CGRundertow BOXPLOTS for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 26.09.2012

Well, I
think I found my new favorite puzzle game. I’m going to be playing this thing for freaking
days. It’s BoxPlots! BoxPlots...BoxPlots, BoxPlots. What a goofy term.
It’s from the people at Ingot! Oh, will the pronunciation puerility ever end?
You know another hard word to say? Sokoban. I don’t even know if that’s right. That’s
the name for puzzlers that have you pushing boxes onto predetermined spaces. That’s
what BoxPlots is. This is a Sokoban know what? I’m done with this. It’s a
puzzle game about pushing crap, and frankly, it’s delightful.
Delightful. D-E-L-IGHTFUL.
Obviously, there have been a ton of these puzzles games over the years, including on
iOS devices. So actually...what makes this one stand out is the style. BoxPlots has this
really appealing minimalist look. Every level is really simple and clean, usually with an
expected theme like snow world or haunted house. But it always looks good, and it’s
paired with a beautiful soundtrack that really completes the vibe.
So for the unfamiliar, if basically works like this. You have a certain amount of boxes
scattered across each level, and you have to push them onto the Xs. Once every box has
been placed on an X, you’ve solved the puzzle and move onto the next.
There are really three things that drove me to keep playing this thing. One, the music
and style were just perfect. Almost hypnotic stuff. Two, the puzzles themselves are the
star of the show. They’re really smart and challenging. And three, each level has three
trophies you can for time, one for moves and one for both.
Earning all three is not only really tough, but crazy addictive.
The one problem I encountered is that...I really would’ve liked an undo button. Since
there’s so much swiping to move your character, there were a few times I just made a silly
mistake or swiped the wrong way. And if you do that, there’s no way to undo the mistake,
so that can be frustrating. But otherwise, pure joy to play.
It’s not a terribly long game, and there isn’t much here in terms of content...but
for a pure and challenging puzzler with an awesome style, this is an outstanding option
on the App Store. It’s BoxPlots, BoxPlots, BoxPlots for the iPhone.