Oh was looking for Kim Yoon Shik here and there...
Didn't you say that you couldn't find him anywhere?
Isn't that right?
That's right.
Is because I didn't check Myung Ryun Dang.
Is this true?
Its the truth. Please believe me.
We found the criminal.
What do you mean?
The person who sold medicine at the marketplace...
also sold goods from Sungkyunkwan.
He dropped this hopae (ID stick).
Kim... Yoon-Shik.
It was not me.
It's not me, professor.
As a Sungkyunkwan scholar, aren't you ashamed ?
Being a thief is not your only crime.
You should know very well that medicine for Sungkyunkwan comes from the state clinic.
In other words, this is the blood, sweat, and tears of the people.
And it was to be returned to the poor.
But, you dared to sell those possessions to earn money?
Don't jump to conclusion.
Kim Yoon Shik has a sick sibling.
The medicine was surely for those reasons only.
How about we go check that to make sure?
Thats right, lets check.
What greater evidence is there than Kim Yoon Shik's identification tag.
Wait! What Lee Seon Jun said is correct.
Kim Yoon Shik,
Can we check by sending someone over to your house?
That's a bit...
You can't do that.
Ahh, what is this.
It's getting messy.
That means there is a certain reason
why he can't open his house even in this situation.
It's a matter of reprimanding a Sungkyunkwan scholar.
We can't call Buddha to catch the thief.
Will you relegate it to the student council?
A student council?
We will investigate thoroughly Kim Yoon Shik's crime and
punish strictly to protect the honor of Sungkyunkwan scholars.
Then, I will be the chairman of that council.
Your Majesty...!
Your Majesty!
I will make this
my exam question.
His exam question?
How can catching a petty thief at Sungkyunkwan
be the exam question?
He is so impulsive and
so thoughtless and
he constantly breaks the rules.
That's why even as the sovereign of a nation, he carries no aura of authority!
Even from the days when he was the crown prince,
he was a character that would not move without a plan.
Have you forgotten?
How can I forget it?
In any event
this exam will
be a bigger test to us than to the students.
the king has taken upon himself to protect Kim Yoon Shik?
Kim Yoon Shik.
You will be expelled
You've done it, President...
if Kim Yoon Shik has indeed committed the theft.
also sold goods from Sungkyunkwan.
And at that apothecary, Kim Yoon Shik's identification tag was found?
But Kim Yoon Shik is
pleading his innocence.
To those who think Kim Yoon Shik is innocent
and to those who think he is guilty,
each team up and prove your cases to me.
This is...
the question I pose to you at this exam.
But, Your Majesty,
It's a long tradition that the exam be given in the forms of recitation and composition on the subjects of the Classics
Do you think, at this moment,
you are qualified to speak of the rights and wrongs
Yes, well, what do you mean?
If Kim Yoon Shik is the culprit,
that means Sungkyunkwan has cultivated a thief.
And from the dean down to all professors,
and scholars.
don't have the qualification to speak of morals.
I am deserving of death, Your Majesty!
But if Kim Yoon Shik is not the culprit,
you are falsely accusing him and
such scholars
do not deserve the teachings of the holy sages.
This is the reason why I'm treating this case as an exam question.
Student Body President,
Yes, your majesty.
Which bureau is in charge of the capital's public peace and order?
It's Han Sung Bu.
To everyone here,
I will give each student a right to investigate this case.
According to the tradition of Soon Do Jung Kang that gives two days
after the question is posed,
I assign all scholars of Sungkyunkwan to
the post of Han Sung Bu interns.
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Han Sung Bu interns?
What exactly is he saying these student can do?
But why did His Majesty...?
He hates that Kim Yoon Shik whom he hand -picked would be discharged dishonorably.
If he had only secretly confided his feeling to me...Who am I?!
I could have solved it for him.
But, can Kim Yoon Shik really not be the thief?
Even if Kim Yoon Shik is innocent,
it will be hard to prove who the real culprit is.
The goods have been sold
and the thief would have hidden already.
Nothing would change.
You simply earned two more days.
I will prove Kim Yoon Shik's obvious guilt and
recover before the king our Sungkyunkwan
scholars' sullied honor.
Will you join me?
Well said, well said!
Yoon Shik, I believe you're innocent.
But what can I do? Matters of heart are...
different from matters of grades.
Proving your innocence when everything falls into place this perfectly,
is the same as asking for a failing grade...
Blame this Joseon society where good grades are everything.
I've always played by my gut feeing when it comes to exams...
and wouldn't the side with more ______ be more at an advantage?
Have strength, Daemul!
Have strength, Yoon Shik. Have strength, Daemul.
I have something I want to ask you.
During the day, has someone seen
you inside Myung Ryun Dang?
How about your identification tag?
Are you suspecting me?
Why did you say no to sending someone over to your house?
If you're innocent, didn't you know
that is the easiest way to prove it?
What are you doing?
I must investigate.
What if you don't?
Don't you know?
He was set up!
So, what can your firm conviction change?
Kim Yoon Shik is a shameless thief who sold off Sungkyunkwan goods and
on top of it, a careless one that left behind his identification tag at the spot.
Why ?
Since this is also an exam presided over by the king himself
you can't receive a failing grade by believing Kim Yoon Shik?
Is that what you're saying?
Of course.
You, jerk, that is Noron to your bones!
You, get out of this.
Why should I? How can I keep out?
It's the most amusing thing in this world to watch a fight.
Since we are the only ones that believe in Kim Yoon Shik,
let's go easy on each other.
Everyone, stop.
I didn't steal.
I will take care of this.
How do you plan to take care of this?
Did you say it was a set up?
If you want to prove it to me,
you will need evidence rather than words.
Look here, Geol Oh,
where are you going?
I'll have to produce it. That evidence.
Kim Yoon Shik, that punk, what must it be like to face expulsion?
A rock.
Hey, you, what are you doing?
I thought you might have forgotten
that my fist are faster than my words.
So, what have you got to say?
You planned to do this from the very beginning.
So that day you gave that medicine to Daemul as if by good will.
It was all your trap, wasn't it ?
You have quite an imagination, Geol Oh.
This is why I can't be as generous as I want to be to the have-nots.
When I sincerely help out, they always stab me in the back.
What can I do?
It's due to their lowly nature that they pay back kindness with wrong.
That lowly nature does not
change even when clothed in millions.
So, Geol Oh, you watch out too.
You want to go to the punishment room?
Not bad.
By the time you get out of the punishment room,
Kim Yoon Shik would have been expelled.
You just wait.
I will definitely reveal the truth.
It would be best if you planned to be expelled.
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That guy...
Don't worry.
I did an excellent job this time
Everybody thinks that Kim Yoon Shik has done it.
Watch that mouth.
If it's because you took pity on me, you don't have to try so hard.
What does that mean?
If you're agreeing to help me because there's no one who believes in my innocence and you feel sorry for me,
I don't need Scholar Lee Seon Jun.
So, don't be anxious about receiving a failing grade and it's not too late to...
Did you say I was anxious about receiving a failing grade?
That's why you inquisitively suspected me.
Is that what you really think?
Was that the reason why you couldn't accept my help?
Kim Yoon Shik, to you, was I merely a Noron son who just relied on grades?
I never suspected you from the very beginning.
Because like you said, I don't even start something that I would fail.
If you were going to be so hurt by my questioning,
what were you going to do on your own at Han Sung Bu and in front of His Majesty?
Listen carefully, Kim Yoon Shik.
Even if you go to Han Sung Bu, nobody will be on your side.
So if you want to prove your innocence, you better prepare yourself.
Do you think the students can handle this situation?
What an inadequate teacher!
You don't believe in your students?
If they can't handle two days as Han Sung Bu interns,they're not qualified to become public officials.
I don't think what you want is, Your Majesty,
catching the Sungkyunkwan thief.
You found me out.
Were you coming from the Mercantile District?
I don't think I can deceive you.
How did you know?
You are in disguise.
According to my research,I've heard that thieves abound at the Mercantile District.
I was also worried.
If you follow the way of the small thief, you will definitely
be able to see the identity of the even bigger thief.
That is...what I believe.
If it's a person who's bright enough to see through it and brave enough to face it..
I am planning to trust that person with the mission of finding Geum Deung Ji Sa.
Hey, interns of Han Sung Bu, a word with you.
Sunbae, what are you wearing?
Oh, this?
Do you know why this country Joseon is in this state?
They clothe every public officer in the same garb... No respect for individuality and no reflection of personal taste...
What good policy would come out of those hardened heads?
Crazy bastard!If you can't talk...
It's so like you, Sa Hyung.
So in my neighborhood, we say...
trust in Sir Bow Wow next door rather than in a Han Sung Bu intern.
But, Sa Hyung, if you're going to be a Han Sung Bu intern, better to put on the uniform...
They have you for that.
Ah, do I have to spew out the jargons?
Attendance by proxy.
Han Sung Bu internship is His Majesty's exam question.
Don't worry too much. I plan to catch the real thief too.
Not to prove your innocence
but to recover my Forbidden City.
Don't worry. It's Gu Yong Ha.
He was born and raised in the mercantile district. Le'ts see what he can do.
Once at Han Sung Bu, I plan to investigate the market apothecary that found my identification tag.
And then if the person who sold the medicine also sold...
A thief!
Catch the thief!
I saw that.
That kid, that kid had around his neck Scholar Kim Woo Tak's eyeglass string.
I saw it clearly with my own eyes.
You, don't lose him but bring him back safely.
Sa Hyung, where are you going?
To catch him.
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Professor Jung, did you hear anything from His Majesty last night?
That cabinet news bulletin. I'm wondering if you're paying particular attention to it just waiting for the day to return to the cabinet.
Oh, my!
Last night, just in the mercantile district, 8 cases of theft and 4 cases of assult and battery cases.
Aiqoo, even a murder!
Silly guy!
It's not today's or yesterday's news that there are rampant thieveries going on in the mercantile district
That's what I'm saying!
Why, around the mercantile district, are there so many thieveries?
Do you know, dean?
Ah, that's because...I'm not a Han Sung Bu official.
I'm racking my brain what to answer the students when they come back from their Han Sung Bu internships.
Even though a lowly position, this post is...
still that of a teacher, isn't it?
We are Han Sung Bu interns from Sungkyunkwan.
Cham Goon - 7th level civil servant in charge of the capital city's administration and public peace.
You are in charge of this.
And you are in charge of that.
You are to guard this pathway.
I'm staking my everything on this operation.
Now, let's go.
No, no way, this can't be...
We are here by the king's order to catch the culprit of the Sungkyunkwan theft case.
Please cooperate.
Sungkyunkwan isn't the only place where thieves frequent in the 8 provinces of Joseon. What's all the racket?
Why? Are you afraid that they might steal your possessions?
Wet behind the ears, you should come back after drinking more milk. If no better place to go to, should I give you some of mine?
Even though temporary,
we are Han Sung Bu interns.
From this moment on, please treat us like your colleagues.
Yeah? Yes, yes.
Yeah? Yes, yes, yes, yes! Etiquette to colleagues? Yes, yes, we should, yes yes!
myyyyy loooorrrd
About Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Sun Joon, those two...
what if they interrogate the apothecary, saying that they are Han Sung Bu interns?
Kim Yoon Shik, his identification tag was....
I already made an arrangement with Han Sung Bu. Kim Yoon Shik won't be able to try anything to prove his innocence, never mind the apothecary.
He'll get very...busy.
Is your business doing well?
Work hard.
I slept well.
You two should have slept as well. This precious sleep.
Shall we see what you're capable of, our lords?
You still buy stolen goods from the black market.
You buy something that's at least 10 years old.
This has been used for only three years, so I paid a good price for it.
Where did you buy it?
It's a secret.
You won't say?
You know I'm Gu Yong Ha... You want to lose the store?
There is, there is. A little kid.
I should really take his store, geez.
How are those little kids?
You aren't going to hurry and come/
What's you gonna buy?
The guy who hands over goods to you...
Who is it?
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Hey, Geol Oh,
We run into each other here of all places
We're really a match made in heaven.
I lost him because of you.
He could have been the culprit.
You still have a chance.
Using your fist at anytime,
it will become a habit if you keep doing it.
A good beating is the solution to fixing a bad habit.
That's enough.
The royal guards are here.
Be rough, be rough!
The speed should be quick, the mood should be tough.
Yes! Take them roughly!
What are you doing right now?
Isn't it the duty of the royal forces to protect the weak?
Upholding the law of this country,
is also the duty of the royal forces, my lord..
What kind of a law says you can tramp over the people?
Do you not know of Geum Nan Jung Kwon?
No one, but the marketplace merchants, can sell goods in the capital city.
my looorrrd
Continue carrying out the duty of the royal forces.
That makes no sense.
Drag them along!
They're not citizens, but criminals who broke the law.Imprison them all!
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Like you planned, these students
seemed to have gotten closer to the bigger thief, your majesty.
Am I being too sensitive?
For some reason,
your face seems to say that's not what you wanted.
There's nothing that those kids would be able to do now.
What do you think they will learn?
Anger at the unjust world.
In this corrupt world,
anger at their helpless self for not being able to do anything on their own.
Why can't the King just give up?
He goes around investigating in disguise,talking about bringing back down the market cost.
And finding a method to allow business dealings freely.
He returned after inflating hope.
What can mere words do?
He's always talking about overturning the Geum Nan Jung Kwon.
Why does he keep making it hard for the marketplace merchants?
I feel anxious that I can't do business...
Stop whining.
We Norons are backing you up.
Can you say what you just said in front of us all?
The marketplace merchants are having a small gathering tonight.
I finally understand why there are suddenly so many thieves at the capital.
Because only the marketplace merchants are allowed to do business,
The hungry citizens have no choice, but to steal and survive.
Why don't you say something, Senior?
Who the royal forces should punish are not the citizens, but the marketplace merchants.
Do you know why?
Because of the source of money for the royal forces...
is the marketplace merchants.
Have you ever seen a dog bark at their owner who gives them food?
The money earned by backing up the marketplace merchants...
go straight to being used as political money for the Noron faction.
Why do you keep doing this?
Are you asking because
you don't know why I'm doing this?
Bring us alcohol! Alcohol, alcohol!
Bring the alcohol!
This is not something for a learned scholar to do.
Oh, it's the Jalgeum Quartet!
Jalgeum Quartet!
Run.Catch them!
I came up with an idea.
The title for the new novel.
Jalgeum Quartet's Secret Outing!
The culprit of this case is hiding here.
The culprit?
Where is this place?
The home of the head of the marketplace merchants,Song Hyun Tae.
The culprit is hiding at the home of the head of the marketplace merchants?
Where do you think the goods that the royal forces confiscated went to?
Isn't that Han Sung Bu?
It's the strategy of the marketplace merchants.
They confiscate the goods, and then
sell these goods back to the citizens at a higher price.
Therefore, earning a profit.
They are now in this storage.
My Forbidden City
and the accounting book that contains info on the transaction.
An accounting book?
The accounting book that contains the name of the person who stole and sold my Forbidden City.
Then if we just find that book, we can find the real thief?
Of course.
this is not an item needed by the marketplace merchants.
They could've already thrown it away or
we can't be sure that it'll be in this storage room.
No, it's still there.
They can't throw away anything until the head of the merchants check the goods.
And he didn't have a chance to pay attention to this.Why?
Because there will be a very big banquet.Tonight.
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Aigoo! Minister of War! Welcome!Please come in.
There are 8 storage rooms in the market leader's house.The accounting book is definitely in one of these rooms.
One of us just has to bring back the accounting book tonight.
I'll go.
No, you can't.
Why? This goes against the rules and laws, is it?
You still don't understand what a joke that law is?!
The merchants are using their power to...That's why!
It's too dangerous there.
I'll go.
Shut up, both of you.
I'll go.
No, I'll do it.Let me do it!
Are you guys all mistaken about something?
Even though this is a banquet, we can't have a sip of drink or hold a gisaeng's hand.
If we're unlucky and get caught, we might get killed without anyone knowing of it.
That's why I'll do it.
This happened because of me.I want to take care of it.Please understand.
No way! Daemul, you stay put here.I'll go.
Alright! Let's just all go together.Holding hands tightly.
We'll meet here again at hae-si (between 9 and 11 P.M.)
This is my son.
He's the Student Body President at Sungkyunkwan.
We'll go bring back the accounting book.Just wait here, and don't worry about a thing!
I followed along with what you said, but even if we make it back alive...
I don't know whether we'll make it out alive from Daemul and Geol Oh.
It's safer for just one person to enter the storage room.
To do that, Kim Yoon Shik is too slow.
So cool-headed.
And Senior Geol Oh, due to his fiery temper...
Of course! He would be the most dangerous of us.
I can't just wait here like this, Sahyung (Senior/Sunbae).
It happened because of me.I don't want to live as indebted to others again.
What, what, what?
Look at this.Alright.
What are you doing here?
Wherever there are ladies and alcohol, isn't it natural that Yeorim Gu Yong Ha would be there?
I understand that the entrance has been restricted only to marketplace merchants.
I'm the son of the landlord who rents out stores to the merchants. And you?
Ah, that's right.
The merchants at the marketplace and Noron elites are one family.
You... are you by yourself?
Of course I'm alone.
Who else but me would like these sickening banquets?
Would you please secretly call in the royal forces?
You need to teach your future son-in-law a lesson.
Stop being so stubborn.Don't you understand that the others are doing this because they're worried about you?
At times like this, you would be helping by staying put.
I'm... worried too.
As much as Sahyungs worry about me,I worry about you too.
Even if someone needs to go, I'll go. So...
I was glad to be off duty,but because of some daring punk, we have to suffer.
A daring punk?
Yeah, what kind of a crazy bastard would steal from the merchant leader's storage room?
This won't do, Daemul.
I'll hold off the officers, so you have to go warn them.
You can do well, right?
Be careful.
Let's bear it out a little, Moon Jae Shin.
What to do?
You can't pass by this road.
Crazy bastard.
Let's do it slowly!
You can't! This event is only for the merchants at the marketplace.
I have a message for someone inside.
Go away now!
We received a report that there was a burglar in the storage room.
What burglar?
I called.
It seems there's a burglar in the house.
Over there, at that storage room.
That's it for Moon Jae Shin.
You must catch that burglar!Your Excellency!
Are you saying right now that you can't trust the Ministry of War's royal forces?
My storage room...
is not merely a storage room.
If the storage room gets burglarized, the people who will get hurt are not us, but Your Excellencies.
Episode 10 preview
Geol Oh, you blocked the road, and Daemul threw his body.
What do you mean Daemul threw his body?
You... were merely going to do this?
Is that fine?
His eyelashes look like young lord's.
So cute, so cute!
You... are my son.
Is it because of my father?
If he hasn't caught the culprit yet,
what else can it mean but that he failed the test?
Did you fail to find the culprit?
He'll come.
I was thinking how nice it would be if it had been you.I just didn't know how.
Because it was my first time.