Prime Minister and Graeme Innes

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>>INNES: Think about the joy, given and received, of reading to children. Probably all of us
have done it and loved it.
For people who are blind or have low vision like me though, it was often a little complaint:
'Oh Dad, your braille reading hands are covering the pictures!'
Stories and reading are important, in print or in braille.
That's why this presentation of 'Are We There Yet?', Alison Lester's book, is part of the
celebration today.
Because that evocative story, sharing experiences and memories from around our large and diverse
nation is in print and braille
and all the pictures can be felt as well as looked at.
Reading is a critical function for all of us, with or without disability.
And to be a truly inclusive society we must include the reading needs of everyone.
That's why I'm proud to be presenting you, Prime Minister, with this book in braille
>>VOICEOVER: Vision Australia, blindness and low vision services.