George W. Bush's Nightmare Before Christmas

Uploaded by bravenewfilms on 15.12.2008

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the White House
Not a creature is stirring well, except for my spouse.
I think she's still watchin' that W movie.
Yes my terms nearly done with
but I got one last goal:
To fill the national stocking
with a big lump of coal.
And I'm not talkin' about clean coal. That's just hot b.s.
While children are dreaming of toys, dolls and ponies...
I'm out here schemin' how to help out my cronies.
Yes to all my pals in the big corporations,
Here's my gift to you: some new regulations.
Let's start with a good one - a new Christmas tradition!
To let power plants increase their, uh, emitting
I know what your sayin': "aw, the parks and the grass.."
I tell ya what Robert Redford..
..kiss my white ass.
Let's lift some protections for endangered species
The earth is not warming - that's a big load of feces.
The Family Leave Act? That sounds like a perk!
Just pop out the kid, and get back to work.
Medicaid's one that could use new restrictions
Why do poor be need to get new prescriptions?
So I'll slash that one to pieces, and add a health warning:
Take two of these, and call me in the morning.
Now I can't play alone in this holiday game
I need me some reindeer, and I'll call 'em by name
Now Vitter, now Reichert, now Terry and Dreier
Come get the campaign support you require.
On Bachman, on Wolf, on Diaz-Balart
and throw in Voinovich, he'll do his part.
Let's help all the brokers
let's jack up their wealth!
Let's cut family planning, and slash women's health!
Jobs for our elders? They're gone in a blink!
Let's dump lots of crap in the water we drink.
I've signed the last one, and my job is complete.
And guess what? You're keeping these gifts!
'cause I got the receipt.
So I'll put down my pen
and I'll turn out the light.
Merry Christmas to all!
Well... to all on the right.