Wade Barrett on Eurosport (Clash Time) again ! Polish lector

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E: Clash Time. Guess who's back. It's my favourite superstar:
Wade Barrett.
W: Hi. How you doing?
E: Fine, thank you. I'm so happy, you're here. What's your first
memoir of WWE?
W: My first memoir od WWE is tie in with my school friend, when I was 9 years old.
He gave me a sticker from sticker box. He gave the sticker of Bret Hart.
I thought him as the greatest man on earth. He was tanned, he had long dark hair,
he was athletic and so on. And I thought: I have to get to know something
more about him. That's the first time I discovered WWE and I started watching it.
So my first memoir of WWE is the sticker of Bret Hitman Hart.
E: Nice. And what was the first lie you have said ?
W: First lie... Believe me, if I only could remember it. Probably it was
my first word. I'm not somebody, who you can trust easily.
E: And what was your first word?
W: I have no idea, what was it. That was too long time ago. After all,
belive me - it wasn't a truth.
E: OK. Who was your first idol? Was it Bret?
W: My first idol in WWe was probably Bret. I mean... no! It was The British
The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. I was a huge fan of Bret Hart,
but Davey Boy Smith was my idol. He really impressed me. I adored him. He achieved huge successes in WWE.
My idols that time were also football players. Guys like Garry Lineker
or Paul Gascoigne. I was huge fan of them.
E: Oh, nice. Keeping on sport's topic - - do you remember your first kiss or when was your first kiss?
W: My first kiss.. I was about 11 years old
E: It was a good one, was it?
W: It was nice, but it didn't last very long time with a girl,
so let's say about (???)
E: Who was your first love ?
W: My first love was Belinda Carlisle. I was six or seven years old then.
It wasn't a big deal. She used to sing a very popular song. I loved her
for about six weeks.
E: As you do
W: As you do and later I didn't feel the same.
E: And a.. when was your first fight?
W: My first fight was a fight with my brother, when I was one year or two years old.
I have been fighting since I was born. I was also fighting in school.
Another way is difficult to remember.
E: Do you have lots of brothers?
W: I have one brother, he's older than me by one and a half years.
Regarding to it, he was constantly stronger than me and he usually won.
We were all time comparing and compassing.
E: I heard, hat you eat fast: you consume like a vacuum!
W: Who told you that? Gabriel?
E: No.. So you eat very fast! Why? Has your brother been stealing
your food? Tell me about it.
W: I;m the fastest eater on the west and I guess I eat the fastest
in whole WWE. But on the other hand I don't eat the most; I think the most
eater is Big Show. Talking about fastness - I'm number one.
E: What was the first failure?
W: First failure... It would probably be a football match. Beeing six or seven
years old, I had the football match. It was very bad. It was my first match
in professional football team. A complete failure. We ended the game 12 to 0, so that
was horrible. I came back home and I spended my rest weekend miserably.
I have never seen a football team before, which ended up with 12 to 0.
E: Me neither.
W: My first game was very bad: 12 to 0 and it was the first match... Terrible disappointment.
E: Well, thank you for the interview. It was nice to meet you again.
W: Nice to meet you again, too.