ALSO's Amazing Book Race 2010

Uploaded by ALSOLiteracy on 06.03.2010

>> ALSO has been a literacy
flagship in the Ottawa community for the past twenty-eight years, and we need your help to be here
in years to come.
We started by providing free adult literacy services in downtown Ottawa
and we've now expanded to include family literacy,
and most recently
literacy for deaf adults.
ALSO's Annual Amazing Book Race is our most important fundraising event.
It's a fun-packed day of teams racing to downtown Ottawa checkpoints.
At the checkpoints, they're given a literacy-based task.
It might be something like reading a story out loud, or completing a word search.
After completing all their tasks, they race back to the finish line.
>> Plague a few times... Hmm, should we admit her into Canada? [laughter]
>>One of the big winners of the Amazing Book Race's fundraising is the Reading and Parents Program.
Its purpose is to provide one-on-one reading support with the help of literacy resources
such as books and craft activities, along with reading and language tips.
Through this program we're able to benefit
hundreds of low-income families in Ottawa and help them overcome the obstacle of illiteracy.
Strong reading and language skills equip us for a lifetime of learning, and future opportunities
in employment,
and these skills begin in early childhood.
There is no better way to build a stronger community
than to empower parents and their children
through family literacy.
Your support could make all the difference.
register a team,
volunteer, or donate.
Just be a part of the sixth annual Amazing Book Race,
held this June 5th, 2010.