GNTC: Machine Tool Technology

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(Announcer) The Machine Tool Technology program at Georgia
Northwestern Technical College prepares students for employment in the machining industry by
providing hands-on experience with industry standard, cutting edge equipment. The program
is taught at the Floyd and Walker County Campuses of Georgia Northwestern
Technical College. Both campuses have fully-equipped shops that are just as advanced as what corporations
use in the real world.
(Philip Shirley) The machine tool technology program is a basic
machinist course and it covers from the most basic elements of handwork layout and measuring
metal properties metrology all the way up through the most advanced of the Computer
Numerical Control and the software programming. Students will start off on the most fundamental
skills and build their way up through, over a sequence of courses, into the CNC work,
advanced software types of programming. Then be job ready and go out into the industry
(Announcer) Philip Shirley is the Program Director for
Machine Tool Technology at Georgia Northwestern Technical College, and the Instructor for
the Walker County Campus program. According to Philip, all manufacturing requires machining
at its core and almost any useable product requires machining. This means that employment
opportunities in machining will always be in great demand.
(Philip Shirley) Whether building custom motorcycles or working
for a tooling shop that supports Volkswagen or any other application their all in the
local service area from Nissin Brake who builds brake parts for club cars and also for the
automotive industry, there are just so many opportunities.
(Jim Owen) The students that we have brought in from
this program have had the tools and background necessary to get started immediately.
(Announcer) Jim Owen is the Senior Vice President of Nissin
Brake Georgia, Inc. located less than a mile from the Walker County Campus of Georgia Northwestern
Technical College.
(Jim Owen) One of the major reasons we located in Rock
Spring, GA is the relationship that we knew that we could have with Georgia Northwestern
and we have accomplished that, a great partnership as far as their students being able to come
and be successful here and being able to work here.
(Announcer) At the Floyd County Campus of Georgia Northwestern
Technical College, Bart Jenkins serves as instructor for the Machine Tool Technology
(Bart Jenkins) The types of students that normally enjoy
this type of work are students who don’t like to sit down at a desk. Someone who likes
to work with their hands. Someone who enjoys doing math when a student comes in I ask do
you like to work with your hands and do you like math.
(Announcer) Bart says that the various companies that
need machinists are much more diverse than most people realize.
(Bart Jenkins) There’s several different areas where my
students got to work. I have students up in the Chattanooga area who are working on Tomahawk
missile parts. I have students in Acworth who are working on parts for some of the fighter
jets. I have students working for carpet mills doing simple repair and maintenance. There
are just many, many different types of jobs out there for the students in this field.
(Announcer) The relationship the Machine Tool Technology
program has with local industry partners is beneficial, not only in the course curriculum,
but also in the placement of students into careers.
(Jeremy Morrow) They have had a long-standing relationship
with Roper. Most of the machinists there came here for their training, just the fact that
I was in the program here was enough to get my foot in the door and show them what I could
(Dale Jackson) Phil had a relationship with one of my bosses
Larry . . He talked to him, told them a little bit about me. When I went up there he knew
who I was when I went there. I walked in the door and he said ‘so you’re Dale,’ come
on in we'll interview you. I guess that pretty much why I got the job.
(Announcer) This relationship with local industry is extremely
important. The program has an advisory committee that is comprised of local industry professionals
that give input on the program needs and what the students need in order to be prepared
for a career in machining upon graduation. In addition, instructors give references to
employers and conduct field trips to give students exposure to what the working environment
will be like.
(Jeremy Morrow) It’s been really beneficial on-hands training,
I’ve used ever bit of knowledge that I have learned here at Roper, so its very job specific
to machinists so it’s been real helpful.
(Andrea Marcie Ward) When I walked upon these machines later on
down the line I knew exactly how they worked, why they did what they did, and how they did
what they did.
(Announcer) Graduates of the program may expect to find
a career as a:
Tool and Die Maker
CNC Operator
CNC Programmer
Set-up Technician
Drill Press Operator
Material Tester
Lathe Operator
And Machinist Apprentice
(Philip) Students have a great opportunity they can
work in aerospace, automotive, any one of a different number of different disciplines.
It’s so diverse, the trade is diverse.
(Bart Jenkins) Several students are working for the aerospace
industries that are manufacturing parts for the Blackhawk helicopter, the F-22 fighter
a lot of military work is being done in this area.
(Announcer) Anytime a company introduces a new product
- it will require new parts. As a result there is always going to be a need for new parts
to be created and the high demand for new machinists will continue to grow and never
go away.
(Jim Owen) There’s a great need for students and for
employees that have this type of background and knowledge. We still find it very difficult
to find these people that have the background and have the machine tool experience, so having
people that already have it – have the education, have the background, have the experience to
come in and hit the ground running is very important for our business.
(Announcer) to find out more about GNTC's Machine Tool
Technology program, Visit our website or give us a call for more information.