[Eng/CN subs] f(x) - Amber play a prank on Krystal

Uploaded by deliciousgreeny on 31.03.2012

MC: Amber have you lied on a show recently?
A: I didn't lied on a show but...
MC: But you have privately
A: Rather than lying I often play pranks
MC: Often playing pranks like a naughty kid
A: One time Krystal asked me to accompany her to her solo activity
I agreed to go and manager oppa took me there
During that time Krystal texted me asking if I'm in the car
I said not yet, I'm not feeling well, sorry I can't come
MC: Ah but you're already in the car
A: But seeing Krystal's reply I know she's angry
MC: No expression as well
A: She said why didn't you tell me?
But when we arrive at the place I surprised her
K: I was angry then suddenly I heard "WAH"
then I said what is this? Then it ended like that
MC: Although it's a text message but you can still feel that she's angry
K: Honestly I was really angry at that time
MC: She told you she's coming
K: That's right, I asked if she's in the car but she told me she's not feeling well
If she's not feeling well she should have felt the signal a few hours before hand
But there wasn't even a signal
MC: If she's not feeling well she should have told you 2 hrs before
K: That's right if she's not feeling well she should told me before hand
So when she suddenly said not feeling well I got a little angry
A: I'm sorry
MC: I hope the two can be closer