La Yekthar Show: Episode 9 برنامج لا يكثر: الحلقة التاسعة

Uploaded by layektharshow on 24.09.2011

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
What a wonderful morning.
Here we go.
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Step right up!
For five...
Yeah, buddy...
Step right up!
For twenty five...
All you wanna buy...
Step right up!
The "charisma" wink...
The "charisma" wink... step right up!
For twenty five...
Step right up.
The wink... Fahad Albutairi's "charisma" wink.
The wink, for five riyals.
Step right up.
Wear Fahad Albutairi's glasses from YouTube...
And look like this...
You'll look like a nerd and a geek, but the girls will love you... step right up!
Come closer, don't be shy.
There's also the t-shirt.
Fahad Albutairi.
Step right up.
Fahad Albutairi.
Don't forget the hat, boy.
Fahad Albutairi's hat.
Wear it and look cool, boy.
Step right up!
Come get the hat.
For twenty five.
We got Fahad Albutairi's credibility.
Come and get your credibility.
Come get Fahad Albutairi's crediblity.
Fahad Albutairi's dignity... we got all of it.
We got all of YouTube's dignity.
Step right up, come closer.
Fahad Albutairi's principles.
The principles of YouTube.
The principles of geeks and nerds.
Step right up!
Come get your principles.
Step right...
Got milk?
Omar Hussein with his apologies.
Apologies for a riyal.
He's got solutions.
Solutions are free.
Constructive criticism.
Constructive criticism... Omar Hussein.
Where's Hadi?
Come get a wink, boy.
Fahad Albutairi
What exactly do you want us to do?
All YouTube shows need financial support.
Which means we either have to get on TV...
An official source declared that... blah blah blah.
Or... we get into advertisements.
Which anti-dandruff shampoo is number one in the world?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Are you serious? Me in a shampoo commercial?
No way.
Imagine me in a bodybuilding commercial.
Better yet, showing off.
All of that in this new and wonderful power drink.
Yes... wonderful.
What I want to say is if we advertise with anyone and they do something wrong...
We won't hesitate to talk about them.
Even if it was the biggest moustache (toughest guy) in... the studio.
Just like what happened with all Saudi telecom companies.
"4G Network," "4G Network," "4G Network," "4G Network."
We were the first to introduce 4G technology in Saudi Arabia.
[UAE Accent] What are you talking about, dude? We were the first to introduce 4G.
[Singing] La la la la, we were first...
I'm afraid it'll turn out like 3G back in the day, you travel and turn it on...
And come back to a 4000 riyal telephone bill.
You know what? We'll be the first YouTube show to try out the new 4G network on the show.
This is 4G...
We're the first YouTube show, La Yekthar, to try out the new 4G network. Yes!
Ali is this ok?
I'm seeing...
[Ali: Yes, it's fine. The camera adds a little bit of weight.]
Fine? Mmmm... Fine? What's fine?
4G? This is 4G?
This is more like 50G, Ali.
The reason for this is restaurants.
Strange things happen in restaurants.
It's not just bad things like this that happen because of them. There are worse things...
Especially in the "family section."
Lame guys flirting.
Loooots of flirting, especially around the open buffet.
A guy puts Hummus on his plate, a pretty girl passes by, oh how beautiful is this... Hummus.
There's another lame line that a lot of people use at social gatherings.
Which is... "Excuse me, Um Ali is calling me." [Um Ali: Mother of Ali; a famous dessert.]
And they laugh!
The best thing is when you have a big meal, then go back home and go through YouTube clips.
Lay the laptop on your belly, and watch. Lay the laptop and watch... spoil yourself.
Did you see the clip about the guy with the cucumber?
We trust you! A large big-scale supermarket!
[Person 1: A real man standing up for himself.]
[Person 2: They're just good at raising prices for no good reason.]
It's a disease! I swear some of it isn't so severe, and people still eat it!
It's not shameful that I am telling you. Seriously, I'm human just like you.
So no one should think something is wrong with me. I'm here shopping for my children.
That's right. That's what I'm talking about.
I'm telling you give it back! I want it back!
I swear... I swear I'll kill myself! Give it back to me.
Whoa, wait a minute...
Give it back or I'll kill myself!
No, no, no... come on... Cut, cut, cut... Stop, stop, stop...
Give it back or I'll kill myself!
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Don't kill yourself. We want you, we need good citizens like you. Don't do it.
Speaking of spoiled goods... [Halima Boland: Hiyyyaaaa!]
Thank you.
Why Halima? Why the drama we heard? And the clips?
Before we get into the drama, there's another subject I want to talk about.
The makeup.
When you apply your makeup...
Take it easy.
People put makeup directly onto their faces.
They don't put it down on a table...
And then down we go.
It's not diving.
Lighten up my face, lighten it up! I wanna be white!
Let's go back to the drama Halima started.
Halima, next time the camera and mic are on, let's not come out with the truth.
Chill, ok?
The La Yekthar team has one small question to ask...
Why did this clip come out when you, Halima, decided to do a show on another channel?
Isn't it weird?
Wait, wait...
Aheh... uhhhh... MBC!
Thank you all for watching.
And most importantly, don't forget to subscribe.
Girls, makeup like Halima? Not good.
Going ahead and... [takes breath]
No. All sorts of colors and... no.
Guys Behind the Camera:
Alaa Yoosef Ali Kalthami Husam Al-Sayed
Scribbles by:
Ibraheem Alkhairallah Fahad Albutairi
Story Collection by:
Mazroua Al-Mazoura Heba Albutairi
Guests of Honor: Omar Hussein Khalid Khalifa
Special Thanks to: UTURN Team Ahmad Al-Oqiel Gaafar El-Souri