Allen Hinds with Xotic Custom Shop AC-Comp

Uploaded by XoticGuitars on 05.09.2010


Hello everybody. This is Allen Hinds again.
I'm here for Xotic.
With yet another video with another pedal.
But this one I have to tell you...
I'm seriously really truly excited about.
It's a new pedal by Xotic Custom Shop.
And it's called the AC Booster Comp.
Which is located right here...
...on my pedal board.
It's similar in a lot of ways to the old AC, it's really simple to use.
There's not a million switches on it.
Which is a cool thing.
It has Volume, Gain, Treble, Bass.
Just like the old AC Booster.
And they all respond pretty much the same way.
The Bass response is kind of cooler.
It's a lot deeper Bass.

I think it's voiced a little deeper.
The cool thing I noticed when I first plugged into it is that...
...all the settings are really musical.
No matter how much I tried to mess it up...
It all seems to sound pretty good coming through this pedal.
So let me step you through it and show you the difference between this...
...and the old AC Booster that everybody knows, out there.
You'll notice on this new AC Booster Comp...
There's a little toggle switch in the middle that has 3 settings.
One that says: Normal
One that says nothing and one that says: Comp.
Which I assume means compressed, maybe.
Because it is more saturated then the other settings.
On the normal setting, it's very similar to the old AC Booster.
I'll show you here.
Here's the new one.
And here's the old AC Booster.
Pretty similar.
Give or take a little dialing here or there on the pedal board.
I think I have more Bass here then the other one.
You can tell they are very similar in the way it feels and compresses.
And the tonal characteristics are almost the same.
Now, when I go to the heavily compressed setting...
...on this new AC Booster Comp, it saturates it.
It lowers the volume a little bit but it gets a little more...
It's more compressed...
but it's still open somehow.
I used it last week on few different gigs.
I had to play through different amps because they rented backline for me.
One of the amps was a little Deluxe.
I set this one more on the open setting and it sounded wonderful.
And when I got an amplifier that was hundred watts... the Twin that they had for the backline rented for me...
I used the over-compressed sound and it was just great.
Clean and it just felt like I was pushing the amp at 7 or 8.
But it wasn't that loud.
So, you can get these really heavy...
juicy compressed sound out of the amp...
...without sounding too buzzy.
Which is the real, secret thing about a good pedal to me.
Finding that combination, a blend of both.
And this pedal kind of does it both...
No matter what kind of amp you're playing through.
So here, this is the compressed setting. I'll show you the difference.
I'll switch in the middle here.
This is the overly compressed setting which is still....

Still sounds nice and open.

And it feeds back right at really great sweet places you want it too.

Now I'm gonna switch between this new setting...
The overly compressed setting and the other new setting on this AC.
In another words, setting the old AC Booster doesn't have.
You'll hear the difference immediately.
When I switch this toggle switch, I'm gonna switch from...
Overly compressed setting, where it says Comp... the middle position.
Where it says nothing on the pedal.

I hope you can hear that on the video. I'm sure you can.

Makes it a little louder for sure but what it really does is...
It opens it up and makes it...
...less overdriven but still retains that nice compressed feeling you would get...
...if you had a really nice, expensive boutique Dumble amp or something.

And on this setting, it cleans up pretty well too.
You can dial back the guitar a little.
And it really cleans up to where it feels natural.

I have the EP Booster too on this chain.
This for me, just beefs it up a little more when I'm playing solos.
But even without it... So here is without it.
It still sounds great and full.

Once again, the normal setting which is like the old AC Booster.
The newer really over-compressed setting.
Which you probably have to crank the volume a little for that setting.
And the new open sound in the middle.
Which I really like.

Another really cool thing that I discovered with this pedal is that...
I've been using more single-coil pickups lately.
Whether it's my Telecaster or my Stratocaster.
What's always been a really hard thing for me to find is...
A really good overdriven sound with a single-coil pickups.
Because it all seems to sound too stringy or thin.
And with this pedal...
...especially with the EP Booster after it...
With this pedal, it really sings.
You are hard pressed to tell it's not a humbucker pickup.

Which I like for my soloing and...
..slide guitar and that kind of stuff.
So this is the overly, heavy compressed sound with the single-coil pickup.

Here's the open setting that I like.

And here's the more normal setting... the old AC Booster.

For this guitar I've been going towards...
...more heavily compressed sound.

But you're gonna find that every setting you turn on...
...that you dial up on this pedal sounds pretty natural right off the bat.

Once again, I've got a Dimarzio pickups on this guitar.
I think it's one of the Virtual Vintage.
And on the other guitar I was playing had Tom Holmes pickups.
That Xotic Guitar has a Tom Holmes humbuckers.

So this is pretty much it.
The new AC Booster Comp.
By Xotic. By the Custom Shop.
It's a great pedal. And I'm telling you...
It sounds good at all settings and with all the guitars.
Somehow they've done it again.
They made it sound really natural.
Without sounding too buzzy or...
...too unnatural.
Closest thing to a great old amp being overdriven that I've found yet.

So I'm gonna play out. Hope you enjoy it.
And... yeah, see you down the road!

Caption: Yumi Adachi