Rocco Prestia and his TC Electronic Staccato'51 bass amp

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We're backstage at Tower of Power sound check and I've got a very important present
here for Rocco Prestia and I will go deliver it to him right now. So lets go check it out.
Allright here's the man himself. I have a present for you
yes sop I might ask you for that one back
and changing it with this one.
Se you old friend.
Trading the old for the new.

It looks nice.

Well thanks for coming by tanned dropping that off.
Well, enjoy it tonight, plug it in and see what it sounds like.
I want to talk to you a little bit Rocco about how this all came about.
We were playing in Europe, and
my manager called me
and said: Hey this company TC Electronic
They'd like to come in
and check out the show
and bring some stuff for you to try
and so that's what happened.
We developed a relationship
and it kind of went from there.
Fine-tuning this thing
and making it
come around to where
i was really really happy
just an amazing process
How (the tech) plugs it into the computer and stares off to the side
and does this and does that.

I thought it would take 2 to 3 months
and it probably took a

day and a half

I was impressed of the overall look
of it
and the simplicity
of it
i was like: "wauv!" 'cause I've never seen anything like it, you know,
the cabinets, everything.
They sent me like
four different colors, that
they had in mind
this is the one I liked
and this is the one they liked too.
It looks great!
Where did the name come from? The staccato 51.
They said: Staccato and it didn't really hit me at first
and then we talked about it
and the gave me a couple of days. And then I called and said:
Hey, call it Staccato!!
Also you approached it
from a player's angle
which is really, I think, what's been really cool. Well that's kind of what I am.
which leads me to the next point. I mean you play with TOP
obviously, and you've been with them from the beginning, as I understand.
I joined them when I was about 14.
So it was the summer before my
freshman year.
He didn't start going by his real name Francis Rocco Prestia
until like the seventies
but when met him he was Frank Hewton.
and his family called him butchie.
So they were asking,
and I said: yeah know this guy called Hewton and I know he plays guitar
and he's got really cool hair.
We had this teacher, Terry Saunders, a great guitar player
from the bay area, he's still there. He used to come teach us once a week and so he
came the first time to check this out any, and he's says: "why don't you play for me
one at a time", and Terry looks at him and
says: "you need to play the bass" and we all together went:
"What's a bass?" and he goes:
"don't worry about it. You need one!"
And so he took him to the store and
he got a guitar for jodi and
a bass for Frank,
Rocco and within a week
he played better bass than he did with seven years of guitar.
so you've probably been familiar with the Staccato from its inception?
Yeah we got the first one actually
about five months ago
it's been great for us right from day one. Nice, so from a bass tech's perspective
what do you like about
the Staccato fifty one?
The simplicity.
It's very easy to
It hasn't failed
for us at all in any way, shape or form.
And you put it through it's paces I'm sure? Oh yeah we've done just about everything
you could to this thing so far.
Yeah, you know, as far as space and traveling, you know,
say if
we're going on the road,
a weekend trip I can throw the thing in a briefcase or my backpack
and it's with us. What cabinet configuration is Rocco using?
He uses two of the RS410's, or one of the RS410's
two of the RS212's.
And the 212's are on
the bottom stacked with the 410's on top of them.
What is it like working with Rocco?
It's a very unique experience.
He is a very unique player, with a very unique personality
and a really good guy.
so I enjoy it very much.
What do you think about working with Rocco's new rig?
I love that rig.
The clarity
that's coming off of there is amazing. It's just night and day difference from every
other amp we've used and worked with, SVT's,
and we had a little kinks at first
with the active pickups being a little to hot
for the inputs but since we cleaned that up it's just: I can't describe it
I'm not an engineer other than an audio engineer.
But whatever is happening in his fingers is going to the cord and to the bass head, and it's tight, dry, no more of the droning
Obviously, In Tower of Power precision is what counts and what it's all about not
having to fight the droning-ness of of the speakers, the cabinets, everything
you've got going with TC is amazing! I don't know how it happened but it did.
That's fantastic!
So when you get to the gig and you've dialed them in I guess it's a whole lot easier?
Yeah we've got the memory on there so we've stored a couple of presets for a couple of
different basses.
He'll come in and tweak randomly but he's well within the parameters and
you know, it all flies pretty simple.
Back in the day he had that Ampeg Babybass
kind of sound you know the Ampeg thing that was turned
upside down. He had a really unique kind of sound it was you know. Because
Rocco plays in a unique way very percussive and that seemed to
add more of a percussiveness
to his playing.
And then, you know, he got rid of that, a bunch of things changed: different
instruments all this other stuff and to me that sound
was missing.
I think for a
lot of guys it was too.
Then when he got this stuff, you know,
that certain definition and that kind of
punch almost sounding like a bass drum in some ways when he ghosts
that's back now!
Man that sounds good whats that? He said: It's
And I go: "TC, what's that?" I knew TC Electronics from my engineer
Clark Rigsby who said: "They've got great stuff, great outboard gear"
I didn't know they made amps.
You knw
And then I was looking at it and I said: That's TC Electronic! and he goes: Yeah. That's it!
I go: "They make great gear!

my engineer is just raving about this stuff.
I didn't know they made bass amp
and he said: Well they are making one!
that's our latest endeavor
Well they're doing a good job.
He wasn't really too sure about it,
I guess they made some changes for it on but from the moment I
heard it, I was: you can definitely work with this!!