NFC Championship Hitler Freakout

Uploaded by guco on 22.01.2012

if you find cologne bring it up front i hotboxed the bathroom.. That's all i'm gonna say bye.
Hey your boy Stanley's in the point at candlestick
He just hit me up on the cellie, he's at the Niners game. They're in OT
That idiot Kyle williams.. He fielded the punt at the 19 left of the hash marks and was stripped by Jacquian Williams.
Let me get this straight, I thought we called Harbaugh and told him to pull Williams out the game..
My fuhrer,
I uh..
He tried to call but we switched to metro PCS to save money.
No monthly contracts...
They give the ball to Kyle,
NFC greats, one puto...
It was that f*&%ing number #10!
I said to pull out number #10!
Sure if this is a Muay Thai fight then throw a knee!
But he's worse with a ball then that loose ginger in the hallway!
one touch, she drops it..
The 49er's are the best in the world!
Neutral zone infractions.. fumbles! We beat ourselves!
They can suck the inner lining of my liederhosen!
Needless to say Kyle is a fart licker!
But my fuhrer they both played a good game offensively and defensively surely you can't pin this on one-
I said Fartlicker!
My fuhrer, you should've smelled his underwear..
I'm sure it was nice but, it stinks of failure!
He's so dead!
These mexicans are mad Marky,
The puerto ricans are jumping up and down New York smells like hot garbage..
ohhh halal food look at me num num num, what the hell, i'm heated!
I had him fairly warned, sure my wiener is short, but i'll break your legs!
You take a knee call fair catch- Run the football, run out the clock,
YOU Stall em!
Don't just stand here on account of me,
Someone pass the bong, i like the Golden State
At the side show my robot is doing donuts!
That ain't right-Can I i have Ativan this is unbelievable,
Not in Overtime!
I smell like alcohol, but even i wouldn't choke and forfeit!
Kyle williams is a bum!
I would've just puked and stiff armed then say Wachaaa!
After all this sulking I have to go home to old bloat!
It's okay Anna, I brought El Farolito...
The defense gave it their all,
This is true...
And Old Manning, was a tough adversary, es obvio..
Mr Strauss,
The drink is Patron.
I have received a handjob with molasses
Everything collapses, that is what i learned in Kung fu..
Don't say nothing more...