My first thoughts (Christmas Special 2011) - The 16Bit Hero [CC]

Uploaded by The16bithero on 25.12.2011

Yo! Guys, what's up?
It's been a while since the last time I uploaded a video...
Well, you know...
As you know, things happen and I couldn't make a video until now
So what I'm gonna do is give my first thoughts about 4 games that you guys recommended
'Cause, well I have nothing else to do... so let's start with one of my favourites!
This is one of the first game I had when I was a kid, and honestly is still one of my favourites!
Well, you know, created by Capcom so the game has the company's mark
You know, going through different stages, getting power-ups, beating up robots!
Classic stuff!
There is a large variety of levels, and for each one there are between 3 or 4 sections
each one very unique
The power-ups you get also have their own purpose in the adventure
Like the aladdin suit that lets you swim
The fireman suit that you can use to shoot jets of water and move heavy objects
and the suit of Robin Hood... or Peter Pan?
that lets you climb mountains
But nothing will ever surpase...
He grabs his enemies and spins them away!
Man, a little more and just...!
Anyway, the game's lotsa fun, and it has 2 sequels
Great Circus Mistery and Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3
But this one was only released in Japan but is also for Gameboy Advance
so, if you can play them, do it! 'cause they're really great!
but my favourite will always be the first one!
Moving on... The Mask!
Now, you know The Mask, that weird guy that goes around running, making crazy stuff
and making everyone laugh?
Well, he had his own SNES game if you didn't know that... and you know what?
I had this game also when I was a kid, and it's really fun
but later on it gets pretty challenging but anyway...
The Mask goes all around New York city f*cking up and beating the sh*t out of people
Specially that old miss Peenman
anyway, once The Mask finishes off with everyone in the zone
he shoots a big load of jizz there...
The Mask has a large variety of attack that you can use with button-arrow combinations
for example there's...
and my favourite...
The game's not just going straight like in Mario, you have to find your way to your goal
using elevators, ventilation systems, trees, etc...
and that makes the game kinda tricky, but good nonetheless
if you can find it, I recommend it, it's a blast!
oh, and be careful with some bosses that can kill you pretty easily...
Ok, following on the list...
well, this wasn't my first Mortal Kombat, first was Mortal Kombat 2, then the first one
then the third one and finally this one but definitely this is my favourite!
some prefer the second one and others just don't like it because the characters
in Mortal Kombat are digitized actors, but to me it's freakin' amazing
one of the best fighting series ever!
but whatever!
why is this one my favourite? for 4 reasons:
Unlike the earlier Mortal Kombats, here you can deal some super combos with button combinations
and they're really overwhelming!
besides with those Brutalities that makes you feel better to kick their faces and just...
I like this story better... I'm not gonna say much but I think this one is deeper than the other ones
I know that the Shaolin Monks game is kinda like a remake of Mortal Kombat II
but if they could do that with this Mortal Kombat 3... that would be EXTREME!
I mean, demons coming from a different world willing to conquer us, everyone's dead
and Liu Kang kicking ass with the world's heroes!
there are more fighting modes to choose from starting with Novice to Master of Masters
and you can fight in tournaments and tag-fights
and with those bonuses after the tournamets, why not?
Him! Noob Saibot!
one of my favourite characters, not only 'cause he can leave you inmune in one move
but also he's the original...
nah, nowhat? let's save that for later, let's just say that this game is rockin' great!
and yes! play it a lot with yer friends, you'll have a great time!
and finally here's... Donkey Kong Country 3!
well, let's say I was kinda late in the Donky Kong Country franchise
Because this is the first one that I played and you know what?
I still don't know why people don't like this game to me is one of the best on the console!
But is not just because of the graphics 'cause... are you serius?
the three games look pretty cool!
I still don't know what trick Rare used to create such beatiful images and songs with just 16 bits!
but, nevermind! it's not just the graphics the games themselves are one of the best!
but anyway, back to the topic
In this game Donkey Kong is kidnapped... again but also his friend Diddy
'cause, well, he needs company
and it's Dixie and Kiddy's job to save them...
of the terrible claws of furry rats and big bees
Hey! that's no laughing matter!
there's a good variety of scenarios, forests, lagoons, snow montains, and a volcano
some of the stages are repeated in some levels but it's not important 'cause they're all unique
I prefer the snow and lagoon ones very colorful and exciting
but i don't like the waterfalls and factories that much... I dunno, they're kinda dark
But it's nothing bad, it's just that it needs a larger color palette
anyway, the characters play really well, but everyone feels some physical aggression towards Kiddie
'cause he's so slow
well, take in consideration that Donky Kong wasn't some fast Kenian either
you just have to get used to him, that's all!
but since this game was released in the N64 era people didn't pay that much attention
and Kiddie was lost in oblivion...
but those who actually played as him know that he's not just a ball of grease
he also has his own tricks like...
yeah, you didn't see that coming, did ya?
but you only need that like 3 times during the whole game, but anyway...
get this game, play it a lot that you won't get bored, guaranteed!
Well, I just wanna clarify that these weren't full reviews, these are just basic ideas about them
later I'll make the full reviews, this is like an apology for the long wait for the other videos
consider this a Christmas-New Year Special and next year I'll continue with the other ones
Starting with Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts... Yes...
didn't expect that, right?
Well, I hope you guys liked it, keep recomending me more games and I'll make more videos like this
Take care and see ya next time!