Ep 10 - The Method pt1 - 12-STEPS TO RECOVERY

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DANI Hey Parrish. You’re early.
PARRISH What’s up kiddo?
DANI Aww, you shouldn’t have.
PARRISH Umm, these are for my date.
DANI I know silly, but I’ve known you all
these years and you’ve never brought me flowers.
PARRISH For what?
DANI Look at me Parrish. I’m a woman and
women like flowers. Would it hurt you to acknowledge that sometimes?
PARRISH Dani, you’re like one of the fellas.
DANI Your FELLAS ain’t got what I got?
PARRISH That’s true. Damn girl. Where’s all this
coming from? I mean not this, but this.
C’mon Dani, what’s up? Talk to me.
DANI You’re going on all these dates with
exciting women. I want to meet someone special too. When am I going to find
my mister right?
PARRISH Believe me, they haven’t been all
that exciting. (clearing throat)
DANI How many times do I have to apologize
about Chantal and Manalé?
PARRISH Whatever. Anyway, your blind date will
be hear soon. You never know. He could be the one.
DANI I’ve heard that before.
PARRISH Dani you’re a great catch. You’re
beautiful, sweet, caring, intelligent. You’re probably the smartest woman I
know. And most importantly, you’re a loyal friend.
Any man would be stupid not to want you in his life.
DANI Thanks, my father use to kiss my head
just like that.
DANI (CONT’D) There’s Jasmine. Be right back.
PARRISH I’ll come...
DANI Relax loverboy. I’ll bring her over.
JASMINE Hey girl. Is he here yet?
DANI Yes, by the benches. (Beat) What the
heck are you wearing?
JASMINE You said dress like a TV host on
DANI I said Teleministries, not no damn
Telemundo. You know they dress like they’re going to the club on there.
DANI And you had to put on your hoochiest
dress. How is Parrish suppose to listen to you when you sell him about
me? Men have one-track minds.
JASMINE Why are we doing some mission
impossible stunt? Just tell him that you’re in love with him. Problem solved.
DANI Shsss, are you crazy? I can’t just say
that. Although he did kissed me. Well it was on the forehead, but he was
gentle and we had a connection.
JASMINE You’d feel a connection if he grazed
your boobs by accident. It’s been so long you’re probably a virgin again.
DANI Shut up!
JASMINE Dani, you’re grasping for straws.
There’s got to be a better way of telling him.
DANI You can’t just tell a man things.
They need to discover them. Plus to expose myself and be rejected is just
too risky. That’s a one-way ticket into therapy.
JASMINE Excuse me? I have a therapist.
DANI Yeah and it’s because of an ex.
JASMINE Hakim has nothing to do with me seeing
a shrink. You know I got daddy issues.
DANI Girl please. I don’t see you doing
porn nor working a pole in clear heels. Anyway, can we please keep this about
me? I just need for you to plant a bug in his ear so I can be a date.
JASMINE What’ll happen if Parrish finds out
you were purposely picking bad dates?
DANI He’s not going too. Ever. Now where
is my blind date?
JASMINE Eddie should be here shortly. He’s
one of the hottest Method actors in NYC. He thinks it’s a real hookup.
DANI Well good for Eddie. Now my man is
over there and I’m gonna bag him by any means necessary.
JASMINE Dani X on the prowl.