Prevrteno-Upside Down-Превртено (cel film)

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Is it free?
Do you have any food?
Tickets, please.
Show me your tickets. Tickets, please!
To Skopje.
- Two tickets? - Two.
This is not enough.
Have a good trip.
For her soul's sake.
I don't drink.
For your mother's soul sake, motherfucker!
No new stuff, huh?
Why are you dressed like this?
We got jobs at a bank.
- At a bank? - Yes, we're on our lunch break.
What do you want?
Take them and buy yourself a whore, bullshitter.
Grow up already.
And I don't want to see you again with that sissy Pavel, understood?
What's up?
Where have you been? I've been waiting for an eternity.
I was waiting for my father. For money.
So, what now?
We'll go upstairs.
- What floor? - The uppermost.
Visiting someone?
- What is this, bro? - I have no idea.
Some kind of an organization. They gather here and hold speeches.
A sect?
Should I answer?
Come on, don't fool around.
You painted it?
There is no competition in the city.
How many times should I tell you? I don't scribble on walls. I paint.
Then, let's see some colour. Make a colour graffiti.
You dumbwit. Colour is an optical illusion, like the rainbow.
It comes and it goes.
A white wall and a black spray.
What the fuck are we doing here, exactly?
I wanted you to see what's in the devil's pupil.
Only if we have any luck...
Turn the lights off.
Get up, quickly.
She saw me.
She can't see you, stupid,
she's in the light, we're in the dark.
She covered it. - The hole is under her hook.
You can write her a song. 'A look into the devil's pupil".
- Lucia is hot on poetry. - Fuck you.
I'm serious. Isn't she the head of the poetry cub?
Of the drama club, asshole.
Poetry, drama, what's the difference?
No one could tell me, in fact,
Maybe because there was no one anymore.
But I knew. There will be no next train for me to go away.
In fact, nothing matters anymore. I should leave the station.
I go. I go, but something calls me from behind the mountain.
And no one knows, but me. I came back.
I came back to wait at the stinky, foggy station.
I came back to wait for the next train.
I came back because I wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you, Anna.
Considering the fact that our teachers are on strike,
and there is no heating in our school, the club
will continue working when the strike ends.
Until then, think about the preparation for the drama part of the event.
Think modern.
May I come in?
Do you have a cigarette?
I found out you live a this new address.
- So what? - So... I wrote a poem for you.
A poem?
A poem for me?
How sad.
What is sad?
You write poetry, but still, you have dirt under your fingernails.
Come to the Club tonight.
- Which cub? - Where your pal works. That cub.
How did you get in?
Through the door. I told them I came to visit you.
Did you hear? They have broken the strike.
The school is on from next week. They have fired half of the professors.
There will be new ones, they say.
Is she here?
- Who? - Lucia.
- No. Why? - We have a date.
Here? Next time, before you make an appointment with a girl here,
call me up. You can make trouble for me, Jan, this is a private club.
Aren't you hot?
Aren't you cold?
What do you want, Jan?
- I want you. - Well, I am here.
So close, you could put your tongue into my mouth.
You play with toys?
- What happened? - What could happen?
With Lucia.
I think she's an ordinary goose.
How much are these?
As much as you can't afford.
- Whom is it from? - From the Boss.
Thanks, I don't drink.
Jan, don't be such an arse, you' I offend him. He's my boss.
Oh, it's you. I'm looking for it, but it's all gone.
- What is all gone? - The stuff your father drinks,
that's what's all gone. Mastika. He drank it all -a litre a day!
I can't keep so much stock, I don't have any space here,
Look, I'm all walled up. Tell him there is no more of it.
I didn't come for my father's business.
I need a favour.
What kind of a favour?
For a thousand.
Wait. Wait a minute.
I need a favour myself. I can't reach the upper shelf.
Just take a peek if there's any Mastika left.
Are you alright?
There is none.
You've drank it all.
I'll put dynamite in her cunt. If you touch her,
it will blow you off to your mother, motherfucker.
- All the bikes are his? - All of them.
- And, what does he do with them? - What can he do?
Jan, get off of it.
Get off of it, you're making a fool of yourself.
- Lucia is with the Boss? - She comes with him sometimes,
her apartment is his. Didn't I tell you?
Lucia lives with the Boss?
No, stupid. He has apartments throughout the town, he rents them.
Where did you disappear?
- I saw you. - What did you see?
You stole the comic book. I saw you.
I'll return it when I read it.
I have everything from Crumb, plus a bunch of new comic books at home,
would you like to see them?
I have other pans. Some other time.
Petrova, Marija.
Petrov, Kiri.
Stojanovski, Mile.
Avramovski, Gjorgji.
Ilieva, Svetlana.
Michota, Kosta.
Duler, Spiridon. Tomev, Aleksandar.
Fero, Alisija.
Please, all of you who didn't pay the membership fee, pay it by Friday.
The last time we spoke about the justification of evil.
Evil is necessary, if it brings good. We have an exalted task ahead of us.
To eradicate hesitancy and weakness that stem from having a personality.
People should rise. If it's needed, we'll come out of the underground
and win! We'll spill blood if we have to. And the Union, in which
there is no place for us, is a former slaughterhouse
in which all the traces of meat and blood have been wiped clean.
This country needs renewal! This country needs culture!
Culture, order, and discipline!
Long live!
How long shall we be victims of foreign ideas and foreign ways of life?
- You're fucking with me? - No, bro.
I sneaked in there during the applause. - And, what?
I've heard that a lot of people hang around that apartment.
But, I can't figure what's it to you? Wasn't she a goose?
Have you heard the news? We have a new head teacher.
- I don't give a fuck. - He got out of jail.
I don't give a fuck.
But she does, bro, and the question is-to whom?
Some of your parents had a problem with my being
a professor and a head teacher. Why?
Because I've been in prison. That's true.
It is not wrong for a man to make a mistake, it is wrong
not to pay for that.
And those who have paid, deserve a chance. I paid.
And now I have the right to work.
From now on, I am responsible for you.
This year is your last school year.
Don't make it the one before the last.
I demand three things. Culture, order, and discipline.
Write it down on the blackboard. With capital letters.
Culture, order, and discipline.
Don't anyone else move!
Do you know why I kept the jail blankets warm?
I killed my wife. She was a whore.
She fucked a faggot.
Two words I can't stand. Whore, and faggot.
Have we met somewhere?
You didn't need that.
Al right, didn't you recognise him? - Whom? - The Fis.
The head teacher?
When we went up there, to Lucia's, we drove in the elevator with a guy.
- Yes. - Well, that's the guy.
- Who? -My diddle-doo. The Fis! That's the same guy.
- So what? -It could be him. - Who? -The guy with the mask.
I don't want to die like this, sick.
What's so funny.
I asked what's so funny?!
Well, no one dies healthy. Only sick people die.
You hang on for a day or two,
then we'll go to the new wing. There is better food and medicine,
everything's better. The Boss promised me.
It doesn't matter, Pavel.
You watch for yourself.
Don't end up like this...
Come on, put it here.
Come on, go over there.
All in line!
I said everyone!
- Why aren't you dressed? - I have a period.
- You have a period three classes in a row? -It's a long one.
- What about you? - The same.
- What do you mean-the same? - I have a period.
You think you can fuck with me?
Do you know who I am? You fuck with me?
- I shall report you. - What did you say?
May I go to the bathroom?
Get out! Out!
And don't you come to gym class ever again. I'll see you
for the end of the year exam. What are you looking at?
Come on, the girls to the beam, and the boys to the vaulting horse.
Hey, bro...
A strange thing happened.
At the break, Lucia came and sat next to me.
And, what?
She invited me to dinner.
- You're lying. - I swear. For the day after tomorrow.
You see what women are like.
You may come too.
But on the other side. Behind the hole.
And, now what? We are going to be silent the whole night?
Why did you burn the poem?
I only burnt the paper on which the poem was written.
'The First Night" by Arthur Rimbaud.
On ly with another title- 'Lucia". And with another signature-yours.
You should've found a less known brand.
Are you hungry?
- What is this? - Soup.
- Won't you have some? - No, I'm on a diet.
You want us to write poetry together?
Now you know what whore means, Jan.
- You think I'm a fool, right? - Good night, Jan Ludvik.
How is it possible you didn't see them?
It was dark, totally.
And, after the first fist, I don't remember anything.
I talked to Lucia.
You shouldn't have.
She doesn't have anything to do with it. She had her revenge.
The beating was from someone else.
Passports, please.
Any problems?
- You travel together? - Yes, we work together.
- At a circus? - Yes, at a circus.
Your passport expires in two days, you should extend it.
Do you have a cigarette?
Come over here, I don't want anyone to see me.
We are preparing "The Decameron'. By Boccaccio.
- So what? - I want you to play in it.
- Which part? - The husband.
Whenever you leave the house, your Petrunella calls a lover in.
You return home. You climb to the attic,
but you don't have the courage, it is too high.
You start climbing, the ladder sways, and you fall down.
- It should be funny. - Funny?
Jan. You and I are even.
Bravo, bravo. I see you've become a star.
She's the best one in the school.
Are you fucking her?
Give me a glass of water.
Sorry, have you seen Pavel?
- What's up? - Sit down.
A suit, huh?
How does it fit me?
My ambitions are higher than washing glasses all my life, Jan.
Aren't you an artist?
I will a ways be an artist. What about you?
What the fuck will you be?
- What would you like to drink? - Nothing.
It's on me. What would you like to drink?
She was here a while ago, and left this for you.
What does it say?
No one predicted such a development of the political climate.
The "Party of garages and attics', the mocking name they gave it,
gathered the teenagers with the right to vote.
The motto "I watch" euphorically united the youth
keen to demolish anything in its way.
You haven't given me back an entry form.
So what?
You should give it back to me, filled in and signed.
Well, I can't, I threw it away.
There's a new one for you. And don't play smarts.
Bring it back to me tonight.
They are going to raise to power.
- Has Pavel signed? - I don't keep records.
And not everyone can get an entry form.
Al right. Have you seen this?
A renewal? National salvation? Justice? Come on.
- Even before you. - And, you believe in this?
You think I'm a fool? It is a political manifesto,
something has to be written on it.
Then, why are you doing it? For money?
What for money?
You push his wheelchair, you bring his night-pot to him, you jerk it for him?
For money, right?
Jan, he's my father...
You make them real good.
But I tear their wings a little bit.
Then they fly slower, but they are more stable.
Bring it to me.
Is Lucia home?
I don't know, I'm waiting for her too.
Sit down.
- Want some whisky? - No.
Wine gives you headache.
Noble sorrow.
Sadness without reason, loser with a reason,
a rebel without a cause.
You write poems too, right?
But it's best to stay a child for the rest of your life.
- What's wrong with children? - They don't have money.
If they had it, they would become whores.
They would start a war, in a second.
You want money?
I came to see Lucia. And I don't understand what are you talking about.
I'm talking about her exactly.
You can't buy a donut without a hole. The hole goes with the donut,
like it or not.
You're her father?
Depends on how you look at things.
Someone has dropped a little sperm, and became a father.
A father is not the sperm.
I think it's best I left. You tell her I waited for her.
You're afraid of talking?
Because it's your first time. I was afraid too.
Until I took for the first time.
What do you need me for? I'm no one.
You're a total miss in the centre. Lost time.
For Lucia and me. Come on, sign it and get lost by yourself.
Least we lose time for you to get lost to motherfucker's land.
Please, just... If it's not too hard for you...
Wheel me down.
I want you to see something on the VOR.
I want to fuck so hard, I'm going to cry.
There is no coffee.
There is none.
Sit down.
I don't drink.
Son, life is constant intoxication.
It is better you drank a little glass every day,
so they can't kill you when they give you a glass full of poison.
That's what I think.
If you have something to say to me, say it. If not, I'm busy.
This arrived today.
This is for you.
And, this is for me.
What is in yours?
A video tape, motherfucker.
You... Mister...
Do you know what you just said?
They blackmail you?
Sign here.
- That's it? -That's it. We'll take the necessary measures.
- What happened? - A murder.
- Who's been murdered? - The woman working at the kiosk.
Did you sign?
This is from three months ago.
And this is now. You see how quickly black becomes white?
I asked you if you've signed.
Everyone will sign, sooner or later.
- Did she get transferred to the new wing? -Tomorrow.
I'll talk to the Boss tonight.
At least they can put your father in a more comfortable cell.
I've heard there are cells with running water and a toilet bowl.
You're my best friend.
This is the men's toilet.
They called from the hospital.
Get out! What are you doing here? This is a restricted area.
Get out!
What are you doing, motherfucker? You idiot!
You've asked for me.
Professor, sir.
Director, sir.
You're out.
Indecent behaviour, offending teachers...
Using drugs at the school premises...
200 absences from class.
Here are your documents.
Do you know what? When your wife was fucking that guy,
she was no whore, neither was he a faggot.
Get in!
- Come on, I'I drive you home. - I'm not going home.
For Strahil Pemov.
For Rudi Asan.
Is there anyone visiting Rudi Asan?
For Petar Ludvik.
For Todor Dimovski.
What are you doing here? There's nothing here.
You came to see what a murderer looks like?
Tell me why you lie that you've killed her.
I didn't kill her?
- How do you know that? - I know.
Do you have any proof?
Well, I didn't kill her.
I found her strangled.
With a mask on her face.
The same mask.
You were being framed.
I threw away the mask, and destroyed the tape.
I called the police and confessed.
That's it.
Keep silent and don't do anything foolish.
Better me, than you. I'm fine here.
I don't drink. There isn't any alcohol.
There are drugs in abundance,
but no alcohol.
I read a lot.
One more thing.
The real whores never get killed.
God, what have you done to yourself!
- Where have you been? - At a party meeting. Come on.
What else do you want to know?
I want to know how many men have you slept with, and how many times.
- Where are you going? - To open the door for you.
Where the fuck you think you're going?
Stop it.
Stop it!
Stop it.
You're an ordinary swine, Jan.
You're an ordinary swine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We thank you for your patience.
What follows, is the main act of the evening.
Our star Ina Kolenina, and her partner, the man
who climbs a ladder leaning on air!
But, he has disappeared.
We're paging for Jan Ludvik.
Maybe he is somewhere among you?
Or up there?
It seems, I' I have to look for him, and until I find him,
enjoy charming Victoria and her rings.
I told you not to pick up garbage from streets.
There are no more fucking professionals,
you pick up fuckers, not artists.
What now? Should I look for a new one?
Are you going to pay him?
My vision turned upside down.
You are supposed to identify him. That's the procedure.
His personal belongings. Considering the fact
he has no relatives alive, you should take them.
No one got off the train. No one else.
Miss, we call this train "The Train of Death".
It carries only deceased people and an odd passenger.
It is a completely unprofitable line. They should cancel it.