How to Make a First Aid Kit : Electrolyte to Include in Your First Aid Kit

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.12.2007

For certain trips for example if you're going into the dessert for a hiking up in the mountains,
in the dessert, if your going for long long camping trips in areas where it's very humid
or hot and you are doing a lot of sweating or even if you're just doing some exercise
that causes you a lot of sweating and loosing a lot of fluid then you want to replenish
your electrolytes, that's your sodium, your potassium, your glucose in your body to prevent
any dehydration. So, if you can get hold of these packages or anything that this is, for
example, is called oral rehydration salts that would be very good to include into your
kit. I will show you how to use this but you can also get this in tablet form, too. So,
basically tablet form is a compressed form of the loose powder and this is the loose
powder form. And, in this package it contains sodium chloride, which is the chemical name
for salt, potassium chloride, and glucose. So,here it says, directions: How to Use. Very
simple, it says dissolve in 1 liter drinking water. But, for example, sometimes kids don't
like to drink things that taste icky, so you can also put it in orange juice, any kind
of juice, fruit juice, and let it dissolve in there and you really wouldn't tast it at
all. So, it's, the kids are more inclined to drink it. But, anyway here, it's very simple,
I'll show you. You just get a liter of water, but here we just got a sample, a cup of water,
and of course this is when a pair of scissors comes in handy because it you don't have a
pair of scissors I guess you'll have to resort to using your teeth. But, which I am going
to do but I don't have strong teeth. So, if we, if we, if we can find a pair of scissors,
which we should have, oh, here it is, so here see, pair of scissors, I told you is very
important item. If you don't have strong teeth like me so, very easy, open it up, and here
we go. We will then just pour into the water and give it a stir and this is when if you
have a depressor if you don't have any sort of like catheter, you can always improvise,
that's why it's always good if you can get one of these tongue depressors in your kit
because you can always use it as a stirer. See, so these things in the kit, these items,
you can improvise and use them, it's like survival techniques so here we go, this is
my stirer and let it dissolve and I'm going to taste it. See what it tastes like. I haven't
tried this brand, let's see. See what it tastes like, it's better to have ice. Yes, it's better to put into orange juice
or something that's sweet because it's like drinking a pot of salt. But, it's good for
you though when you're dehydrated. You don't want to end up in the ER, right, so, alright,
there we go. Rehydration.