sejong 0.2 Sejong's Coronation (epi 40; English sub)

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I am not wise yet.
Gathering your wisdom
Would you gather your wisdom together for me?
We, your subjects, will gather not only wisdom
but our hearts and lives will be yours, Your Majesty
Do not be afraid, Your Majesty
You will bring a new era to Joseon
Jang Yeong-sil (government slave, scientist and inventor)
What will happen if we shoot all cannons toward heaven?
Will there be a weapon to win the heaven?
Sejong (Joseon's fourth king)
26 years after founding of Joseon,
18 years into the father-king's reign,
Unworthy as I am, I proclaim to the heaven and all the people
that I suceed to the throne.
How can I be but fearful?
The throne is granted by the heaven
and also given by the people
Therefore, I shall regard the people as heaven and serve them
Long live the king!
Your Majesty!
No, sir!
It's urgent news!
What can be more urgent than the fact that a lowly official dare burst into His Majesty's presence?
Your Majesty, the former king has...
Is this about the order to subjugate Tsushima Island?
What do you mean by "subjugate"?
I hear that you still treat your subjects like old friends
It is problematic if there is no proper formality between sovereign and subject
Your Majesty is no longer a mere prince or crown prince
You must remember that you are now the sovereign of this country
The former king plans large-scale war against Tsushima Island as early as possible
Therefore, he ordered a plan for a speical tax for supplies and provisions
Did you say a special tax?
Yes, Your Majesty
Prepare to fire!
Park Seup (Defense Minister)
Next we will compare the speed of Japanese ships and ours
Kang Sang-in (Deputy Defense Minister)