DIY Makeup Organizer | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 20.10.2012

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Hey, who doesn't need more countertop space? We can all use it. My friend Mitchell is a
master at finding things around the house, ordinary things, and putting them to work
in a very clever way. When I bought this house, this towel bar was in a really weird place.
I'm not ready to retile the whole bathroom yet, so what am I gonna do about this odd
towel bar sitting here? I also need a place to store my makeup that's not in this filthy
bin. I would like to be able to see my makeup. So, I think I've figured out a solution to
this, and something that I can make for free. Easiest craft in the whole world. Easiest
solution to anything. So I'm just gonna take my little wire snips and pop this. Now, you
don't have to use these pencil cups in particular, you can pretty much use anything you want.
They've got those little baskets that have handles on them. You can use those. Just whatever
is about this size that you've got laying around. I just happened to have four of these.
And then I'm gonna stuck that in there and made those holes. And that's it. Then I'm
gonna use these shower curtain hooks that cost less than a dollar -- if they're a dollar,
they're not much more even with tax. But they're just hooks. And we're gonna use these and
stick them through, and then go set this up. And I'm just attaching it on there. And now
we've got four -- I'm going against my usual rule of three here but that so I can fit everything
on here. And I picked black because all the frames in my bathroom are black. So now, to
get rid of all of this: I now have an easily accessible place for brushes. So I got my
brushes now within reach. And put my powders in there. Eye shadows. Base. All of the stuff
that I use on a daily basis will fit in here. So now I've justified the towel rack being
here. It's a great solution that I made with stuff I already had that you probably do too.