Philippine Atheists and Agnostics in Luneta Park

Uploaded by Philippineatheist1 on 14.12.2011

Hi! were from the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society
"My name is Gabriel Cruz"
and we're here in Luneta
to ask people about their impression
of people who don't believe in God.
what's your religion?
What is your point of view of people who don't have belief in God?
uhmm, it's like they...
they lack perspectives
so, it's like they lack directions?
because they are bad, right? they don't know good manners.
How do you personally view people who do not believe in God?
hmmm, maybe
to those people who do not believe in our Lord
I think
They are those who feel neglected by our God
That's why they were disappointed sometimes
or they have problems they couldn't bear anymore, that's why...
What's your religion?
What do you think of...
What do you think of people who do not belief in God?
They are not humans
What do you mean ... ?
hmm, it's like uhmmm....
They're the ones who believe what they only see right?
It's like...
They are those people who experienced something tragical
That's why they say there is no God.
What is your religion?
What do you think of people who do not believe in God?
Are they bad or good, do they do this or that?
It's not that they are already bad, but it's just that
They cannot see or recognized God clearly
So they don't trust him
They don't trust him, cause they don't see him, right?
What's your religion?
Born-Again Christian
How do you see people who does not believe in God?
hmm... atheists?
if they don't believe in God, I don't clearly understand what their reason is, because
The power of God is so present everywhere, and
though we don't see God personally, but we can feel his power
And this power of God affected my life.
What's your religion?
I'm a Born Again Christian
What do think of people who don't believe in God?
I see these people, who do not believe in God ...
they are afflicted by the forces of evil
what rules over them are the evil spirits, such as the devil
that is something that should be removed from them
We know that this man is a child of God
but he was poisoned, as well, by the power of the Devil