Learn About Crafter's Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts

Uploaded by MarthaStewartCrafts on 08.05.2012

Hello, I'm Yukiko Miyai and this is Crafter's Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts.
Crafter's Clay is a lightweight paper based compound. It air dries to a perfect
finish without baking in 24 hours. You can add glitter,
paint or sealant to a dry clay or leave it natural.
You can use Crafter's Clay with Martha Stewart Crafts silicone molds
to easily create custom dimensional flowers,
borders, and other embellishments for use in paper crafting.
You can also use it free form, to hand-sculpt beautiful lifelike flowers
and other objects.
Crafter's Clay is available in white,
plus the three primary colors and brown.
Get started with one of the two Crafter's Clay starter kits, or purchase the clay
and the molds separately.
When you work with Crafter's Clay, be sure to protect your work surface
for example, with this Martha Stewart Crafts mat.
Begin by placing the clay on a damp paper towel,
and covering it with another damp paper towel.
This will prevent the clay from drying out while you work.
When you're finished,
store it in an airtight plastic bag with a damp paper towel.
Stored this way,
the clay will keep for many weeks.
You can custom blend any color you like.
Refer to the Martha Stewart Crafts mixing chart as a guide for blending
many beautiful colors.
Mix your colors by pulling the clay, like taffy.
When mixing multiple colors into white,
mix the colors together first,
then mix the blended color into the white
just until the color is even throughout.
You can shape and mold the clay several times,
but take care
it will eventually dry out if you over-work it.
After you've worked with one color,
wash your hands before handling a different color, to keep the clay colors pure.
Your clay crafts will air-dry within 24 hours
to a finish that is very lightweight, yet very sturdy.
Look for additional videos to learn how to make molded projects
and hand-sculpted projects.
Crafter's Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts is available at craft stores and online.
This lightweight compound brings endless possibilities to your paper crafts and
all your crafting.