Chinese People Fighting 3 ©

Uploaded by StealthNinjaX2 on 14.04.2008

Shit Kenji, his hydralysk are engaging your dragoons!!!
I know, I know,
I can't do anything about it
his hydralysk gets a battle field avantage
and its highly effective againts the dragoons armor!
so I can't ward him off!!
man you guys are dumb that's not a hydralysk, thats a freaken charizard
man you guys suck more than Fei!
who's Fei !!!
oh, he was my brother
that got kicked out of the family
but...I don't even remember what his face looks like now
that's enough battle training for today
sensei's been missing for two days now
I have to go look for him
see ya
so, why did you decide to fight?
well Chang, I've hade a dfficult past
when I was young
my father always favored my brother Shinji over me
I was thrown out of the house and left to die on the streets
and I never saw my brother again
but then master Ching Wu Chi took me in, and I trained under him
so the only thing I knew was to fight
WOW...that's a really sad story
well, I got to go take a piss now
I've killed you twice already, have you come back for more?
you don't have to worry, because there won't be a third time
then at aleast tell me your name, before I kill you again
there's no point in telling my name to someone who is already dead !!!
hmpt, is that so?
then how about the loser reaveals his name before he dies?
hmpt !
tell me what your name is
Fei Long....