How to Make Homemade Gnocchi : Cook Sauce for Gnocchi

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hello, my name is Angela Faiola and today on behalf of Expert Village, we are going
to learn how to make gnocchi. So when both sides are done, Osso bucco is nice and brown
and you smell it and you hear it and it is very alive. We want to throw in our sauce,
there is one can and the next can. I'm going to be generous with the sauce cause when the
sauce is good everybody wants it. A lot of it. What I do is add a little bit of water,
just a little bit like the 3rd of this can. We want to add a little bit of salt and a
little bit of pepper. Now I would not put the basil in right, I would put it in later
on. Cause is going to take you at least 20 minutes with the pressure cooker. Okay a lot
of people is scare of a pressure cooker I highly recommend it. Don't be scared. You
just put it in the cover and that is it. Then when you want to open it up, you only lift
the air. This thing up and let the air out and you can reopen it like this. Really easy,
nothing to be afraid of. Now you are going to let it on high, let it stay on high for
about 5 minutes or so and then we would reduce the heat. Then every once in a while just
check it and give it a turn. Okay and that is it.