S5Stuffs #1 - Everton / sangopéias / survivor

Uploaded by s5soficial on 05.11.2011

Look at the cam!
It's recording, dude
You're meaning that you're ugly? \o/ o_o WHOOO!!
Walkie-talkie voice...
We're here with Sangoso...
Everton, if you can hear us, come, please
We're waiting for ya T_T
Make ''Survivor''. G.G
Put it there Type it, type it *0*
Peep Peep (8)
Thiago doesn't want to sing along D:
Well, I'll choose some questions from readers(?)...
That don't exist =x
Not readers, but... from...who watches this XD
Don't know, nobody watches T_T
...sangopeias? O.O
sangopeia rules! XDD
If somebody wants to make a fan club /o/, do it as Sangopeia XD