2010 - 045 Sophie and Sian 13th August

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SALLY: Sorry, Sian. Sophie should've made you a baked potato, or an omelette, or something.
SIAN: No, that's great. Thank you, Mrs Webster. How's, um, how's the new factory?
SALLY: Well, it's quite snazzy, actually. Management have got it best, of course, with
swanky new offices, but we have got a trendy new kettle. Thanks for asking.
SOPHIE: Ignore the words 'snazzy' and 'trendy'.
SALLY: Ey! Sian isn't shallow like you, madam.
SOPHIE: Oh, yeah? Sorry, your halo's in the post.
SALLY: Oh, I wish I was back at school.
SOPHIE: Mum got in with a gang of smokers and skivers. You did. Karen Jones and Nikki
Furlong? Yeah, ASBO's hadn't been invented then.
SALLY: Ey, we weren't ASBO material.
SOPHIE: Mum! You smuggled sherry miniatures into the Christmas disco! She got excluded
for three days.
SIAN: Radical!
SOPHIE: My hardcore mum?
SIAN: Are you still in touch with them?
SALLY: No, I lost touch with Nikki years ago. I don't half miss them, we were inseperable.
Be warned.
SOPHIE: Yeah, I think we'll be OK.
SALLY: Oh, it can't be. Do you know, the morning drags on like nobody's business. It gets to
lunchtime and it whizzes 'round like a Disney clock.
ROSIE: Maybe Fiz left him. The penny finally dropped, "I married a perv".
SALLY: Well, he'd be the one who'd have to leave her 'cause it's her house. God, it must've
been a big ding dong.
ROSIE: Maybe he's after a bit of school uniform, again.
SALLY: Oh, you keep away from him.
ROSIE: Duh! Ugh, the God botherer so needs a makeover.
SALLY: Hey! She's fine as she is. It's you whose hem could come down a few inches.
ROSIE: Where is she anyway? What, with her Siamese twin?
SALLY: No, she's hooked up with a few mates in town. Hello, Sally Webster. No, I'm afraid
she's not here. Right. Right. Oh, yeah, she's very lucky. OK, thank you. Bye.
ROSIE: What's up, mum?
SALLY: That was Celia from the Headline Festival. Someone handed in Sophie's purse.
ROSIE: O.M.G. Sophie Webster, your pants are on fire.
SALLY: I mean, the lies! To my face!
ROSIE: Alright, mum. Right, come on. Calm down. I mean, it's only a festival. It's no
biggie. It's not like she's on crystal meth or anything.
SALLY: Barefaced whoppers about flaming Southport. A right proper little double act. I thought
Sian was a good influence on her.
SALLY: So, you enjoyed Southport, do you, girls?
SOPHIE: Yeah, course we enjoyed it.
SALLY: And I hope you offered to help Sian's mum with the washing up, and the cooking,
and things?
SOPHIE: Yeah, we did a bit, didn't we? We made that meal that one day, didn't we?
SALLY: Oh, did you? What did you make?
SOPHIE: Um, a mixture.
SALLY: A mixture?
SOPHIE: Yeah, you know when you just get everything and throw it all together?
SALLY: Because I had a very strange phonecall earlier on, from a woman from a music festival,
saying she had your purse.
SIAN: No way.
SALLY: So, I made another phonecall or two and, it turns out, that you never did any
washing up, Sophie, because you were never in Southport.
SOPHIE: No. Well, what happened was-
SALLY: What happened was, you asked your dad and I if you could go to the music festival,
we said no, and you decided to go anyway.
SOPHIE: I'm sorry.
SALLY: To hell with us, you just snuck off- we had no idea where you were.
SOPHIE: No, because it was only for a couple of days.
SALLY: Well, you're grounded, Sophie. Indefinitely. And as for you, Sian, I- I don't want to see
you in this house again. Rosie I could believe this of, Sophie, but not you.
ROSIE: Uh, what have I done?
SALLY: So, say your goodbyes, and make it fast.
KEVIN: I agree with every word your mother's said.
ROSIE: What? Even the bit about me?
KEVIN: Especially the bit about you.
OWEN: Hasn't today taught you anything? It's time to hang up the spurs, throw in the trowel.
BILL: Are you threatening me?
OWEN: Maybe.
SALLY: Oh, your dad's here.
BILL: Ey up, Sal. Ey up, Kev.
SALLY: We're not interrupting anything, are we?
OWEN: No, not at all.
BILL: Uh, no.
OWEN: Jason, two more drinks here, please.
SALLY: Oh, do you know, after the afternoon we've had. Honestly, Bill, what have we done
to bring our daughter up a liar?
KEVIN: Trick question.