An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 5 - Moo!

Uploaded by elementanimation on 16.06.2012

where’s the beast?
It's right there!
that’s a cow -.-
no it’s not! It’s a vicious creature from the depths of the nether that will only be satisfied by the blood of its enemies!
it’s a cow. -.-
very well then, if you will not slay the beast, we will send out our greatest warrior!
Go on! -Slay the beast! no! Please! Ahhahaha
I have a wife and children! Villager 2: no you don’t. Villager 3: I might have some day!
slay the beast! Villager 3(warrior): no! Please! Ahhahaha
Poke it in the eye
Slay the beast!
Kill it with a fork
I like forks
I'd like to go home now
Well were dead
come here…
I’m dying
No you’re not
I’m mortally wounded…
No, you’re not
I’m dying dammit!
alright! Okay! You’re dying!
do I know you from somewhere?
Yes jason that is a cow
Cows are indigenous to the plains biome
hey a pig
Pigs are also indigenous to the plains biome
Can i ride him?

hey look! He tamed the beast!
This is a pig
Pigs are indigenous to the plains biome
All hail the pig tamer
here, take this book…

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Jason: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Cow: mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
this book… it tells us how to find someone…
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