Accessory Geeks Sweepstakes Winner and Black Friday Information

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 10.11.2009

Hey Geeks it's Miller over
Today we will do thing a little different by going it’s a live feed.
Today there is gonna be no edits, no cuts, no anything.
This episode is brought to you by You can have free shipping, and the best low cost of accessories you can get.
Well just to be sure there will be no cut day, there is gonna be no editing whatsoever.
So as long as you got that in cover let’s move on.
Do you guys wanna take a trip down on a memory lane.
I believe there is a video today that’s right up your alley. I think you guys have been waiting for it.
Hi what’s up geeks. This is Tony with
This video is really cool. These are monthly giveaway.
And it’s very easy to do.
This month we’re gonna giving away a brand new jawbone.
It is a Bluetooth headset. Over a hundred dollars, you guys really easy job on this, really easy to do.
Let me give a quick description on this Jawbone right here. it is, you know, it has a sense of high technology.
Alright geeks so who remembers that video. I just wanna let you know that competition was in the late September.
We finally calculate who won and that winner is MsStarbelly over at the you tube industry.
This Jawbone Bluetooth, this is your product, you gotta come and get it.
In fact lets see here, we leave here on file.
That’s right MsStarbelly.
This is you come and claim your prize. We gonna be waiting hopefully, not forever, this is yours, all free from us.
Just contact us through, you can call us directly or you can email us.
All Msstarbelly’s friends please let her know she won. This is an exciting day for her.
Alright now down a business.
We just gonna keep waiting till she start to call up.
May I take all day, don’t know may I take all week.
Well anyway.. The 27th that’s gonna be the black Friday, It’s November 27th. It’s a... for all the discounts are gonna be competitive even more.
You’re gonna allowed to visit our websites on black Friday November 27th.
So right after thanksgiving holiday. I think you’re gonna find a really big discount there.
Alright MsStarbelly we are just waiting here.
Here at
MsStarbelly I think you should talk.
Ow hey mom..
No I can't talk right now, I'm waiting for MsStarbelly.
No that’s not what you think. It’s actually contestant winner, that’s right she has got the Jawbone Bluetooth.
Alright mom I'll talk to you later.
That was close MsStarbelly. We are just waiting on your call right now.
Already I think we just cut this video, we are gonna be waiting for a little bit longer.
Alright MsStarbelly happy good day, geeks.. we’ll see you next time.
This is Miller at We’ll keep you updated.
Congratulation MsStarbelly live in... MsStarbelly you win...