Ayee Milan Ki Bela

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''Doctor!-Sorry Diwan Saheb, Mrs. Pushpa has been saved...''
''...after a lot of effort. -And the child?-Sorry, as trying to save..''
...the child could have risked the mother's life.
l regret that she will never be able to become a mother
Does Pushpa know! -She doesn't know anything as yet as she is...
...unconscious. -What'll happen if she gets back her senses?
This misfortune has broken our hopes forever
We had waited for this moment for last 15 years.
''See, how much she has gathered for this child''
''l am a father, l can harden my heart and bear the pain...''
...but how will the mother's affectionate heart be pacified?
l know she will die or become mad out of this shock.
l don't know what to do now
''Diwan Saheb, l have an idea. Only a while ago your...''
...maid Laxmi has given birth to twins in our hospital
''This is unknown to anyone till now, then, -But Doctor,''
What's the harm in asking her once?
''l can even sacrifice my life for you and your family, Master''
But the children are the mark of my deceased husband's love
How can l give them? -l don't want to compel you.
Actually l thought that God has given you two lamps...
...one of them can brighten the darkness in Pushpa's life
''But when she is destined to bear the darkness, nobody can help.''
''Master, it's painful for a mother to sacrifice her child.''
But l can't bear to see the ruin of that family which has fed...
''...me for years. -No, Laxmi, l'll regard this as your favour...''
''...rather than your return of the debts.- Please go, master''
Give me your word that you'll keep this matter as a secret.
''l take oath by touching him, l'll never disclose this till my death.''
''Where is my child, Doctor?''
Savitri has taken him out for a bath
ls it a boy or a girl? -lt's a boy
Please bring him soon -l'll just bring him.
''Thank God, You are just on time!''
''Shyam, my son''
''Coming, mother''
''Give me the Rotis. -Shyam, have the Rotis later.''
''First, read my hand. -Here she comes''
Fool! Is my Shyam an astrologer to read your hands?
''Aunty, why not? He has grown using his full hand. ''
See and tell when will l get married?
Whenever this line gets deleted from your hand...
...you'll get married. -ls it so? Then l'll delete it now itself.
Will you come for my marriage? -lf l don't come for your...
...marriage who will marry you off to the groom?
Will you give me a roti -Take this and go now
''Son, the landlord who has come from the city wants to...''
...confiscate all our lands.
The land is not vegetables that it can be confiscated on will
''You don't know the strength of money, my son ''
And you don't know the strength of farmers. Land is like the...
...mother for the farmers. Nobody can separate the mother...
...from her sons.
Who is Shyam amongst you?
l think she is Shyam -Both of you seem to be father and son
Tell me how can l help you
l am Mr Choudhuri's secretary.
Mr Chaudhuri wants to have an important meeting with the...
...villagers. l have heard that you are the head of the village
Yes l am the head of the village but not the fool.
Tell your Chaudhri that his reign will not be accepted here
ls this a manner to talk? The rich gentleman has come from...
...that far to meet you people 8 you are behaving like this?
''Whatever be it, Shyam is not going to meet him''
''What's the harm in meeting him, mother. Let me meet him once.''
l haven't come here to loot your lands. But l have thought...
...of your prosperity in your farming and have come to help
Forgive us. This is our land 8 we are it's owners.
Then who are you to bother about our lands
Let's go off from here -Be quiet and be seated.
''Uncle, the question of abiding or not abiding his orders...''
...will come later. Why don't you first listen to what a...
...gentleman has to say?
''Brothers, have you ever given a thought as to why you...''
...don't get the deserving fruits even after working so hard
Why has not prosperity come to you?
Why this plight for the owner of rice-grains themselves?
lt's because you have not walked with the time.
''lf you come out of your village for sometime, you will see...''
...how far the world has gone to. There is electricity at houses
The iob of hundred men is now done by just one
The iob of a month is now can be completed in one day itself
lf you want to prosper and want the labourer to get the...
''...fruit of their labour, if you want your children to be...''
...educated and contribute towards the gromh of the nation...
...then unite all your lands and cultivate your seeds
''Get united to farm your lands. For that matter, l'll put my...''
...money and experience whereas you'll have to put your...
...land and labour into use. Then you will see that in no time...
...we will prosper. The best thing is that you will be the masters...
...as well as the servants. l don't have to say anything more
''How can we believe him? -Yes, you are right''
''Sir, please forgive us for having a wrong idea about you ''
''Your words have opened myeyes -What are you speaking, Shyam?''
''Please give a thought before speaking anything, Shyam''
l have thought properly. l may be younger than you all
But when you have chosen me as the Head of the village...
...you will have to listen to me too.
''Sir, please start your work. l am with you and they are with me''
''Brother, the bell has rung long back. Do call it a day now''
You please proceed. l'll come after finishing the job
You are great! Don't you get tired of working the whole day?
What's there to get tired when l am my own boss in the work?
''Well, you carry on. We'll leave.''
''Will you be in your senses after drinking so much, Ratan?''
l come to sense after drinking this much only.
Till the vehicle is filled with petrol and the driver with liquor...
...none of them moves. You also have some
''No, l don't drink in the daytime. What if Shyam comes to know...''
...of it? -Who cares about that guy? Has anyone come to...
...know about our stealing as yet although we are doing it for long
My God! That rascal is coming this way only
''Let him come, l am not afraid of him''
What are you doing still after the working hours?
We don't leave before finishing the job completely
How dare you come to work being drunk?
''l am not drunk-Don't lie, Ratan it's my last warning to you''
''lf you don't leave liquor, you'll have to leave the job''
Huh! Leave my iob! l'll neither Ieave liqor nor the job
You'll never give up these ways of yours
''Shyam Brother, -Greetings Uncle and Aunty''
Where are you going?-We are going to the city with Ur aunty.
''ls everything alright? -Yes, everything is alright now''
Thanks to you. Hadn't they listened to you...
...we would have never seen this prosperity.
These are all because of the blessings of you elders
Earlier the elders were satisfied just with the roti...
...and a piece of cloth.
Good bye
l am crazy about love
l see love in everything
My heart is in every flower
And my heart is filled with love
Moving away from the fear a new time has taken birth
And human lives are being filled with new colours
New enioyment has come into life
And also glow in the faces
l listen to the music of Spring from the waves
l wait to take breath under the shadows of the trees
Whether there are thorns or fire on the path...
...my habit is to keep going ahead
l will come to know about you only when l meet you one day
l'll accept it if a flower blossoms in my heart
l am the worshipper of beauty
l am longing to see you
''Leave that, l am telling you.''
Madam -Who are you? Leave my hand
''Drop the stone, then l'll Ieave your hand''
Wild fellow-Thank you
So the dog is yours. What if he broke my transistor?
What if this poor one's bones been broken?
What if it bit me? -Then l would have taken you...
...to the hospital. -Shut up!
''Who? Me or him? -You both -No, all three of us''
Daughter Barkha! You have arrived
What's the matter?-Why don't you speak anything?
First answer my question. Am l not your only child?
''And you know that l have come here for the first time -But,...''
Then why didn't you send even a servant to receive me?
But l had asked Shridhar to go to the station 1 hr before time
There was noone there even after hours after the train left
Do you how much trouble l had to face while coming here?
Try to forget what had happened.
Your secretary Sridhar is good for nothing
''Had it been in my right, l would have expelled him long back.''
Don't know what magic he has done on you. Let him come today
All are mad in the family
''Today, it was the limit.''
''Sir, l knew before that, Barkha would not come by this train''
''As you, her father also never come in the train in which you...''
... are supposed to come. This is known as the blood affect.
''This blood is also a terrific thing. Once in 1928, my father...''
...was attacked by some goons. And there was blood in his nose
''Seeing the blood, my eyes also became red with blood.''
Hadn't the rascals run away l would have given them a...
...bloody death. -l am asking whether you went to the station..
...or not? -Do you think that l went to the police station then?
l searched for her in the first class as well as in the second...
''...class, in the dining room as well as in the waiting room''
But nowhere did l found Barkha.
''You? It can't be you, as you haven't arrived here''
''Shridhar, in which train did you search for her''
ln the train going to Lucknow -Are U an idiot to search for ...
...her in the train going to train instead of one come here.
''Sorry Sir, l got deceived in this confusion...''
...of outgoing and incoming trains. This deceit is also...
''...a splendid thing. Once in 1928,... -Shut up,''
You are old and hair has greyed and still you can't do a small job
''You dress like a gentleman, despite being an idiot''
Take your dues tomorrow and go off from this place
l have listened to these words almost hundred times
''But tell me sir, where will l Ieave for at this age...''
...after serving you for years?
''Still, if you want me to leave, l'll surely leave today ''
''Uncle, -Don't worry, Daughter. Neither we will expel him...''
...nor will he go away. This is a regular drama.
Take this toffee-Keep the toffee with you and tell me when...
...my bridal palanquin will be lifted -The same thing again
Mother!-What's the matter? Leave me
The matter is this -What's new in this? You bring your salary...
...every month. -But not the promotion every month
''Promotion? -Yes, l have got a 50 rupees increment.''
May God bless you!
What's the need for God to come from that far to give promotion?
lt was me who requested Mr Chaudhuri to give a promotion...
...to this laborious guy. -Thank you so much for the request
But this is my house. -Please forgive me
What's the matter? You seem to be upset today
What to tell! Barkha has spoiled the whole game today
Barkha? Who Barkha? -Mr Chaudhuri's only daughter
l went to receive her in the car and she came on the horse
''When l go to receive her on the horse, she comes by the car!''
''So that was Barkha, that is why she was showering anger''
l keep stumbling bacause of my drunkenness. But what...
''...intoxication have you got? l see, it's because of the age. ''
Does one's age also have something to do with intoxication
Why not? But my iob is to take care of those who're intoxicated
Why should you stumble like an empty bottle when l am here?
Beware! Don't ever dare to stop my way after having a drink
''OK, don't be angry. Now l'll first stop your way and then drink''
So you work in our farm
''No, Madam. l work in my own farm. ''
lf it is so then can you tell me how many acres of land are...
...there in the farm and how many people work for...
...how many hours? And how much food grains are produced?
You could have got the answer to such a small question in the...
...office itself. Then why did you waste so much of valuable time
You need not have to bother about my time
''Not for your time, but l am concerned about my time''
l don't even talk to myself while working. Now tell me...
...how can l help you? -Thank you
May God never put me in a situation to ask for your help
0Save me!
''Thank you -There is no need to thank me, as it was my duty''
Oh! It's bleeding from your hands. -Don't spoil your hanky
lt's iust nothing for me
''See, it's alright now''
Listen -Yes please
Let me take you to my father -To meet your father? Really?
''lt'll be a great favour on me, as l have never met him!''
But why do you want to introduce me to your father?
l'll get you a reward for saving my life.
''Great! Your life was saved, and your father will give the reward''
This doesn't sound good.
Take this 100 rupee note
Then the value of this beautiful life is just 100 rupees!
l don't have more money.
''Madam, don't try to value one's life with money only.''
Buy some sweets to the children with this money. They'll bless U.
''One more request, go home on foot, Huh! Came riding a horse!''
Destruction has taken place! It's good that God sent me...
''...there on time. Otherwise Barkha would have been,...''
What happened to my daughter?
She almost got a new life. Her horse ran out of control
But l was in my full sense. So l saved her by putting my life...
''...in risk-Uncle, what did you say''
l have told him whatever was to be told. Now there is no need...
...to say anything more to him. Go and take some rest
''Not me, but it's you who is in need of rest.''
''Are you hurt? -No, l,,had a narrow escape.
''But Mr. Shyam, who saved me got an wound.''
So you were saved by Shyam! He has many qualities in him
''He is the farmer in the field, mechanic in the workshop...''
''...and to speak the truth, he has a lion's share in our success.''
Greetings -Greetings.
What's the problem in your car? -You'll get to know on your...
''...own, if you are a mechanic. ''
Your car is ready -So soon? What complaint did it have?
lt had iust one complaint. That it was spoiled deliberately
''What? -Madam, this servant would have come to you just...''
...by your call. There's no need to trouble this dumb car for it
You are beautiful and ignorant
You are delicate and innocent
l think that l should not fall in love with you
These naughtiness shows your childhood has'nt gone yet.
Your heart is yet unknown to the feelings of pining for someone
Whether you heave a sigh and complain about me...
l don't agree to this matter
That you lose your sleep by counting the stars...
l don't approve of such nights
You are beautiful and ignorant
You are Delicate and innocent
l think l should not fall in love with you
l shouldn't fall in Iove with you
May l tell you one thing? Don't try to judge one's value by...
...money only. Buy some sweets to the children with this money
They will be happy to eat them and will pray for you
This servant would have come to you just by your call
Then why did you need to trouble this dumb creature for that
Whether you heave a sigh and complain to me
l don't agree to this matter
That you lose your sleep by counting the stars
l don't approve of such nights
''You are beautiful, ignorant''
You are Delicate and innocent
l think l should not fall in love with you
''l am beautiful, ignorant''
l am delicate and innocent
Hold me in your arms l am waiting for you here
''l wish, l become a flower...''
...and adorn only you with a smile
You keep looking at me and l looking at you
Then l'll get lost in your love
When there is no traveller to reach one destination
lt becomes iust a shadow not the destination
The heart without any heart- beat is only a stone not a heart
The heart without any heart- beat is only a stone not a heart
''lf you don't mind, may l tell you something -What?''
lt'll be a great favour to me if you leave this place now itself
The grace of your beauty should not compel me to commit any...
...crime. My heart is filled with Iove as soon as it sees you
Are you speaking the truth?
Didn't you ask me to hold you?
Should l hold you or my heart?
Do you have a heart?
''l have, but that is not eligible for you -What do you mean?''
There is a vast difference in both of our status
How will l convince Mr Chaudhuri for you
What illusion have you got? My father has a progressive mind.
And he likes you very much. Don't you know his nature...
...inspite of being so close to him?
Perhaps you don't know the nature of money
''lt can extend hand of friendship to poverty, but hesitates...''
...to embrace it. -But even death also gets scared to separate...
...one who is embraced by love
''Barkha, -lt'll be a great favour on me if you leave this place...''
...now itself -What?
''Go off, as my heart gets filled with love as soon as it sees you''
''Look there, mother''
''How are you, my son? -l am fine''
''Raniit, didn't you recognise Barkha?- Accept this- Thank U''
''Come, my son''
''This is our new General Manager, Mr Ranjit''
''And this is my right hand, Mr Shyam''
''Mr Raniit, this is my mother''
''Mother, Sir is touching your feet -Oh...''
Please consider me like your son Shyam only
''Laxmi, how come you are here? -This is my village itself''
''Shyam, touch the feet of Mistress- Bless you!''
My son has grown up by playing in your lap
lt's delighting to see you after so many days
So to me. l regret Master's death
''Take it as God's wish. Raniit, they are our own people''
Shyam's father used to work for your father
What a co-incidence! My father used to work for your father...
''...and now l'll work for you-Not for me, but work with me''
''You forgot to introduce me,''
''Sridhar...-Yes, that is my name''
''God, Fate has awaken the affection in me today''
l'm feeling anxious to call Raniit as my son. Please give me...
...strength so that l can pass the test and keep my promise.
May both of my sons be prosperous
''Shyam, l was waiting for you there''
''Forgive me, Aunty, l brought him here for dinner''
''Doesn't matter -Come Laxmi you also join us''
''No Mistress, l already had my food.''
''Excuse me Mr Raniit, have you brought this small glass...''
''...from England? -Yes, l drink Lassi from that glass only''
''Although foreign-returned, his habits didn't change''
''Whatever be the weather, he would always have Lassi''
Even Shyam also doesn't have his food without Lassi
We have many things in common between us
Were we brothers in our previous birth?
''Uncle, please cancel my Lucknow trip -My cap,''
What's the matter? -You had expressed the idea of...
...opening a nursery school for the children in Sundarnagar
Please start the school. -Have you dropped the idea of...
''...going to Lucknow? -Yes, l have dropped it for good''
''Greetings, Teacher! -Greetings! You are...''
My name is Sayed Mustan Karim Khan alias Rashid...
l have come to know about your short name. But why have you...
...come here for? -l have come here from far away after...
...hearing your name. l heard that you have some medicine for...
...the pain in heart.
''What have you said? -Not said, but just presented the truth''
Your praise is sung by every object and place in Lucknow
l have come here to meet you chasing lot many difficulties
Please get your register book and note down the name
''l'll, but where is your son?''
''l didn't like this ioke of yours. l am quite young, still...''
...and l am the student in question myself.
''Excuse me, if you cast your beautiful glance on me...''
...then this worthless will be able to stand on his feet...
''...in his coming youth. -Sir, get out of here as soon, or else,''
''Excuse me, but as per law, you just can't ask me to go out''
l have come here with Iots of hopes
l will fulfil your hopes by calling the office-bearer
My hopes will be satisfied by the office-bearer!
''Shyamlal, run away from here''
''He has run away. It's ,okay, you may go now'
''Barkha, -How come you are here at this moment?''
''lt was an off today, and l was passing by here. So l dropped in''
But you seem to be quite upset today. Do the children...
''...disturb you a lot? -Not the children, but an old man...''
...disturbed me a lot today.
He had come here to get admitted in the school
An old man in a children school? He must be young at heart
''Of course, he is. So he left some youth in his chin''
''Got caught! Barkha,''
''Listen to me, -Get down from my vehicle''
Hasn't your anger cooled even after tearing my beard down.
Aren't you ashamed to play such a drama with me?
''Wah! You mind that small act of mine, but you made me act...''
...as per your wish earlier -Will you get down?
''OK, if this is your request then l accept it.''
She got upset over me
She got upset when l declared my love with my eyes
She got upset when l made her listen to the pains in my heart
She listened to all the praises of the flowers in her garland
She listened to all the praises of the flowers in her garland
But she got upset when l showed her my wounded heart
She makes me cry like the clouds everyday
She makes me cry like the clouds everyday
But she got upset when l made her cry just one day
She kept smiling and shied on my restlessness
She kept smiling and shied on my restlessness
''Now when l came to my senses, she got upset''
She considered me as an enemy in just that fault of mine
She considered me as an enemy in just that fault of mine
But she got upset when l took a bow in front of her
Will you light the match-stick to lit the cigarette?
Are your hands applied with Henna that U are asking me this
Henna is made for these hands -What did you say?
''l mean, my hands are not free''
Have you seen the cigarette? -What's there to see?
My heart burns like this cigarette only. Don't you get the smell?
lt smells of liquor only. Why don't you give up this poison?
''lf you hold my hand, then l'll give this up here and now itself''
''Ok, l hold it -You are really ignorant''
l am talking about the marriage
Marriage...that too with you? Spit on it!
l don't drink out of my happiness. When l got no...
''...companion for my life, then l took to drink this poison''
''But l take oath in your name, that l'll never touch this now''
Are you speaking the truth?
Your Ratan can never tell a lie -Ratan
Ah! The rascal got only this time to turn up
''Please come, Brother''
Strange man! You are eating all alone. Didn't care about others?
''But Mr Raniit, - Don't fear l'll not eat much''
''How deliciously you cook, Aunty''
These dried roties do not suit you
l wish l could always eat these dried roties
As there is no taste eating in a close compartment
''Shyam, are you coming this evening?''
How can't l come in your birthday?
''Aunty, if you don't come, l will also not come in his birthday''
We don't celebrate birthdays in the village
But we will celebrate it from now on
When is your b'day? -B'day? When is my birthday mother?
''Please tell, Aunty ''
You'll be surprised to know that his birthday is also today only
That's great! Then we will have a double function
''Happy Birthday, Mr Raniit -Same to you, Shyam''
''Please bless us, Aunty''
May God always keep you happy.
''Come with me, Shyam''
Where are you going? -l'll just come
Where are you taking me too?
''Which suit do you like most, Shyam''
All are good
But this looks the best.
''Wear this. -Me? No, Mr Raniit l'm alright like this itself''
''Don't be stubborn today. Get dressed quickly, so that people...''
...are spellbound to see that two handsome guys were born...
...on the same day. -But...
''Happy birthday, Aunty''
''What's the matter, father? -The b'day is not Aunty's but Ranjit's''
''But it's the same thing, as he is her son''
''Father, when will l celebrate my birthday? ''
We celebrate only death anniversaries in our home
Then when will we celebrate your death anniversary
The day you took birth was the death anniversary for me
''Welcome, brother -Greetings ''
Where is Raniit? -He should be here somewhere
Many happy returns of the day. -Thank you very much.
Why are you getting shy like a girl? Come with me
''Thanking all of you for your Iove, l would like to give...''
...you one more good news on this happy occasion
''The news is that, Shyam, who is the most loved partner in our...''
...farm and my friend also has his birthday today itself.
Best wishes for your birthday -Thank you
What a strange man you are! Why didn't you tell me about...
...this earlier? -l also came to know from mother today only
l don't have anything to gift you now
Why do l need anything else if your good wishes are with me?
Will get gift too. Don't worry. U'll be delighted to know that...
...Miss Barkha will delight us with a song.
What else can l give you except my heart?
May my age also get added to yours
May my age also get added to yours
May the wish and expectations of your heart come true
You become the moon for my world of love
Be merry and make all happy in the world of Spring
Listen to my voice too in your happiness
May sorrows never come to your life
May my also get added to yours
May my also get added to yours
How will l tell you about my happiness?
How will l hide my fast heartbeats from you?
l shouldn't become mad out of happiness
l shouldn't smile even more on seeing you
May God protect you from the evil eyes
May your position be higher than the stars
l wish l become the companion in your life
May you get the one whom you wish for.
Try to understand the indication of my heart
May your fate be always glorious
May my age also get added to yours
May my age also get added to yours
''Uncle, please count it, Rs. 15,OOO in full''
Didn't you count it? -l counted -Then it's alright
Has Mr Chaudhuri arrived? -Yes
''Greetings, Uncle -l don't have any time to answer anybody's...''
...greetings today. l'll answer only to Mr Chaudhuri's greetings
ls everything alright? -lf Mr. Chaudhuri doesn't give a...
...hike in my salary than nothing will be alright
''OK, l'll leave now''
Sir has remember you- He'll now remember me all his life
lf the water can be flown this way than this unproductive...
''...land will also start having prosperity -Yes, Sir''
''Shyam, please go and have a look at all the details -OK, Sir''
''What's the matter, Sridhar? -Sir how can l run my...''
...family and my son's education in this age for just 200 rupees
''What are you speaking -Sir, l am made to speak like this...''
...by my helplessness. l am only mother and father for my son
So l would also like him to study abroad and...
...become a lawyer or an engineer. Hence l have come...
''...here with a decision that hike my salary, or else, ...''
Else what? -l'll work in this salary itself
l have dropped in to ask you whether the arrangements...
...for tomorrow's picnic is over or not
''Yes, Shyam and Raniit will go with you. l may not be able to come''
''But l may be able to come with you -Sridhar,...''
''But what will you do by going there, Uncle?''
l have a birth-relation with picnic. -How is it so?
''ln 1928, when l was born, my father took me to a picnic...''
''...with my mother. And when my son was born, l was on a picnic''
''When will l go for picnic, father -You'll go soon, don't worry''
What were you thinking? -l was thinking as to what...
...an obiect has been made by the creator in the form of fire
Meaning? -How necessary fire is for someone to be alive
''Keep your hands away from the fire, else it'll get burnt''
He's come. Don't give him any chance to open his mouth today
lt's better to keep our mouths shut instead of trying to...
...keep his mouth shut.
''Raniit sir, it's very cold today''
''Are you writing about the tour today, daughter?''
Why don't you speak at all?
The woods were already kept ready. What was the need again?
''The whole night is ahead, Mr. Ranjit''
How did you like the tour today? -lt was great fun
We will spend tomorrow also here itself
You iust said my mind
A tour becomes enioyable only in the good company
''Company! What a company was started by my father in his time,''
''Uncle, don't make us feel bored -Bored? How can l make you...''
''...feel bored? It was done by my father. In 1928, people used to...''
...come to listen to him to get bored. What time it was?
''Please have this, Shyam -Thanks, but l don't drink''
''Even l don't drink. But this is Brandy, medicine for cold''
Please you take and spare me
''l think, you also don't drink, Uncle -Liquor! Shame Shame!''
''But this is not liquor, but Brandy, medicine for cold''
l'll really have a great time sleeping in the verandah...
...after having two pegs of Brandy.
What'll happen if any wild animal come towards the verandah?
Then l'll make all the wild animals lie flat there itself
''Well, let's see how much truth is there in the words!''
Let me sleep
''What are you doing? -23, 24, 25...''
Actually it's my habit to exercise in the morning
Morning? But it's iust 10.30 at night
Night? But l woke up after listening the crows of a cock
''Uncle, great is your daring! l will make tigers lie flat''
Huh! Just talking that way
Do you think me to be like uncle?
l iust came here to ask as to what are you doing by...
...sitting here in the night
Who can sleep in such a beautiful night?
''Beautiful night? -Yes, it's a very beautiful night''
The silence of the iungle and the gurgling of the stream...
...it feels as if my heart is in search of a beautiful song
And my life is going out in this cold. See l'm almost freezing
''Yes, it's getting quite cold''
''My beloved, l have become yours''
l have lost myself in your love
''My life has begun to smile, my darling''
''My beloved, l have become yours''
l have lost myself in your love
''l have got an excuse to live, my dear''
Two lost trevellers met in their destination
The boats of two hearts have reached their banks together
Even the fate has united them.
The night is listening to our happy story silently
The stars are looking at us as it has become desolate
Even the moon is feeling shy seeing the shyness in your eyes
A bird started singing all of a sudden in the midst of silence
Waking up from dreams someone's heart started swinging
Who lifted the veil of the queen of the night?
''What's the matter, Mr Raniit? -Why did you fire a shot?''
Shot? l don't know why l sensed some danger
But there is no one except us here.-And you were sleeping
Yes l was sleeping. But l woke up suddenly.
lt seems you had a nightmare
Let's forget it and go inside
''Where are you preparing to Ieave? -l am going back, Barkha''
But you were planning to stay here today also
''Not everything takes place as desired, Barkha''
Actully the work is affected by our being here
''lf it's so, then we will all go back together''
l don't understand as to why you both came here at all.
We haven't seen anything yet. Still if you want to leave...
''...me alone and go, you are free to do so ''
''You won't be alone, as Shyam will be with you''
''But how can it be possible? We came together,...''
''...so we'll leave together too. What do you say, Barkha?''
''lf you have already decided, then it's alright.''
''Let's go, Mr Raniit''
''Dharampal, please stake two more sacks''
Don't be so greedy. Be off soon. If somebody sees us...
...we will be killed.
''OK, l'll close the gate before leaving -OK''
''Uncle-Ratan, you have arrived''
Board on the vehicle soon
''Ratanlal, don't dare to run away''
''l am not surprised by this lowly job of yours, rascal''
l was waiting for this day only for a long time.
Aren't you ashamed to loot your own home.
l'll take you to the police station.
''No, Shyam, if not me, at least think about my forefather's...''
''...respect. If you send me behind the bars, l'll be ruined totally''
Please forgive me
''OK, l'll not hand you over to the police. But l'll expel you...''
...from the iob from today. Go off from here.
Move the truck back.
Go off from here. One who tried to expel will be buried.
''Ratan, l have brought sweet for you-l am ruined, Rupa''
What's is this? You promised to me that you'll never touch liquor..
''...again, -Rupa, this world is too cruel. It kicks so hard that...''
...one forgets all his promises. Your Shyam has expelled me...
...from the iob today. -What enemity does he have with you?
That's because l love you and would marry you if l earn...
...some money. -l'll iust go and ask him why he feels jealous
Let him be iealous.Don't go away as l can handle him later myself.
What's the matter? You came very well dressed today
My God! There's heavy rain outside
''Don't leave now. Neither it will rain like this everyday, ''
''See it's raining, -Not rain, l am seeing a cyclone. Let me go now''
This is also your home. l'll see you off to your home myself
''So l was telling you that, like every year, this year's...''
...harvesting festival (Vaishakhi) would also be celebrated...
...with pomp and gaiety. Proceed now
The time for getting united has finally arrived
All the buds have bloomed into flowers and started smiling
The time for getting united has finally arrived
l felt shy as l looked into my beloved's eyes
Don't know why my heart-beat is getting faster
And why is this sweet yearning there in my heart.
This happens to one who is in love
Just wait and see what the union of the heart has to offer.
The time for getting united has finally arrived
All the buds have bloomed into flowers and started smiling
l see the world with a different angle now
''Whichever way l look, my good fortune smiles at me''
When the heart gets filled with the colour of love
Things in the front get changed in moments
The time to get united has come...
l felt shy as l looked into my beloved's eyes
''My dear friends, l would like to give you one more good...''
...news on this auspicious day. As a result of your hard...
''...labour, this time our farm's production has soared many...''
...times higher than earlier years. So besides your shares...
''...l give you you a reward of Rs 25,OOO from my share.''
Chaudhuri Sir -Long Live
On this occasion l can't restrain myself from praising Shyam...
...whose hard labour has made the farm to pe_orm so well
''l give a reward of Rs 5,OOO to Shyam with great delight''
How would l thank Chaudhuri Sir for this great reward?
''For me, his love is the greatest reward of all''
So l donate all the money of this reward to the village school
Shyam Brother -Long Live
Destruction has happened. Chaudhuri Sir has been...
...taken away by a tiger.
What? -Get ready fast
''No, No!''
''Barkha, what have you done to your health?''
''This is not in my control, Shyam''
How my father used to take care of my every happiness?
And now he left me with such a grief
Everybody is quite sad at Mr Chaudhuri's death
l feel as l have lost my father
But his soul would be sorromul to see us grief stricken like this
''lf you think properly, he is still alive in this world''
''Barkha, although he is not with us physically, his soul is with us''
...and guiding us every moment. If we tread the path shown by..
''...him, we will find him with us in our every step.''
Now hold yourself
''Shyam, if l didn't have your support, l couldn't have...''
...borne this sorrow at all
''Greetings, Sir -Greetings, what's the matter?''
You seem to be upset. Are you alright?
''Yes, nothing has happened to me. l am alright''
Tell me why have you come here
l was going to the city in search of a job. But l am faithful to...
...you. So l came to bid you good bye
Have you left the iob? -Who would like to leave such a job!
l was expelled from the iob long back by Shyam -Why?
Just for saying the truth. l told him that one who lives in the...
...hut should'nt dream of the palace that is Barkha madam...
...and he was annoyed with me for saying that and expelled me
''Whatever be it, may God keep him happy. l'll leave now''
''Listen, was your crime iust this?-Yes, did l steal then.''
''OK, meet me in the office tommorrow-As you order, Sir''
l want to speak to you on an important matter
''Yes, please tell me''
lt is related to Shyam - About Shyam...
Tell me what do you want to speak about him
''lt's actually not me, but the others who are speaking these ''
''What are they speaking, -Forgive me for saying this,...''
...but your intimacy with an ordinary employee of the...
... company is not viewed with appreciation
So you are worried iust about this simple matter
Forget about other's opinion. Both you and l know about Shyam well
You! It's our fortune that you have come to our place
l have come here for the goodness of your family.
Who else will care about our goodness if not you?
Shyam keeps praising you the day and night
''And he would anyway, as you regard him more than a brother''
''l regret this fact only, that sometimes it becomes harmful...''
...to give to someone more than what he deserves
l didn't understand you
One who dreams of the stars after staying on earth...
...forgets about the dangerous consequences.
''Please tell me clearly, if Shyam has committed any mistake.''
''Yes, he has forgotten his status. -What has he done?''
lf your son doesn't stop taking advantage of Barkha's innocence..
...then he will have to face dire consequences. Try to make him...
...understand so that he need not have to repent later.
''Lord, please have mercy on this poor so that there shouldn't...''
...be any enemity between the brothers unknowingly
You are the only support for this mother who is obliged by...
''...her promise. -Mother,..''
What are you asking from the God today? Too much greed is...
...not good. l am feeling hungry. Please serve the food fast
''Mother, l think we should arrange for a gala-dinner...''
''...next Sunday -Party, but for whom?''
For Mr Raniit. He took me to his home so many times
But you never invited him to our home.
''But we are poor, and he is, -Oh! Mother, has he ever...''
''...bothered about poverty 8 richness? And anyway, you...''
...have seen how much he Ioves both of us
''Yes, you are right''
''Please don't mind my words, but Sir you may be higher to...''
''...me in terms of education 8 status, but in terms of...''
''...age and experience, l am higher than you''
What do you want to mean? -l am talking about Shyam
''You may not know him well, but l know him very well''
''He is like a serpent, if you don't strangle him now...''
...he may become a threat to your position too
Now Chaudhuri Sir is also no more alive. So there is no one...
...to check his ambitions. It's high time that you open Ur eyes
Otherwise he will take over both the company as well as Barkha
''No, it's not possible. -But whatever is happening now...''
...that was also not possible.
''lf l have your permission, may l try to pay back my debts to you''
''What do you mean? -l mean, you just back me...''
...l'll take care of the rest.
''But what will you do? -That's something, you can't do''
lt's good if the wall between me and Barkha gets destroyed.
''Rupa, you?''
Have you come to my house or is it the other way?
Why are you crying? Did somebody tell you anything?
''Please don't delay in our marriage, Ratan''
Marriage! You are crying for this small matter
We will surely get married. What's the hurry?
''You may not have, but l have to hurry''
''Ratan, if you delay any further, the people will call me as...''
...characterless and l won't be able to face anyone
Why didn't you give me this good news earlier itself?
Relax now. l'll come to your home with the bridal procession
lt's not a blemish to become a mother
Go home now
''Rupa, listen to me''
lf you want our marriage to be conducted soon without any...
''...obstacle, then we will have to do one job -What?''
First promise to me that you'll support me -l swear
And when l reached the vehicle the briefcase was missing
lt's strange! Nothing of this sort has happened in our area before
''And it's not a small matter, but it's a matter of Rs 20,OOO''
We will have to investigate soon into this matter
Then go and report to the police
''Wait, where are you going inside?''
''Madam, please rescue me. l am cheated. Please save me''
''What's the matter, Rupa?''
Shyam was taking advantage of this poor
He deceived me with his promise to marry me
And now when l am pregnant with his child...
...he is asking me to keep my mouth shut by offering me money
''Roopa, what's this rubbish''
How dare you blame a gentleman?
Go off from here. Aren't you ashamed to blame him falsely?
''l don't tell lies, Madam. Shyam gave me this money...''
...after he came back from city and asked me to leave from here
''Mean, wicked! How dare you''
Hold yourself. You shouldn't raise your hand on ladies
l am not able to understand anything
l am myself quite surprised thinking how she got the money
Then do you think that l have stolen the money
''NO, Shyam, even the enemies can't doubt on you''
But why don't you make your position clear by...
''...letting the police search your home? -No, how can it be?''
''No, it's a question of my prestige. ''
Come with me and have a search at my home
But...-No ifs and buts. l can't tolerate this blame
''Come with me. Miss Barkha, please come with me''
Go and search the house
''What's the matter, Shyam?''
''Mother, they have come to search our home''
They doubt that l have stolen the company's money -NO
What am l hearing? Who has blamed my Shyam?
''Please be silent, mother Go and search the house''
Beware! Don't anybody try to come inside
We may be poor. But we live with our heads held high
Let them remove their doubts. Please proceed
Check in that room
You mean! Don't you feel ashamed to blame my Shyam?
''Remember, you have pointed your finger on an angel''
You have brought pains to a mother's heart
You'll only go to Hell after your death
We have found the stolen money
''Barkha, this is a conspiracy. Please believe me.''
''Mr Raniit, please believe me, l haven't stolen the money''
l am innocent l take oath on my mother
Your mother is dead. You rascal
''There is nothing left to verify, as everything is crystal clear''
l can't even imagine that so much of dirt can be hidden inside...
...your outside appearance. Why have you done this?
''Mother, l am innocent''
''Sir, please do me a favour by handing him over to the police''
l will think that he is dead after today
''We didn't expect this from you, Shyam''
What are you looking at? Hand him over to the police.
Catch him
Go away from my way
Nobody should dare to come on my way
Catch him
Who is it?
Don't dare to shout
Tell me who is it?
Who is who?
The same one who has used you as a pawn to shoot me
l don't know anything
Tell me the truth as to who it is. Otherwise l'll shoot you
l am innocent. l was compelled
Tell me his name
My God! What'll happen now?
Other things are alright. But we should care about the police
Are you mad? l'm not afraid of anybody except God
''But you'll have to be afraid of me, Ratanlal''
''Rascal, your game is up''
l will crush you to pieces
Take good care of the guest
Huh! Is it a ioke to fight with Ratan!
But what will happen now? -What's there to happen?
He has dug his own grave. Everybody knows that...
''...he ran away after stealing, and the police is behind him.''
He'll surely have the handcuffs around his hands
You are great! But are you going to marry that mad Rupa?
l am not nuts to marry her. My job is just to serve the world
Rupa got Shyam and Mr Raniit will get Miss Barkha
But what have you got? -Revenge!
''Wicked, cheat, l'll ta, ke the revenge now'
These delicate hands are not meant to wring the neck.
''Dharampal, take her away''
''lf she goes to the police, blame will turn towards me''
''What! Mr Raniit, and in this conspiracy!''
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
You need not have to fear when l am around
l'll take care of both of them. Just don't delay in the marriage
Why are you talking like a child? Marriage is not child's play
And Barkha is also not going to agree so soon
There is no alternative in our hands except convincing her
There is no time to think. The matter is quite delicate
lf you let go this opportunity you'll repent your whole life
l will get Barkha even at the risk of my life
''So Shyam, l'm leaving for the marriage of Mr Ranjit with...''
''...Miss Barkha. If you wish, you can send some gifts with me''
''No? Well, as you wish''
''See, be careful. The man is dangerous.''
''l am ruined. But l request to you again, save Miss Barkha''
''lf this marriage takes place, her life will be ruined.''
''How can l save her, when l am myself ruined, Rupa?''
''Please don't speak like this. Have courage, get up''
Then should l bang my head on the wall.
''Jaggu, l am feeling thirsty. Give me some water please''
What's the matter? Why are you feeling so thirsty today?
Where is Shyam? -He is sleeping
Take out the key
Beware! You are hurrying as if it's your marriage that's going...
...to take place. Get moving
Please call for the bride
''Where are you going away, Ratanlal?''
All of you need not be scared. l haven't come here to obstruct...
''...someone's happiness, but to remove the blame from my head..''
...which this man has given to me
Tell the truth in front of everyone
Otherwise l'll break your head into pieces
''l am innocent, Shyam''
''lt's not your fault, but mine as l gave into your words...''
...and blamed this innocent Shyam
You keep quiet. l want to listen to that story from his mouth.
''Tell me, who had kept the suitcase in my house?''
''Please leave me, Shyam. l confess that l had stolen the...''
...suitcase and kept it in your house. -Tell further
l made Rupa do all the drama.
''But l am innocent. Whatever l have done, l have done...''
...only as per Mr Raniit's instructions.
Enough! l iust wanted to listen these words from you
Hand this rascal over to the police
Take me to him
Leave me
Save me
''Leave me. Please save me, Shyam''
''Leave him, Shyam l am telling you''
''Go away, mother. l'll not Ieave him alive today''
''Before killing him, you'll have to kill me first''
''Have you gone mad, mother Why do you want to save him...''
...who put a blemish in my name. Don't know what dirty...
...blood is flowing in him.
''Shyam, don't call your own blood as dirty -Own blood?''
''Madam,... -Shyam, Raniit is your own brother.''
''No, this is a lie''
''You are great, Laxmi, who has kept the promise''
l couldn't bear anymore after seeing both of them...
...trying to take each other's life. My husband told me everything...
''...before his death, that you had spared one of your twins by...''
...donating him in my lap to save my life.
''Raniit, my brother, ''
Don't call me as your brother. l am not eligible for that
l want to die.
''Hey, you want to take away my brother also from me...''
...after giving me so much pains!
Mother...please forgive me
Blood is thicker than water
Blood relationships can never be separated
lt doesn't lose its faithfulness the cyclone of time
The time to get united has arrived
Every bud has bloomed into a flower and is smiling
The time to get united has arrived
Every bud has bloomed into a flower and is smiling
The time to get united has arrived