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2: Never spend more than ten minutes.
Every minute, the chance of someone coming home unexpectedly increases.
3: Do not leave DNA.
4. Do not waste your time to obtain an expensive copy.
Even with simple forgeries it takes weeks before it is discovered.
5: Sooner or later one of two things are bound to happen.
You come across a work of art so valuable that you don't have to worry about anything.
Or you get caught.
My name is Roger Brown. I am 1.68m
You do not need a psychologist to understand that this must be compensated.
My house, for example. Value: 30 millions.
I don't like it, and can't afford it either. But she loved it.
Of course I'll come! How often do you have a girlfriend that opens a gallery?
I said the money was inherited. I had to say something. But the only thing I have inherited are bad genes.
It has been a long and laborious process to find the truth in this case.
For someone like me to get what he wants, only one thing matters:
Money.(open it) A lot of money.
But there is one thing Diana wants more than anything else.
And that's just the thing I don't want to give her.
-Isn't she cute? -Very cute.
Diana Strøm Eliassen is one of the beautiful, tall, smart ones.
Those who are used to be loved. Those who take it for granted.
There are plenty of men would give her that. Men who are taller than 1.68m.
But soon it will be my turn. My opportunity. I can feel it.
In the meantime, I play loud. For he who does not play, does not win.
-What are you doing tomorrow? -Why?
We are invited to dinner.
-We are invited to dinner? -Yes.
-Do you talk to other people about us? -There is someone I really want you to meet.
This ends now. I am sincerely sorry.
-Don't ... -No. Lotte ...
-The two of us are not. -Can you stop it?
-An impressive resume, Lander. -Thank you.
Yes, I think I am the right man for Pathfinder.
-What about your life outside of work? -Does it exist?
So you live here in Oslo. On Skøyen. And are married to ...?
Camilla. Been married for nine years. Two children. They go to school.
-Does she work? -Yes. In a law office downtown.
-Who stays home if a child gets sick? -She does. Of course.
-So no maid or anyone at home during the day? -No.
-Dog? -No.
-No? Allergic? -No.
What would you say your reputation as a leader is worth?
My reputation? What do you mean?
That piece is designed by Julian Opie. Worth a quarter of a million.
-Do you own any art in that price range? -Yes, actually.
A lithograph by Munch. The Brooch.
Can you tell what it is worth just by looking at it?
This, for example, consists of some circles and lines. Monotone coloring, without texture.
The only thing that makes it worth the quarter of a million, is the artist's reputation.
-And the same applies to managers? -Quite right.
And that is why you are not going to get this job.
-What? -My God, you applied to it yourself.
-What else should I have done? -Had someone tip us about you.
And pretended you didn't know about it when we contacted you.
Everything is a game, Lander. Listen...
Pathfinders Chairman and finance manager comes here tomorrow.
I want you to meet them. Listen politely to what they have to say.
Then you will explain why you are no longer interested.
-But they will perceive me as unprofessional. -No. As ambitious.
As someone who knows his own value.
-Lander, this is your opportunity. -Opportunity?
Let me build your reputation.
And I will promise you a job that quintuples your salary within two years.
How can you promise that?
Because I have never given a customer a recommendation he has not followed.
-But how? -The answer begins with "r".
-Reputation ... -My entire career is built on it.
You have an interview with Jeremiah Lander and Pathfinder tomorrow at 12.
-The information is on file. -Yes. Great.
Your wife's supposed to open that gallery this weekend, and I was wondering ...
-Is it possible to come? -Are you invited?
-Yes, exactly, am I? -Are you?
I have received an bill for 357 000 for renovation of Kasper Hansen Street.
That's right. I have helped Diana with some expenses. She's opening her own gallery on Friday.
You have to cut spending. You can go bankrupt at any time.
I'm working on it.
As your accountant, I must tell you how serious the situation is.
You have overdrawn the card by several hundred thousands, on dinners and...
I'm getting another call. I'll call you later.
You have a candidate. Jeremiah Lander, lives in Skøyen.
-Yes. We've got him. When? -A meeting tomorrow at 12, lasts one hour.
-No one home? -No. His wife works in the city.
Meet you in twenty.
The receiver in Gothenburg was to have fifty percent.
Ove Kjikerud would get 20% for disconnecting the alarm, get the art in my garage -
- And drive it to Sweden.
To hire him in Tripolis was one of the smartest things I have done.
I was left with 80 000. 80 000!
It wasn't even enough for the next quarterly payment on the house.
Something had to happen.
Hello. Thank you for coming.
-It looks very good. -Not even half have arrived yet.
-But I wont have time to meet... -Hey, it's very nice.
-Congratulations. Fantastic. -Thank you.
Something crazy happened today. I can't tell you now.
-But I want you to meet him. -Meet who?
-This is my husband. Roger Brown. -Clas Greve.
Clas has just moved here. From the Netherlands. Excuse me.
Hello, are you on your way? No, no, kids will just liven things up...
-So what brings you to Norway? Work? -I inherited my grandmother's apartment.
-She was Norwegian? -Yes.
I retired early some months ago. I moved here to put the apartment in order.
Retired? From what?
I was a director of a Dutch technology firm.
We worked primarily with GPS. Shall we ...?
-Dutch? Not HOTE? -Yes, exactly.
Weren't they just bought up by a large American company? Amtech?
-You work in the industry yourself? -No.
-Why did you leave? -I don't want to bore you with job talk.
I work in the recruitment industry. You don't bore me with job talk.
-Do you know of Pathfinder? -Of course. Our competitors.
Small. Skilled.
Roger, I unfortunately have to go. Have a good evening.
Clas ... Pathfinder is looking for a new boss.
One who can withstand takeover attempts from foreign companies.
-Shall we have a meeting? -Sorry.
A lunch. Monday at 12. We can talk about something else.
Arts, renovation, Polish workers ...
I'll write down the name of a good restaurant.
You don't take no for an answer?
A parting gift for long and faithful service?
No, I stole it.
I'll see you then. Say hello to your charming wife.
-This is my husband. -Roger Brown.
Brede Sperre, NCIS. -I have seen you on TV.
-He's investigating art thefts. -I thought it was murder?
It's getting so big we're using all our resources to stop this.
-Are you in the art industry as well? -No. I work as a headhunter.
-In the recruitment industry. Alfa. -One of the partners, that is.
I gave your wife a compliment for the exclusive earrings.
-She said they were a gift from you. -Yes.
Yes, the best of us get good bonuses.
I wish we had that in my industry as well.
Sperre? From VG. Could we have a picture?
Roger? Are you coming?
Look. The Calydonian Boar Hunt, by Rubens.
Stolen by Germans in Antwerp in 1941.
Since then it has been missing. Do you know how it is now?
-No. -Clas Greve's apartment in Oscars gate.
His grandmother had a secret relationship with a German officer during the war.
Then he was arrested, and shot a few days after.
-She panicked, thinking someone would discover their relationship. -And then she hid the painting?
-But it's not real. -I don't think German officers collected reproductions.
-Why did he tell you? -He came by to get an independent valuation.
Asked if I knew someone who could do it.
Clas Greve has a genuine Rubens painting hanging in his apartment?
-Here in Oslo? -Yes.
I offered to contact an art museum, to have it moved there.
Next week. This kind of painting you don't just put in a safety deposit box.
-How much do you think it's worth? -Tens of millions. Maybe 100.
Do you know what I think? I think that we two should celebrate.
-Celebrate what? -That you have started your own gallery.
-And us. -Thank you for supporting me, Roger.
-Everything will be fine. -What do you mean?
I mean that the two of us should start thinking about the future.
-Yes, it's Ove. -We have a candidate.
-Do you know what time it is? -Clas Greve, Oscars gate 25
-Is he a count? (greve) -His name is Greve.
-Ove? What's going on? -Sorry. Natasha is here.
-What did you say? -Meet me at the cabin tomorrow.
No, not tomorrow! It's Saturday. I have her all weekend.
This is huge, Ove. We only have a couple of days.
-One o' clock! -Okay, okay.
-You're so kind. -Good morning.
-Hey ...? -Yes?
What you said yesterday about thinking ahead ...
Does that include the sound of small shuffling feet in the hallways here?
-Maybe. -Don't say maybe, Roger.
I said yesterday that everything will be ok. And it will.
-I want us to have that conversation now. -I agree, but I have an important meeting first.
Do you think I'm stupid? You have an important meeting?
A meeting that was scheduled during the night?
I have to go. Call you later.
-What are you so afraid of? -Nothing.
Dogs. And you, when you're like this.
If we are to be childless the rest of our lives, I really want to know.
And we'll have that conversation but now I have an important meeting.
-I've tried to talk about it for 7 years. -And it will take 7 more years
If you continue to nag like this!
I didn't mean that.
You are never going to give me a child.
How many million are we talking?
-Perhaps up to a hundred. -A hundred?!
Every time, Ove. I have told you I don't want stuff like that lying around.
You know I always have weapons on me.
At home I have weapons everywhere. Can reach a gun in every room.
You should get one too. Sooner or later they're coming.
Ok, this is how we do it: You go to Gothenburg and get a reproduction.
There are many, but we need a good one. I have lunch with Clas Greve on Monday ...
-I told you to stay in the car! -But I have no light!
Out! We having a meeting!
Women ...
As I tried to say before I was interrupted by a Russian prostitute ...
At lunch on Monday I will find out when the apartment is empty.
-You go to Sweden immediately. Now. -Okay.
-No, fuck. I can't now. I'm busy. -Busy?
Natasha is here. I'm going to make a new movie with her before she goes back.
I have arranged everything with the guys at work.
-You tape her? -I need something to watch.
I just turn on the alarm, then the cameras are rolling.
-So she doesn't even know you are filming? -No.
And the guards are watching the two of you ...?
I have no camera directed towards the bed!
They will see her undressing, and some fingering. That's it.
She got a new haircut. Nice.
The rest is private. Cool, right?
There are only a few days until the painting is moved.
-Do you understand how big this is? -She is here twice a season.
You will earn millions.
For that much money you can buy her. For the rest of your life.
I'll take one without crayfish jelly, and dressing on the side. Thank you.
Are you in Oslo now, or will there be a lot of back and forth in the future?
Three and a half million, plus stock options.
I'm afraid you take things for granted. Remember that you are a foreigner.
Norwegian companies often want ...
Your method works for most people. I respect that.
But we have both been in this situation before.
-You literally savlet ... -Savlet?
You were dribbling when we met at the gallery. And that was right of you.
The problem isn't that I'm foreign. But that I wasn't interested in the job.
But I found that renovating the apartment is not as exciting.
So if it's ok for you ... Let's just drop the play.
Ok. I give up.
-But I need more information. -Do you play squash?
-Married? -Divorced.
-Children? -Unfortunately.
-Dog? -Yes.
-It's in Amsterdam. -Quarantine?
I will fly down and get it tomorrow.
The GPS industry is tough?
-Your back. -Oh ... That's from the military.
I joined at 18.
After a few years I ended up in a special unit ...
-Specialized in what? -Tracking.
-Tracking of...? -People.
Missing. Wanted.
-And the technology was provided by HOTE? -Exactly.
They made microscopic transmitters.
I had some suggestions for improvements. So they recruited me.
-Where are the scars from? -Bolivia.
-Were you tortured? -No, I was released in time.
-Sounds like something from a movie. -No, you have not seen the movie.
-When can we meet with Pathfinder? -Anytime.
-When are you back from Amsterdam? -The day after tomorrow.
So we'll do it then.
Hey, it's Diana. I can't answer the phone right now. Have a nice day.
-Hey. -You're late.
-I tried to call you on your cell. -I can't find it. I must have left it at the gallery.
-Was it important? -No.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
You're cute. Come sit down, a movie just started.
No. I ...
I'm exhausted. I'll go to bed.
We developed a gel that contains hundreds of transmitters per ml.
It sticks to everything, and is impossible to remove.
-You mean Trace. -Exactly.
The weakness is that Trace is sensitive to things like mud.
I know this from my experience as a soldier.
When you are in, if you will excuse me, the world's butt hole ...
When you depend on the equipment to work.
That you come via Brown, is clearly of great importance.
Ultimately, it is he who must make his recommendation.
One moment.
-Very good. -Thank you.
When are you writing your recommendation?
-We have to make a decision first. -What are you saying?
There are several candidates. We must assess the overall picture. You will be notified.
Have we been to the same meeting? It could not have gone better.
-They were ready to write the contract. -Then you're in a good position.
Hello. You travel to Gothenburg tonight, Ove.
The painting is to be sold as quickly as possible.
Hello. I have to talk to you.
-Don 't seek me out me like this. -Can't you give me two seconds?
I apologize if it's my fault that you're like this, but we have ...
There's really nothing more to talk about. Really.
-Do you need money? -I miss you. I miss you so much.
Lotte ...
Lotte ... Do not contact me again.
-You look tired. -Thank you.
-Is there anything wrong? -No.
-Much to do at work? -Yes, a little.
I had a meeting with Pathfinder today. And Clas Greve.
-Okay? Did it go well? -No.
-He's not getting the job? -Absolutely not.
Tomorrow I'll call the other agencies.
I will ensure that he doesn't get any job in Norway.
Did you find your cell phone, by the way?
-You had lost your cell. -Yes.
-It was at the Gallery? -Yes.
-That's good. More wine? -Yes, thank you.
Ove ...
-Hey. -What are you doing here?
I saw you go down here and you didn't come out.
-I was worried. -About what?
-Roger ... -Yes?
Have a nice day at work, then.
I love you.
-Ove, where do you live? -Natasha ...
Ove ... Ove!
Where are ...?
Ove, what happened in the garage?
Did you see anyone?
Answer me!
Did you see what happened? Was there anyone there?
-Natasha ... -What?
What the hell is going on here?
Ove, what is the password?
-The password for the alarm. -Natasha ...
We need to disable the alarm. What is the password?
-What is the password! -That's what I'm saying! Natasha!
Sj or ch?
Ove ...
Ove, how's it going?
-What happened? -You sat on a syringe in my car.
A syringe?
-You have been lucky. -Lucky?!
You got the needle in the knee. The poison didn't properly insert.
-Did you fuck up? -This is about something else!
Diana has a relationship with Clas Greve.
He doesn't kill you because he fucks your wife!
Call 911, then! -There will be no police up here!
Please, Roger. I've got to go to the hospital.
-Or I'll die. -I'll get some milk.
Milk neutralizes poison. They would've done the same in the hospital.
-Call. -Don't do anything stupid.
Then I'll do it myself.
Just take it easy ...
Roger. I have to speak with you.
I have spent most of my adult life tracking people down.
Microscopic transmitters.
Good evening. I thought I'd go to the cabin for a little while.
-I thought it was Kjikerud. -No.
-It's his car. -Yes.
-Aren't you a business man? -I got fired.
-Can I put the car in the barn? -500 A day.
You can park it for free down the road, you know.
If you touch the tractor, I'll have compensation!
-So much traffic here today! -I'm visiting Roger Brown.
-Is he the business man? -Yes.
-What are you doing with him? -We have a deal.
I have nothing to do with what you are doing, but ...
He hasn't invited you for coffee and cakes at the cabin.
At the cabin?
Since it is my site, perhaps some compensation is in order.
Who are you?
Oh, fucking hell ...
You're not supposed to be up!
-Has anyone asked for me? -No. Come and lie down.
Apart from the police. They're waiting for you in the hall.
I said you would eat your breakfast first.
...if you manage to hit them in the larynx, you are good at fighting.
Ever heard of co-daw-ying?
Not so strange. Do you know how many martial arts there are? 3000.
Egyptian shuffle game ...
Sunded, I got him!
Olav Sunded from NCIS.
You are suspected of the murder of a farmer called Sindre Aa.
Come with us Kjikerud, we'll talk more at the station.
You are Ove Kjikerud?
-Where are we going? -Elverum police station for questioning.
I'm hoping you cooperate, so I can go to Oslo tomorrow.
-Message to all patrol cars. -Both, in other words.
Bravo 3-0 answering.
Egmon Karlsen reported his trailer stolen.
-Did Karlsen sound sober when he called? -Not entirely, no.
Call Bear pub. It's probably parked there.
-Why did you kill the farmer, then? -I have no idea what you're talking about.
Your mercedes was in Sindre Aa's barn.
-You drove his tractor into the ditch. -I have never heard that name before.
-No trailer outside the Bear pub. -I have more important things to do.
Check behind the store.
-We have several witnesses... -There it is, fuck me!
Call Egmon. I see the trailer. His son has probably borrowed it again.
What are you doing?
As I said. We have a lot of evidence.
And still you deny it.
Then you need to tell me details, 'cause I don't understand.
The neighbor found you in the ditch next to the tractor.
We developed a gel that contained hundreds of transmitters per ml.
It sticks to everything, and is impossible to remove.
I love you.
-We have to get out. -No we don't.
He's going to kill us all. He has smeared transmitters in my hair!
-Calm down! -He has smeared transmitters in my hair!
-He'll kill me! -Calm down!
We have to get out!
Hey, it's Diana.
Hello? Roger, is that you?
After this we'll go to Forensics.
Then we'll take a look at Kjikerud's house.
"I am a single girl fron Gjovik. You are the sexiest cop in Norway. "
"And the smartest. Do you want to meet me? I'll do most stuff."
What the hell happened here?
Lotte, wait.
-What are you doing here? What has happened? I need help. Please.
-I don't want to get you involved in this. -In what?
When they ask, don't lie. Just say that I was here.
Just say that I forced myself in.
What happened?
Wait here. I'll get something to clean it with.
Do you have scissors?
Lotte, who are you contacting?
-Give me the phone! -Stop.
- "Roger is alive. He is in the apartment." It's not what you think ...
-What's going on? -I don't know!
It's not my fault! -What's going on?
-Please ... -What does Greve want with me?
-He wants a job in Pathfinder. -You don't try to kill someone for a job!
It's about billions.
They have worked on it since they found out Pathfinder was looking for a new CEO.
-Who are 'they'?! -Clas.
-He still works for HOTE. -What?
-What?! -They have huge financial problems.
Amtech requires HOTE provide them with Pathfinder technology.
-It was Clas' task. -Are you insane?
I was to get to know you, and then introduce you to him.
He had to make a new plan, since you wouldn't see me anymore.
He had to find a way to meet you.
His grandmother had an old copy of a Rubens painting.
He made up a wild story about her getting it from a German officer.
He told Diana the story and she believed him.
Then he met you.
The only thing I did was to put the transmitters in your hair.
Did you do that?
Was it you who smeared that crap in my hair?!
-Diana, is she in on it? -I don't know. I think so.
-You think so?! It's not my fault, I didn't want this!
I just want to get away from him. Can't you help me?
Can I have a glass of water?
The suspect died in the accident along with three of the four police officers.
The last police officer is still missing.
Army divers are now seeking in and along the river.
What has happened?
Don't look at me like that.
I know why you left. There is nothing between Clas and me anymore.
I tried to say it in the garage, but I couldn't.
-But what do you know ...? -No, I have to say this now.
I didn't mean for it to happen. But you hurt me.
He was so easy to talk to, and I just ...
It was all too much.
It was wrong. And I am so ashamed.
'Cause it's you that I want.
If you really don't want children, we don't need to.
I am willing to to do anything.
You love me.
Never stop believing that. Promise me that.
-And you knew nothing. -About what?
You knew nothing.
Oh, my God. What's happened?
Dog bites are dangerous. You must get a doctor to look at it.
I can't do that right now.
Hold this.
-What are you going to do now? -I don't know.
They are going to find out who died in the accident soon.
I have to get rid of evidence.
And then?
I have to get away from here. Start over.
Maybe the two of us could ...
I can wait a while to report it stolen.
I have to clean these too.
Do you love her?
How could you be so fucking stupid?
Art robberies? And buying things I don't need?
Who do you think I am?
You asked me what I'm afraid of.
And I have been afraid since the first time I met you.
I have been afraid that you would leave me.
Afraid that we would have a child that you would love more than me.
And I have been afraid for you to see who I really was.
And hate it.
-Sorry about this, Greve. -It's all right.
Roger Brown is on an unexpected trip abroad.
-Sounds interesting. -He had to rescue an important contract.
But you are in safe hands now. Only formalities remain.
So it should be quick.
Hello. We are supposed to replace a fan in B4.
We have gone back and forth all day. But this card doesn't work.
Thank you.
Hello, boys. Sorry, but we're a little behind here.
Just got a woman who's been dead on floor heating for 14 days.
-What do you think about this, then? -Typical car accident damage to both.
-Internal bleeding is the cause of death. -Where are the peanuts?
Says here 'a bag of peanuts'. Where is it?
I haven't eaten them.
-Has anyone been here? -To steal a bag of peanuts?
Who is that?
What the hell is going on here, Roger?
Removing evidence? Do you think you'll get away with this?
What the heck?
So you understood about the hair? That's where the transmitters were.
It was Lotte, who ...
-That's why you killed her? -Does it feel like a loss?
I'll give you a choice.
If you tell me what the hell is going on, you get a shot in the head.
-Otherwise, you get a bullet in the stomach. -You don't have any feelings about it?
I want to know if people like you really exist.
People like me?
People who are incapable of love. Who are without empathy.
-Empathy? -Yes.
If you want an answer to that, look in the mirror.
-I'm nothing like you. -You're not?
-I have loved someone. -You have loved someone? Diana?
You loved her?
I'm afraid I have some sad news.
She says she longs for me. She wants me.
And I'm only human.
Have you loved someone? Someone other than that dead dog of yours?
I don't have time for this. I have an appointment with Diana this evening.
You pick up the hair. You know I'll come after you. Why?
It takes a long time to die from a stomach shot. You will beg me to kill you.
So I ask you one final time: Why am I here?
Why are you smiling? Why am I here?
Stop that!
Do you know why I smiled, Clas?
Because you just proved that Diana loves me.
She didn't come to you because she wanted you.
She came because she was replacing the patrons in your gun.
She has replaced the bullets in your gun. To blanks.
Or what do you call it in Denmark? Blanks?
-What the hell are you talking about? -She hates you.
She wants you to die.
But I'll give you one chance.
I have no idea how many bullets Diana had time to change.
That's not like you, Clas ...
Is it over?
I might not know myself, but I know others. That was what I put my money on.
Welcome to this press conference for the Oslo police and NCIS.
I had prepared well.
The police pistol from the crash would be found on Kjikeruds bedside table.
The same gun also killed Lotte Madsen, who the press called Greve's mistress.
How the "art thieves" Ove Kjikerud and Clas Greve had killed each other...
A whole world had seen on the internet.
The police would also find out that the gun Greve had fired, -
- Was consistent with the bullet that went throgh Ove's head.
He should never have taken that gun.
We can present a breakthrough in the case.
But even if I had done everything right. There was one thing I couldn't change.
Ove was already dead when I shot Greve.
But Brede Sperre is Norway's most famous detective.
Unresolved cases are not his style. Especially not after VG called him:
"The man who helps Norway sleep well at night. "
Because he's good? Absolutely.
But mostly because he has understood what gets a person up and ahead. And what is that?
It has been a long and complicated investigation.
The answer begins with "r".
Which gets you television appearances, and still gets you text messages from strange women.
We think they celebrated the theft, and it got completely out of control.
It ends with them torturing a dog, and killing the farmer who owns the cabin.
That is correct.
Have a nice day. Both of you.
-We are ready. -Send in the candidate in one minute.
Ferdinand ... Thank you.
Hello. Sorry. Please sit.
I have asked you here because we are at the end of -
- A long and, as you know, dramatic hunt for Pathfinder's new CEO.
Last time it was unrealistic to get him released from his position.
Without promising too much, I think I've got him.
Please welcome ... Jeremiah Lander.
My name is Roger Brown. I'm 1.68.
And you know what? That's more than enough.
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