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Mongolian is a nation which grow on the horse
they are born on the horse, as well as grow.
Even though die on horse
Genghis Khan is a emperor on horse
he unified the grassland with riding and brandishing his weapons
seizing the Centre Capital ofJin dynasty
besides his brilliant talent of politic and military,
he also have trained
a army which seem like the ass on the horseback
Ming'an, what kind of man is this Guobaoyu you talked about?
He's a Han.
Where does he live?
What does he do?
He's the magistrate of the Fenyang county.
Are you tired or what?
Give me more details.
Why are you so impatient?
This Guobaoyu is a descendant of Guoziyi,
a famous general of the Tang Dynasty.
He masters all military expertise.
Although he's an official in the Jin Dynasty,
he always hopes for change of dynasty one day.
That Yelu something?
He's a decendant of some Qidan noble,
the 8-generation grandon of King Dongdan of the Liao Dynasty,
his father was a minister of the Jin Dynasty,
who had a son when he was more than 60 years old,
and named him Yelu Chucai,
which comes from a literary allusion
although there are many talent in Chu dynasty who are used by Jing dynasty
Namd Chucai, addressed Jingqin,
implies he would be employed by other countries in future.
Even as a boy he read extensively,
he's an expert of the classics and history,
and masters astronomy, geography,
mathematics, medicine and divination as well.
Defend the city to the last drop of our blood! Rather die than retreat!
Defend the city to the last drop of our blood!
Rather die than retreat!
Speaking of the Central Capital.
There's a saying, " A centipede does not topple over even when dead"
With its high city wall and deep moat,
The Central Capital is hard to take,
and a cornered beast will put up a desperate fight,
now is not the right time to attack the Central Capital.
I only want Zhebie to ascertain the strength of the Central Capital,
and sacre their arrogant emperor a bit by the way.
You mean the emperor of the Jin Dynasty?
Do you think I can beat him?
Of course.
Not only because you excels in the art of war,
your invincible troops are so brave and united as one,
but also because in the Jin Dynasty
the emperor is so incompetent and his court officials so imbecile,
cruel and greedy government officials levy exorbitant taxes on people,
making Hans, Qidans,
even Nuzens in the Central Plains seethe with resentment
and hope for change of dynasty.
One who has lost the people's heart loses the country. It is fate.
Then, can I unify China?
As long as you take the right steps.
What do you mean?
First, win people's heart.
Winning people's heart means winning the country.
Secondly, Take the southwest region first,
then make an alliance with the Song Dynasty to subjugate the Jin Dynasty.
Take the southwest region first, then make an alliance with the Song Dynasty to subjugate the Jin Dynasty.
One can't ignore the Central Plains.
The various kings in the southwest region are all very brave and can be used.
Your Majesty should take the southwest region first,
then make an alliance with the Song Dynasty to subjugate the Jin Dynasty.
Then the Central Plains can be easily conquered.
Right. Well said.
Liaodong is the Nuzens' cradle,
when Your Majesty attacks the Central Plains,
if the Jin Dynasty sends reinforcements from Liaodong,
Your Majesty will be exposed to attacks from the front and the rear,
so it's better to seize Liaodong first.
Your reminder is very important.
send troops to seize Liaodong immediately.
Mr. Ming'an,
you're right.
Scholars are much more useful than craftsmen.
Your Majesty.
Wanyangang fought like a bull he was possessed.
Why didn't you send me reinforcements?
Have you retreated?
Wanyangang fought like a mad man.
Sit down, Sit down
and listen to Mr. Guo's excellent view.
My court officials,
general Wanyangang drove away the Mongolian
and defended the Central Capital,
since the war started,
he's the first Nuzen hero who has defeated Tiemuzhen.
I want to celebrate his victory. Cheers.
Chief Minister,
why you don't drink?
Our Dynasty's days are numbered,
yet he still tries to put on a fake show of peace and prosperity.
Your Majesty.
Step aside.
Liaodong is lost.
Chief Minister.
Hurry! Send men to grab back Liaodong.
Hurry! Send men to negociate peace with Tiemuzhen.
The Jin Dynasty's envoy marshal Wanyan Chenghui
greets Genghis Khan.
Don't stand on ceremony,
Marshal. I know you,
you're different from Hushahu and Shufugaoqi,
you're one of my few respected enemies in the Jin Dynasty.
Please come up and sit here.
Thank Your Majesty.
I sent envoys to the Central Capital three times for peace negotiations.
Today marshal Wanyan must have come to my campsite
with some good news.
After full discussion by court officials,
our emperor has made the decision
to conclude a peace treaty with the Mongolia Kingdom.
You've finally replied.
You Nuzens have been sitting on sedan for too long in the Central Plains,
so your work efficiency can't match that of us Mongolian who ride horses.
The Jin Dynasty's fate is at stake,
of course we need to consider it carefully.
I know.
You must think this way,
3 years ago your troops were so strong,
but I refused to negotiate peace,
now your country is so weak
while my troops have increased from one hundred thousand to a few hundred thousand,
but you negotiate first
There must be some catch.
But I propose peace negotiations instead.
I tell you a secret.
I'm tired.
The Nuzens invaded the Central Plains,
subjugated the Liao Dynasty and attacked the Song Dynasty,
we Mongolian herded cattle on the grassland
and never impeded you.
But your emperor Xizong
killed our ancestor without any reason
and not only forced us to submit,
but came to the grassland every 3 years in order to reduce our population.
To butcher our Mongolian people
Prince Wei even threatened when I came to pay tribute.
To nail me onto the scaffold
This is going too far!
That's why I mustered troops to take revenge.
Now he's willing to negotiate peace.
Very good.
Tell me your terms.
Our emperor has issued an edict
to marry princess Qiguo to Genghis Khan,
in order to form a marriage alliance with the Mongolia Kingdom.
Oh, Prince Wei's daughter,
this is really Heaven's retribution.
Then, how about these generals of mine who have fought hard for 3 years
What will your country do to assuage their anger
and compensate their toil
I have already brought 500 virgin boys and 500 virgin girls
to be their servant,
and 3000 horses
to make up for your troops' loss,
and 100 carts of all sorts of goods
to meet the various needs of your troops on the way back home.
We're done with the business.
Let's talk about something else.
How do you find my generals and soldiers
They're brave and doughty indeed, but...
But what?
I've heard some of them are very bloodthirsty,
and take pleasure in killing.
I don't like this kind of butchers.
One can use armed forces to kill people, but not persuade people.
Standing beside me are Yeluahai, Yelubuhua and Ming'an,
who were all the Jin Dynasty's officials.
They rushed tojoin me out of admiration for my power and benevolence.
Why do you laugh?
Luckily not a single one of them is a Nuzen.
The Han people and the Qidan people hate the Jin Dyansty for exterminating
their race and subjugating their country,
they are your country's grave hidden trouble.
I hope Your Majesty won't repeat the same mistake.
What courage! What eloquence!
This time I led my troops to the Central Plains
only to take revenge
and upholdjustice,
I don't intend to subjugate your country,
that's why I proposed to negotiate peace.
Oh, when will Your Majesty withdraw troops?
I haven't seen princess Qiguo yet.
I will return to the Central Capital immediately
and send princess Qiguo to be married with Your Majesty at Beikou,
then I'll escort Your Majesty out of the Juyong Pass myself.
How dare I put you to such trouble?
No. I've received orders from the emperor,
I must escort Your Majesty out of the Juyong Pass as soon as possible.
You're afraid I won't fulfill the peace treaty.
No. Your Majesty's words carry great weight.
I only express the host's hospitality
on behalf of the emperor.
Fine, let me make it clear beforehand,
if your country violates the peace treaty on purpose,
I can tolerate it, but my sabers won't.
In the spring of 1214,
Genghis Khan, after making a correct assessment of the situation, proposed peace negotiations.
He carried princess Qiguo,
captives and booty and retreated to the grassland
to recuperate and bide his time.
While the Jin Dynasty,
which could have taken this chance to recover,
had seen one internal conflict after another.
General Hu. General Hu.
I treat you well,
I overrode all dissenting views and saved your life many times,
you can't return evil for good.
General Hu. General Hu.
General Hu. General Hu.
General Hu, Release me.
I will give you half of the country,
I beg you to let me go.
Half of your country has been lost to the Mongolian.
There is nothing of yours.
If someone without talent or virtue like you continues to sit on the throne,
our people will die without a burial place.
If you're smart,
go and take your own life,
so you can still be called Aguda's offspring.
you traitor and usurper!
I regret that I didn't listen to Dushanyi's wise advice,
I've really reared a tiger to court calamity.
But you will also come to a bad end.
Prince Wei is without morals,
the Jin Dynasty is about to perish.
I, Hushahu, had to force him to abdicate.
But a country can't do without a sovereign even for one day,
I volunteer to assume the position of Regent Marshal
at this time of national crisis and take charge of all state affairs.
Stand up!
The Jin Dynasty is about to perish
only because some generals are incompetent.
You have suffered one defeat after another,
your crime is no lighter than prince Wei's.
Prince Wei has abdicated,
what kind of virtue and talent do you possess to
have the cheek to make yourself the regent.
Due to the emperor's stupidity, generals' talent can't be put to good use.
That we've sustained so heavy losses.
It's all Prince Wei's fault
You, as the general in charge of defending the West Capital, retreated without putting up a fight,
was that Prince Wei's fault
Again you were supposed to defend the Juyong Pass but you let the Mongolian break through
and press straight on to the Central Capital,
was that also Prince Wei's fault
You old scoundrel!
Small errors can't overshadow great merits,
I, Regent Hushahu, have deposed the fatuous emperor.
My merits can't be surpassed by anyone in the country, my good name will go down in the annals of history.
You've killed the emperor and usurped power,
your bad name will only leave a stink for ten thousand years.
Wanyan Gang.
Don't move
Who dares to voice grievances for prince Wei
and oppose my becoming the regent,
this is how he would end up.
Drag him out and expose his corpse in public for 3 days.
Genghis Khan.
Guobaoyu's words make sense,
make an alliance with the Song Dynasty to subjugate the Jin Dynasty.
The goal of your going to the Song Dynasty this time
is to ask them to pin down the Jin Dynasty in the south,
so that when we attack the Jin Dynasty,
it'll be much easier.
The fall or destruction of one nation
is not only due to its enemy's superior strength and right moves,
but also due to its internal problems.
As the saying goes,
a divided house can't stand.
While Genghis Khan was planning to ally himself with the Song Dynasty to subjugate the Jin Dynasty,
the latter's new emperor who werejust enthroned in the Central Capital
was busy putting on a show of prosperity and peace.
Mr. Wanyan.
Chief Minister.
After more than 3 years of war, we're now finally able to enjoy peace.
When I was the chief minister,
I sent away princess Qiguo,
1000 virgin boys and girls,
a huge amount of gold and silver
and horses which the Mongolian can ride when they attack us again,
in exchange for marry-making in the imperial garden.
I've really rendered great service.
Chief Minister, please don't blame yourself.
The policy of pacification through marriage has long been in existence
and is not our Dynasty's invention.
As long as it does good to the country and the people,
there's nothing humiliating about it.
Granted that,
we should also draw lessons and build up our strength,
appease the people,
make our country rich and our military forces strong,
prepare ourselves for any future danger.
We must not livejust for the sake of living.
Chief Minister, what is Dushanyi talking about?
What are you talking about?
The chief minister Dushanyi says
our country can make long-term plans of rejuvenation
now by seizing the chance presented by the peace negotiation.
Chief Minister Dushanyi is right,
together with marshal Hushahu
I have worked out a foolproof scheme.
First, dispatch envoys to all provinces to express sympathy and solicitude for the people,
register the children of those who died on the battlefield in order to employ them later,
and grant general amnesty
in order to win people's heart.
Your Majesty are so wise.
avail ourselves of the Mongolian's retreat,
abandon the Central Capital, move the capital to the South Capital.
Resist the Mongolian by relying on the natural moat, the Huang River.
Your Majesty are so wise.
Your Majesty,
we must not move the capital.
Scholar, Zhaofang
Ok, Zhaofang, read it.
Your Majesty,
the Mongolian's invasion is now causing a national crisis,
in order to save our country the emperor and people ought to be united as one.
Now Your Majesty plan to move south
and leave people in the north exposed to mortal danger,
this would certainly demoralize them as well as our troops.
The strong enemy is in the north,
if Your Majesty move south,
how can Your Majesty resist the enemy across such long distance
If we don't defend the Central Capital, the north region will fall into the enemy's hands without fail.
Ancestral hall and country will be lost.
We your subjects can't bear to see the loss of our territory,
we entreat Your Majesty to rescind the order
and return to defend the Central Capital.
It would be fortune for the country, it would be fortune for the people.
OK, Zhaofang.
Come on, let's sign it.
Chief Minister, take good care of yourself.
I'm already more than 70 years old,
I don't regret to die. I only worry about one thing.
Chief Minister, please tell us.
Now that we've already humbled ourselves and negotiated peace,
we should value the peace.
Mustering troops, accumulating food supply
and defending the Central Capital is the first best.
Liaodong is the root of our Dynasty
and protected by natural barriers.
The second best strategy is to send troops to strengthen the defenses of Liaodong.
The worst strategy is to move the capital to the South Capital.
Although it's protected by the Huang River,
but it's threatened by the Song Dynasty in the south,
by Xixia in the west and by the Mongolia Kingdom in the north,
if you attend to one you lose sight of another.
I hope the emperor won't adopt this worst strategy.
Chief Minister
We will try our best!
Send my remains to the North Capital
and give it to my family members.
Don't be sad,
I'm luckier than you,
I don't see the Jin Dynasty's destructions,
it must be awful.
Chief Minister.
It's well written,
your literary talent has improved a lot.
Who asked you to review the article
I want you to sign first
and submit it to the emperor together with us.
No. I've been already converted to Buddhism,
I don't bother with matters
of this world anymore.
Mr. Chucai. I'm lay Buddhist Zhanran.
At this time of national crisis, you care about nothing,
just hide here and practice abstinence and chant sutra.
Can Buddha guarantee
that Tiemuzhen won't attack us again?
May Buddha have mercy.
Yelu Chucai,
you're a coward.
The emperor has read your letter of plea
and appreciate your patriotism.
Then we won't move the capital south?
The emperor is going down south to inspect,
the crown prince and I will stay here,
we don't plan to abandon the Central Capital.
Since there's no plan to abandon the Central Capital,
why the emperor needs to go down south?
How dare you!
You would be well advised to break up the crowd now,
otherwise though my soldiers are no match for the Mongolian,
they are certainly capable of punishing you.
How awe-inspiring you sound!
Master, since we dare to submit a letter of plea to the emperor,
we are not afraid to die.
Calm down, everybody.
We are all patriots,
don't bandy words with each other as if you might come to blows.
Zhaofang, this matter has been decided already,
please respect the emperor's decision.
It concerns the make or break of the country,
how can we sit back and do nothing about it
You're so firm and stern in upholdingjustice,
I admire you so much.
I stay and defend the Central Capital by order of the emperor
and still need your great help.
If you anger the emperor and are all punished, then...
The people are not afraid to die, why frighten them with death?
Whether we live or die is a trifling matter,
but the life or death of the country concerns millions of people,
because he opposed to move the capital
Chief Minister Dushanyi has already died from chagrin
If we die in vain too,
who will defend the Central Capital
I, Wanyan Chenghui,
have forborne from speaking not
to drag out a feeble existence,
but for the sake of the Central Capital's one million people.
My treasure, call Dad.
Call Dad! Ha!
Hulan, you're a mussel in a pure and clean river,
giving me a pearl-like son. Your Majesty,
maybe a girl would be better.
When she grows up you can marry her to some tribe's chief,
or one of your favored generals,
let them be loyal to you forever.
What's wrong with a son
I see Chahetai and Shuchi fight each other like bulls,
I really don't know when this child grows up,
in the eyes of his 4 powerful brothers,
what status would he have.
What status
Your son will have the same status as Boertie's 4 sons.
Will that necessarily benefit him
As long as I live,
my sons are all equally dignified.
Your Majesty,
Nayaa has military information to report.
Hedaan, take good care of Hulan and this child.
Your Majesty, think up a name for this child.
Let's call him Kuoliejian.
Your Majesty,
the Jin Dynasty has intercepted our envoys to the Song Dynasty.
The emperor of the Jin Dynasty got more guts.
They've made the South Capital their new imperial capital.
These two matters are enough.
I will teach their emperor a lesson with my saber.
Breaking faith with Genghis Khan costs blood.
In June, A.D.1214,
Mongolian troops attacked the Jin Dynasty for the second time.
Starting from Beikou, they attacked Jinzhou, Jizhou,
Shanzhou, Shunzhou and other areas.
In July, the crown prince of the Jin Dynasty fled out of the Central Capital.
In Oct. Muhuali attacked Liaodong.
In Jan. A.D.1215,
Mongolian troops took Tongzhou and approached the Central Capital.
In March, general Wanyan Chenghui who was in charge of defending the Central Capital
sent a letter written in his blood to the South Capital asking for reinforcements.
The new emperor ordered a civil official Liying
to send troops and food to reinforce the Central Capital.
In April, the reinforcements were destroyed in Bazhou by Mongolian troops.
Running out of food supply, with no hope of reinforcements,
The Central Capital was hanging by a thread.
I've heard Chief Minister Wanyan called a meeting to discuss city defense,
so I had a horse killed. Come on,
let's not starve to death even if we're about to die.
If we kill and eat all horses,
how can we go out of the city to defeat the enemy
What? Go out of the city to defeat the enemy
before the emperor sends reinforcements again,
If we can stop them from entering the Nanjing city
that would be lucky enough.
Can the emperor send reinforcements again
If he doesn't,
even if the Mongolian don't enter the city.
We'll all starve to death within half a month
since the emperor and the crown prince moved south,
I've been prepared to die for the country
let's die honorably now.
Are you really going to die for the country?
My first name means dying for the emperor,
it looks like I'm really going to die for the emperor.
It's worthwhile if he's a wise emperor.
You mean we should break out?
As long as you can break out,
you always have the chance to die for the emperor,
it's better than sitting idle here while waiting for death.
Chief Minister, Wanyan Shigu is right.
Let's run away.
Fine. As everyone has his own aspiration,
I must not force you to do things against your will.
You go away now.
Your Highness.
Ask soldiers to open the 4 city gates.
Tiemuzhen won't kill soldiers and people who don't resist.
Your Highness. This...
You go and run for your life too.
How about you?
I shall remain loyal to the emperor
because I am paid by him
Your Majesty,
despite the grave danger,
I've received your order to defend the Central Capital.
But I don't have the required talent to accomplish such a great task.
The Central Capital is about to fall at any minute,
I would rather die for the country than surrender.
I hope Your Majesty would take good care of yourself.
Your culpable court official Wanyan ChengHui.
Second May in Zhenyou 3 year
He's drunk poisonous wine.
What a pity!
He's a hero.
Bury him well according to Nuzens' custom.
It's really eye-opening!
The emperor of the Jin Dynasty really knows how to enjoy life.
Do you know how he got the idea to build all this?
Unfortunately this palace is not like our tent,
we can't pull it away.
Why are you so stupid
We can't pull away the palace indeed,
but we can pull away the good stuff inside it.
I've figured it all out.
Pull are the good stuff back to the grassland without leaving a single piece.
Move all the good stuff in the palace.
Your Majesty, the government warehouses are all guarded well,
all goods are being moved onto carts and carried away.
Have you found that Yelu Chucai yet?
I sent someone to his home,
they said they didn't know his whereabouts.
Take 500 men
to protect his home, nobody is allowed to disturb it.
How arrogant this Yeluchucai is!
He can't fight. What's the use of him?
You can only tell that after meeting him.
Right. It's not late to kill him if he turns out not useful.
No, if I can't use him, then I'll kill him.
Your Majesty,
in the government warehouses and in the palace.
I have pulled out everything
Fine. Goodjob. Nayaa.
Announce my order,
the soldiers have fought hard,
let them sack the Central Capital for 3 days.
Brother Zhaofang. Brother Zhaofang.
Why do you have to take your own life?
Didn't you want to
jump out of this world?
Fire. Fire is going to reach the temple.
Brother Zhaofang.
Mr. Chucai, by order of Genghis Khan
I've been waiting here for a long time.
Mr. Guo, I thought
since such a famous general like you assist Genghis Khan his troops
ought to bejust forces.
I never imagined you have helped him train his troops to become bandits and murderers.
Mr. Chucai,
be careful lest your mouth should bring trouble.
Doesn't he want to see me?
Take me to see Genghis Khan.
Mr. Chucai, if you see him this way,
you'd better not see him at all.
You're afraid he'll kill me,
I've already been converted to Buddhism,
I gave no thought to life or death long ago.
Go, lead me to see Genghis Khan.
Yelu Chucai, a commoner who has lost his country, greets Genghis Khan.
Kneel down.
Look, (Mongolian)
His Majesty says your beard is very long, very beautiful.
I can speak Chinese, the Qidan language, the Nuzen language,
I know Monglian too.
Your Majesty please don't comment on my beard now,
I want to ask Your Majesty
what your troops are doing in the city now?
Revenge the Han people,
for the Mongolian and also for you.
Revenge me?
Right. You're a Qidan, aren't you?
Your country the Liao Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty are old foes.
I've defeated the Jin Dynasty,
Of course I revenge you Qidans.
You're wrong.
Three generations of my family have already served the Jin Dynasty.
How dare Yelu Chucai hate my emperor and my father?
Mr. Chucai,
Those who oppress and harm Mongolian
are the emperor and officials of the Jin Dynasty only,
the people of the Central Capital are innocent.
Your Majesty let the soldiers sack the people of the Central Capital,
may I ask this is taking revenge or sowing the seeds of hatred?
How dare you!
I want you to stay at my side,
answer my questions and remind me of my omissions all the time,
will you?
Remind you of what omissions
If you want me to remind you of what places
or what things you have forgotten to plunder,
I won't, can't and dare not.
Do you want to die?
Tiemuzen, how do you plan to kill me?
So you really don't want to serve me.
A good bird chooses the right tree to perch on,
a good vassal chooses the right master to serve.
I don't know whether you're a good emperor or not,
but the things you do now make you seem like a despot.
Why should I choose you?
Kill him.
Don't be angry! Your Majesty
Order all Mongolian troops to withdraw
from the Central Capital.
Long Beard.
You're an honest and responsible man.
I admire your courage and your character.
Will you assist me
It's my honor
to serve such a great sovereign like you.
Please get up.
Your Majesty. Please.
In the life of this World Conqueror Genghis Khan,
there were two seemingly inharmonious
but unusual encounters.
As Japanese scholars point out,
who brought a gentle breeze to Genghis Khan's westbound expeditions
was Taoist priest Qiuchuji
and the other was this Yelu Chucai He had such an important influence not only on Genghis Khan,
but also on his children.
Who practiced Buddhism and advocated Confucianism.