Na`Vi on road to 'hotel' - part 2 @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 5, 2012

*Zeus singing*
- How are you?
- I’m OK, but I don’t know how to sleep
after such a rush.
Moreover there’s no food there.
I’m hungry.
That’s why I’m going to eat...
I need some food.
- We are finally here. It’s where gamers are to live.
- No, it’s where normal gamers are to live.
And here’s barn for Ukrainians.
God forbid!
- In the morning we can wake in the other place.
Hm, how cool you are.
- Is it closed?
- It’s a dangerous situation.
Keep calm bro!
- It’s where Hanover is and it’s where we are.
- It’s a hostel for bikers.
- Film these serious people.
- Ukrainians vs Poles.
- Home sweet home!
- Did you see how they looked at me?
Oh, those cruel Poles.
- I think we’ll hang out together after the tournament
and everything will be OK.
- Zero, we traveled half a kilometer!
- How long?
- Half a kilometer with suitcases!
- You are my pretty guys.
- Don’t film this hostel.
It scares me.
- We’ll make the hostel review the in the next episode.
- I see a mouth.
- Woman's mouth.