HetaQuest 17 [ENG / FIN / FRA subs]

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I'm writing a journal about what happened today. We servants take turns to do this every day.
Oh, Feli and Lovino. Haven't you gone home yet?
Do you want to hear a story, too? It's been a while, after all.
Antonio is going to tell them about when he was a kid. He used to do that when we were little, too.
It's really interesting, Italy! Say you want to hear it, too!
(Oh, I see.) Yeah, tell us!
You can sit down.
Oh, well, if you insist.
Today's story is... "Anton's Adventures Chapter 4: The Rose Fairy"!
A story about a fairy?! I love fairies!
Me too! C'mon, tell us!
Okay, here we go!
Anton, the merchant's son, got on board of his father's ship, who was going on another business trip. Secretly, of course!
The trip was really long... Anton was pretty excited, wondering if maybe they were going to the snow land again.
When Anton felt the ship arrive at the port, he saw his chance and got out on the deck!
Anton had finally arrived at...
... the most beautiful city in the world built over the sea!
Was it Cenarf?
That's right. It's far more beautiful than either Ramneyg or Arusis, even though they're also capital cities.
Emilio and Anita were there the other day. How nice... I wanted to go, too.
Anton got off the ship and went into the city, and there he heard some rumours.
It was said that there was a secret flower garden in the castle, unknown by anyone, and that there was "the Rose Fairy".
Anton then decided to get into the castle in order to make sure that the rumours were true!
But! A tough enemy stood in Anton's way!
Huh? Who was it?
He claimed to be "the Fairy's Knight", and he was really strong, despite being about the same age as me.
If he couldn't get past the knight, he wouldn't be able to meet the fairy.
But you see, if there was a knight to protect the fairy, then that meant there was really a fairy! Anton believed so.
With a fighting spirit, Anton defeated the Fairy's Knight and finally made it to the secret flower garden.
The flowers blooming in the garden were all blue roses. It was amazing how many of them there were.
Was the fairy there?
Of course.
There was a child with flowing blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, with a blue rose adorning her hair. Surely that was the Rose Fairy.
She was so cute. Definitely no one could ever dislike her.
If she was in the castle, does that mean maybe that fairy was a princess?
Oh... not quite a princess. By the way, Emilio and Anita have already met the fairy.
That fairy is now working splendidly as the king of that nation.
The Rose Fairy was that bearded king?! You're so stupid, Boss!
Don't say that! Boss didn't know, either!
You couldn't tell it was a boy when you saw him?!
If you had seen him, you'd definitely have been fooled, too! *sigh* How frustrating, I have no way to prove it...
I see... So the fairy was King Francis. I thought it'd be a really pretty girl. Too bad.
"The fairy was actually a boy!" was supposed to be the punch line, but I ended up revealing it too soon...
Today's story ends here!
Huh?! Already?
The next story will be about Anton and the Little Wizard!
Now good night! It's already time for the lackeys to sleep.
Good night.
Feli, Lovino, thanks for listening. I hope you'll come to hear more stories again!
Yeah, it was pretty interesting!
(How many times have I heard this story now...?)
I'll be waiting for you at the harbour tomorrow. Well, now, good night!
Good night!
*sigh* I had a full day today; I'm so tired. You two should go to sleep, too.
This is the parlour. There have been no business discussions today.
Today was a really hard day, huh?
Yeah, but we got to save Antonio and Anita, so it was nice.
So, tomorrow we're finally going to another continent... I wonder how far I'll go...
Just don't oversleep, or you might get left behind!
That'd be bad... Wouldn't Lud come wake me up?
You have to sleep early.
Um... Feliciano, there's been something on my mind ever since we left Ramneyg. Can I talk to you about it?
... Okay.
"The black eagle's single wing shall fall in the north-eastern lands..." I think I know what that means.
So, I thought I should make sure I'm right.
Okay. Go ahead.
Thinking back to the Red Jewel's prophecy, the colour is the jewel's colour and after that comes the symbol, right?
Lud told me in the audience hall that the eagle is the symbol of the Empire of Ära.
The black eagle represents the User of the Black Jewel. And looking at the map, I think the north-eastern lands are Âge.
I wonder why I didn't realise it before, even though there were several towns in Leben that had black flags with a golden eagle...
It must be because I just didn't want to realise it.
That Lud might die soon...
... That's exactly it.
I still don't know who is the blue lily, but I'm sure something very bad is going to happen. I don't like it one bit...
It's okay! I mean, my death was a premise for that prophecy, right?
But now you're here, so there should definitely be a way to avoid that fate!
Really? Will it really be okay?
Of course! Even if you're no help, there's still Kiku!
What?! That kind of hurts, you know!
Let's go to sleep now! There's nothing we can do about it now, anyway.
I guess you're right. Good night, Feliciano.
Good night, Italy.
Ah, it's so good to be home...
My brother hasn't changed at all, and I'm glad Antonio and the kids seem to be doing fine, too.
I had been painting this... I wish I could have finished it before I left for work...
I have to clean the room before I leave for Cenarf! Will Lovino water the tomatoes properly when I'm not here?
And also...
What am I saying...?
Yay, I got up in time! Let's go, Feliciano!
Feliciano, this is...
Oh, that... I got the sudden urge to paint, but I didn't have a canvas around.
So you went and painted on the wall. I know how you feel, but you really shouldn't do that.
You could get scolded for it...
It's okay! I won't get scolded!
But I will!
An unfinished canvas is laid out.
Hey, Feliciano. You're up pretty early.
Well, um...
Take care and come back soon.
Okay. Thanks, Lovino!
Italy searched the kitchen garden!
Obtained Vegetables!
I'll be in Spina for a while, so you can come home any time.
Lud, Kiku, good morning! So you came to pick me up!
Good morning, Feliciano.
Morning. If you had been three minutes later, I'd have gone get you out of bed.
Veh...?! (Good thing I got up early!)
Carriedo is waiting for us at the harbour. Let's go.
Good luck with your next job!
Oh, I was waiting for you three!
The ship is ready. Is there anything else you need to do? - I'm fine! - Wait a minute!
Let me know when you're ready, then.
It isn't such a long trip, but be careful.
A pass ticket, huh? I see... So you've become one of our kind, too...
There, go ahead.
Hello. I buy the treasures that the treasure hunters get.
Of course, we'll also buy the treasures that /you/ bring.
Even things that would get you arrested if you were to deal with them at the market. Hee-hee-hee...
[Memory Stone Ore]
I hope to do business with you again in the future. Hee-hee-hee...
I sell the stuff we buy from the treasure hunters. You wanna buy something?
[Blizzard Scroll]
[Thunder Scroll]
Have a good day.
If you're done, let's go.
Oh, I was waiting for you three!
The ship is ready. Is there anything else you need to do? - I'm fine! - Wait a minute!
All right! Then get on the ship! You're leaving now!
Take care!
We're finally here! Now that we're in a different continent, everything feels different!
This is the first time I leave Leben, as well, so I feel the same.
Have you ever been to Avenir, Feliciano?
(Feliciano! Have you ever been here?)
I've only been to Cenarf, though I couldn't get into the castle.
Yes, I've been to Cenarf for work.
In that case, you will show us around Cenarf.
Uh, no, I can't!! I mean... I've already forgotten what the city is like! It's pretty big, after all... (I think.)
Are you the Imperial Aide's party from the Empire of Ära?
Yes, that's right! Why don't we have some tea?!
Aaaargh! Please, stop whipping me!
Shut up, you.
Sorry about that. We are indeed the envoys from Ära, though.
I was waiting for you. I am the one in charge of this town.
I have been informed of the situation in a letter from His Majesty.
... This is my Insignia of Envoy. I would like you to verify it.
... I have verified it.
Have you heard about the escort?
Yes, it was in Zeldwintsar, right?
Exactly. You will have to ask Lord Zwingli, the feudal lord, for the details about the escort.
To reach Zeldwintsar, just go straight ahead along the road north of here.
Be careful on your way there.
Thank you for receiving us.
You can't say this out loud, but for that entrance gate, Âge is such a small city.
Are you going to Spina? - Yes - No
I see.
Many people from this city have been taking refuge in Zeldwintsar in order to protect themselves from the chimeras.
However, the harbour staff and I will remain here even after they all escape.
Now that coming and going between Cenarf and Spina is difficult, my nation can only send and receive ships in this town.
My father is working at the castle, so my mother is acting as the mayor of this town.
Italy searched inside the closet!
Obtained Iron Armour!
[Iron Armour] Armour made of solid iron.
This is Netischenitel! But people from other places all call it "Netis".
Maybe they think the name is too hard?
This is a curio shop. Would you like to purchase anything, sir?
[Super Potion]
Thank you! Have a good day.
Phew, nothing unusual today... I guess. It'd be better without the monsters, though.
Even if some are moving, many people have to stay. Our troops are being sent from Zeldwintsar to protect these people.
The king of this nation has a very glamorous personality. He's always surrounded by people.
Zeldwintsar's feudal lord's little sister often comes to this city. I haven't seen her lately, though. I wonder what happened?
(This flag has a lily flower!)
(As I thought, the lily is the symbol of the Kingdom of Âge...)
The blue lily is waiting for us in this nation.
(Then the blue lily really is...)
Whoa! What's the matter, Kiku?
From now on, you must not let your guard down. Although we are here for the sake of peace, this is still enemy territory.
Yeah! I know!
(What a fright! I thought he'd heard us!)
(Like Kiku said, I have to be on guard!)
Is the research going well?
Of course. If you can wait a little bit longer, it will definitely show results.
I see. That's good, then. I really miss my sister...
That reminds me, I haven't seen Natalya lately. Do you know anything?
... No, I do not. She has always been a wild person, though, so I don't think there is any need to worry.
I see... You know, I don't really understand her these days.
Lady Natalya has also been grieving your sister's death. Nothing to worry about.
Yeah... When my big sister comes back, everything will be the way it was before.
And I will do everything in my power to achieve that.
Lady Natalya, I am so glad to see that you are fine after the attack on Saia.
Thanks to the Red Jewel that you obtained, we have made progress with the research.
I regret letting the patriarch get away.
Well, you still obtained the Red Jewel, which was our goal, so what does it matter?
I have another favour to ask, though.
I heard that there will be a peace conference between the Kingdom of Âge and the Empire of Ära in Cenarf.
I've always wondered, just where do you get that kind of information?
I have connections.
Oh, I see. So, what do you want me to do this time?
I want you to get the Black Jewel from the representative of Ära, Imperial Aide Ludwig.
According to what I heard, the Kingdom of Âge will employ the Head Wizard to escort the imperial aide. This is very troublesome.
Huh? I thought the Head Wizard would be useless if his son and his brother-in-law were gone?
I certainly took care of his brother-in-law.
I also successfully got his son away from Elgnand, so I rather doubt that is the issue.
However, he will still act as a escort, so you cannot let your guard down.
I don't want to face the Head Wizard.
So, I have an idea. Would you like to hear it?