Breakdance training with Lilou - Red Bull Under My Wing

Uploaded by redbull on 15.02.2011

I came to the workshop because I want to learn more about breakdancing
especially from Lilou, one of the world's best b-boys.
He is really cool
First of all, I learned how to control my body better
The warm up is very important
I found out that the warm up is very important
Before, the warm up was just kind of a game to me.
I didn't know why I had problems but now I do.
I've learned a lot of new transitions and steps
He's a unique b-boy
In these two days I have learned how to use my creativity and drive
which I've never thought about before.
From one small move you can do a dozen other moves.
All you need to do is let your imagination free.
Red Bull Under My Wing is a cool thing
especially for Romania where breakdancing is not that advertised.
For us as breakdancers, it is important to get in touch with other dancers.
It's awesome that this workshop was with Lilou, my favorite b-boy.
This was a great opportunity for all of us because we not only learned about breakdancing
but also about life as a breakdancer
What I've seen of Lilou in two days I'll definitely put into practice
as he has his own style which has helped him to win many competitions.
I like his style a lot, it's part crazy and part nasty.
It represents me. Somehow, I find myself in it. I'm happy I've met Lilou.
I had a lot of fun at this workshop and I learned a lot of things.
I found out some new things, such as always adding something new to old moves.
When I do some moves and make a mistake,
I need to know how I can hide these mistakes and not show the audience.
Everything should be as nice and artistic as possible
We've learned that we should create our own style and be ourselves.
I found out that b-boying is more than dancing, it's a lifestyle.