Nokia Lumia Amazing Ambassadors - Task 1

Uploaded by javachris on 17.07.2012

My name is Cristian and today I would like to follow me as I take the first step of the Nokia Lumia Amazing Ambassadors contest
This step consists in the unboxing as quickly as possible of this Nokia Lumia 800 phone and making the first phone call
Ok, let's see how fast I can do it
Inserting the SIM card...
Starting up the phone...
We'll see the Windows Phone logo...
Here we are opening up the phone app...
And we're done! We have the first phone call
Ok! The task is now complete
Now let's see what comes in the box and then take a quick tour of the phone itself
So, in the box, under the phone we will find a silicone protection case that matches the color of the phone
I just want to say that it looks very good on the phone and it doesn't ruin the aspect in any way
Instead it protects the phone from physical shocks and damage
Under the silicone case we find the quick guide booklet for the Nokia Lumia
and another booklet that will help you make a phone call and access the phone's functions, in case you're not familliar with it
You can also find in here the warranty certificate of the phone
Moving on, what else is there inside the box?
We have an AC adapter for charging the phone... with an USB port
This adapter is very ergonomic and good looking. It has a very slim profile when plugged in, so it will never get in your way
Here we have the data cable, which doubles as a charging cable too
Let's take it out...
We plug this end here and we have ourselves a charger
Moving on... We have a premium wired headset
In my opinion the best headset that comes with a mobile phone
Surpassed maybe only by those of phones who are music centric
I personally like these headsets because they're not the agressive deep-inside-the-ear the kind
You just plug the in your ears and there is no discomfort whatsoever
They are vey light and very cozy
OK, so let's take a look at the phone itself
On the front face of the phone, as you can see, we have the 3.7 inch ClearBlack polarised display
This display is a work or art, because if you look at it from the side while it is on
you have the impression that the displayed image is painted on top of the display surface
It's amazing what Nokia managed to do with the ClearBlack technology
Under the display we can see the three capacitive keys Back, Home and Search
Above the display we can find the ear piece
On the bottom of the phone we can find a grill that hides the loudspeaker and the phone's microphone
On the right side of the phone we can find the four physical keys, the two volume keys, up and down, the power and lock key and the camera key
What a like a lot about this phone is that if I want to take a picture of my son I can do it in a matter of seconds, without me needing to unlock the phone
I just long press the camera key, and the camera app starts in a few seconds and I'm ready to snap a photo
On the top side of the phone we have the 3.5mm jack port where you can plug the headsets I just presented you
which can also be used as a hands free
We have the micro-USB port that is covered by a plastic lid to protect it from dust
and the micro-SIM tray that can be pulled to the side gently. Just a moment, I need to turn off the phone to show you how it works
Ok, now it's off
Just pull it to the side very gently and it's very easy to put back in
When the tray is in, and the USB lid is closed, it's impossible for the SIM-tray to pop out on it's own, so no need to worry about it
On the back of the phone we can see the phone's 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and the dual LED flash
What's great on this camera is that it is a wide angle camera
That means that when you're snapping a photo in the 16:9 aspect ratio, also known as wide screen
the photo won't just be a crop of a normal 4:3 aspect ratio photo, instead it's going to be wider, because the imaging sensor is not square, but circular
exactly like on the Nokia 808 if you know the model, you'll be able to catch more width on your wide photo than on it's 4:3 counterpart
That was it! Thanks for watching!