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In 2007 we were about 8 weeks into the diagnosis so we could sort of learn a little bit, learn
some strategies, learn what were things that would set him off We were going to the World
Series, we knew the end of the clear was coming, in Game VII, sat with him in the back. I explained
to him that this was out there, were three outs, that it was going to get really loud,
there was going to be a lot of flashes. Just tried to prepare him the best that I could
for what was about to happen so the last out made and I looked over and he was jumping
higher and screaming louder and cheering louder than anyone in the stadium and it was such
a great moment for me because it was the first time that I felt like I had a little control
so after the big celebration we go on the field and my kids are having their pictures
taken with all the celebrities and the baseball players, and there's Grant and he's in the
outfield, and he's running back and forth and he's watching himself on the Spectra
vision, the big Spectra vision. Certainly, imagine that I had a perfect home and that
my husband and is a baseball player in the world series, but they couldn't imagine what
we were dealing with at home. Kurt would go to the baseball, kids were not home from school,
he'd come home late at night, they'd be in bed, and he really was seeing a lot, a
lot less of the kids. Not being exposed again from our generation to anybody who was different,
he had no idea what i was talking about, when I would say something is not right here. There
was so much frustration, so much not understanding why he did or why he said the things that
he said or would do, there was such a disconnect between and Hurt. Grant would have done with
him or without him, you know, young kids usually rave that attention. He didn't crave it,
so I was always trying to force it. I was always trying to say you take him to the ballpark
with you. It would work, he would go there and David Ortiz is getting ready for a game
and there's Grant jumping on the table with him, he didn't understand personal space,
he's in everybody's lockers you know and so he never got those bonding moments that
the other boys got. The relationship that they have is different now and it's based
on things that they interest in the same so the things that I was looking for they, once
we understood what Grant had materialized on their own. Curt has learned how to get
into his world and Grant gets from him what he needs. That's I think the best part about
it is they have to come to have a relationship and it's not what Curt expected but it's
a great and it's a true relationship and I was the wife of the baseball player, so
I was only judged from the outside. I just cared way, way, way too much about what people
thought, and so to have a child that walks downstairs these days, Grants, his shirt's
on backwards and he goes, I know, I like the detail better on the front. You know, it really
makes you go, oh wow, that's how I really want to live. I want to live true to myself
and not worry about what everybody else thinks, he really does make you look at yourself and
go you know what? I can handle this, I can do better this and not only can I do better,
but I can learn from this, and I can learn how to make myself a better person from this.