How to Make a Criss Cross Card : Assemble Criss Cross Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Alright now that we have all of our pieces assembled and embellishment, or embellished,
pardon me. We are ready to go ahead and assemble our card. In order to do that you're going
to go ahead and flip that over. Going to fold the one side down. Going to fold the other
side down so you've got your score lines. So there's that. Open it back up and then
go ahead and glue along one of the corners. I think? Yep, pardon me. So go ahead and glue
that down and then you're going to do that with the other side as well. So you're going
to line that up. So there's the actual card holder. Then you take your insert. Go ahead
and set that right on the inside. And then we're going to take our band and we're going
to attach that as well. So I'm going to go ahead and glue the sides so I have a good
bond. I'm going to glue right over my embellishments too so they kind of have some glue on them.
I'm going to center that. Alright going to go ahead, close that over. Glue that down as well. And we've got a little edge. Alright and glue
your last bit of it. Alright and here is our criss cross card. We've got our insert and
our band so thank you and that's your criss cross card.