Gönülçelen )) Episode 20 - Part 5/6 [English Subtitles]

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can we talk?
I'm in a hurry Hasret
you spared 6 months of your time to me
And now will you not give me 5 more minutes?
what do we have to talk about?
I'm going to be live on Tv tonight
well congrats!
do you think this is ok?
I mean is it good for me to go live so soon?
I don't have an opinion anymore
I guess all your decisions are made by Levent
yes. I guess. But I want to know your opinion
I want to know if this is right or wrong according to you
Ok. I'll tell you my opinion
I think you're now in a new sort of cycle
There is no such thing as right or wrong for you in this case
All you want from now on is
to be beautiful.. on the agenda.. and popular
Smile to the cameras
and when that camera light is off
you'll be so scared to be forgotten
Now this is your new reality
maybe I can be different than those other famous people
even if you don’t want it this system is going to place you somewhere
you'll be inside a pile of thousands of people like you
If you think you'll stay clean
even though you're up to your neck in mud
you're mistaken
You asked for my opinion and I told you
(Kadir sees Hasret’s flower selling partner and he leaves with the girl so that the woman doesn't recognize him)
I think this picture is very nice.. what do you think?
what happened to you?
Murat hoca was here
really? I didn't see him
Did you talk to him
I bet he told you a load of rubbish and confused you
He must've said that the music market is bad etc.
you have 2 choices.. either you let him confuse you
or you don't listen to him
If I were you I would choose the last one
I know he might be right in some ways but
his role about your business is over now
Gülnaz look I bought you a Tv..
and It has a remote control too
are you excited?
I don’t know. It’s the first time I'll be on TV
just concentrate like you did at the concert
same thing
It's not the same.. I was singing there
and Murat hoca was there too
shall we call him to the live Tv interview
what could go wrong huh?
yes.. that’s how you should be thinking
will you be there?
I'll never leave you alone.. you're my star!
(she asked him if he can give private lessons)
(he says he doesn't want to give private lessons to any student)..
(but if she stays after class he'll help her with her questions from time to time)
I don't feel well.. my hands are shaking.. what do I do?
don’t be scared I trust you
well why don’t I trust myself?
because you don't see what I see
what do you see?
you'll charm everyone.. don’t be scared
(Everyone at the coffee shop is watching Hasret live)
(Cobra says everyone watching has to have tea)
(Balçiçek says she doesn't like the tea)
ok I don’t want anything to go wrong.. Is everyone ready?
where are my notes?
How many times I've said I want them on the table before I arrive
sorry.. here you go
Good evening everyone
Today we have a guest
Her lovely voice has been spoken about a lot in the past few weeks
Hasret! Ms. Hasret welcome
thank you
look Hasret is on TV!
I was at the concert and listened to your beautiful voice
you casted a spell on everyone in that room
So now everyone is asking just 1 question..
who are you really Ms Hasret?
I am..
we know your name is Hasret
but for example when did you first start music?
let's talk about that
my dad plays the violin
do we know him?
you do not
he's not famous but he's famous in our neighborhood
I live in a poor small neighborhood
we have a tiny house
my dad used to play the violin for us when we were children
that’s when I first heard music
so you were sort of born into music
and music can be heard from every house in the neighborhood
Sometimes these music sounds mix up
with the children playing in the street and sometimes..
the sound mixes up with the people quarelling in the streets
it sounds like a dangerous neighborhood
it might be dangerous for someone like you
I understand.. let's leave the neighborhood aside now
how about your career.. how did it start
there was a wedding in the neighborhood
and they asked me to sing
I said Ok
But there was someone there listening to me that night
so someone discovered your talent
would you like to tell us who it is?
he's a very valuable person
he taught me what real music is
I learned how it felt to sing properly
he lives for music he's unique.. one of a kind
not many people receive so many compliments nowadays
could the person you're talking of be Murat Turali?
- yes.. my teacher.. he's the one who taught me - are you recording this?
- he accomplished everything.. he made me go on stage - she's using Murat’s name and reputation.!! to be famous
a journey from a poor neighborhood to stage..
does Mr. Murat have a magic wand!
no he doesn't have a magic wand
It's just that he has infinite knowledge about music
All you have to do is surrender yourself to his able hands
and feel the music that is in his heart
and that’s what I did
I guess you're on good terms with your teacher
I think this girl feels what she says.. she's telling the truth
no way.. do you believe her?
I think you might be wrong
don’t you think we might have misjudged the girl at all?
are you trying to drive me crazy?
what has changed in your life since the concert?
not much.. anyway it's all so new
I guess you believe you won't change
I'm the Hasret everyone knows.. I haven't changed..
do you think you'll always be the same.. down to earth?
I hope so
Our guest was a new rising star.. Hasret.. Good evening..
(Saime is so proud.. and so is Gülnaz.. )
I can't believe this
Murat should watch this
I wonder what he'll say when he sees he's being used by Hasret
(Cobra tells Saime she should be proud of her daughter)
(Gülnaz gets mad for Cobra giving credit to Saime)