Arne Duncan Kicks Off Let's Read. Let's Move.

Uploaded by usedgov on 01.07.2010

Welcome to the summer everybody. It is time to start reading, isn’t it?
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please join me to introduce the United States Secretary
of Education Arne Duncan and his wife, Karen Duncan.
Good job. Thank you ma'am.
How are you guys doing?
Do you want to hear a couple of stories?
Mrs. Duncan: And we have a couple of stories for you today. One of them is called My Lucky
Day. And I think it is a lucky day for me to be here reading to all of you. One day
a hungry fox was preparing to hunt for his dinner. As he polished his claws, he was startled
by a knock at the door. When the fox opened the door, there stood a delicious looking
piglet. Oh no, screamed the piglet. Oh yes cried the fox. You have come to the right
Secretary Duncan: The rabbit was the first one to hear it. What did he hear?
A football.
A football. What is it asked dog? Owl said it’s an egg. Is it an egg?
No, a football.
An egg asked frog? Yes, an egg said owl. It’s an elephant’s egg. Do elephants lay eggs?
Touchdown, six points for the Giants. Rabbit hopped up and down. Look out, someone is coming
shouted frog. Cat jumped the football and they all hid. Here it is said the boy. Here’s
our football. I wonder how it got back here? And that’s the end of the story. You like
that one? And who is going to read lots of books this summer?
You guys gonna go to the library and check out books?
Could anybody put their hand up and tell me what they think fitness means or what it means
to be fit? It means to be in shape. Right? So when I think of fitness I think it means
that you can do things that you want to do for a long time without getting tired. There
is a muscle inside your body that you can’t show me by flexing, alright, and it’s right
about here in your chest. Can anybody guess which muscle that might be?
Your heart.
Your heart . And your heart is a really important muscle to keep fit. Right? Good news for you
guys is one of the best ways for you guys to stay fit this summer is to play. All you
have to do is play. Because when you play you use your strong muscles. You get your
heart working nice and hard and you can stay fit and healthy all summer long. So we want
you to read lots of books this summer, and we really want you to stay fit and healthy
so we’re going to get some good nutrition, eat lots of good foods, get lots of good sleep.
Make sure you find time to play every day this summer. OK? Find a way to play every