11:11 Mudras 9 and 10 - Explained and Demonstrated by Solara and the 11:11 Workshop Facilitators

Uploaded by nvisible11 on 19.04.2011

We are going to begin by demonstrating the mudras
of the 9th and 10th gate of the 11:11  Doorway
and then we go through all the mudras together  
So these are the new ones
We begin at the end of the 8th gate mudra  
which is Pure Heart Love
and the 9th gate mudra  
Strengthening the resonance of Trueness
and calling forth the True Ones to emerge
and making our commitment
to step forward as True Ones
So we take two steps forward at the end of this mudra
And the 10th gate mudra is: 
"Living True Lives as True Ones"
and here is the new 10th gate mudra    
Now we are taking two steps back  
and do all the 11:11 mudras for you
so far - from gates 1 to 9
 ... 1 to 10!!!  
Here they are: The 11:11 mudras from gate 1 through 10  
Only one mudra remaining to be discovered
Thank you!