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Last time, you got to see Sunggyu's experience with the Japanese weather
and his over walking!!!
you also got to see the filiming of
the separate left and right brain of Dongwoo's
it's our to to shoot behind the scenes aaaaak
Leaving the music video's filming because of shopping addiction: L
and Sungyeollie who watched the ladies in the streets
and the only one who acted
in the White Confessions music video bts
Dongwoo's and Sungyeollie's last shots are done finished
The camera is now following Sungyeollie
Can I say love you?
Okay~ we're gonna edit it..
(young woman) did you eat?
Ooh she looks pretty
Ah! I was being filmed. Hahaha.
AH! I didn't know~~
i think she was part of the music video staff
(Sophisticated) I'm a man ... I like people
Among them, I prefer someone who is a lady
(next part) Now I'm taking shots in a place with many people
(Anonymous winner) Even if I go that way, nobody recognizes me. Huk!
I thought it'd be better if no one can recognize me
but it strains me more ahh...
It's sad.
he's doing his one shots in the streets where no one recognizes him
(nobody recognizes me!!)
After showing his sadness in art
Make-up modifications are made
Handsome winner Sungyeol has a complex too, you know
That's right!!
Stylist: Mona Lisa
(I don't care if she is a noona)
There's a camera, you know!!
So what? Is it filming?
Many people are watching Yeolna Lisa
Yeolna Lisa is working hard on his one shots
This hahaha
Citizens waiting stampede by!
At least it will be less embarrassing!
they're all looking at me, it's embarrassing
"You’re still doing well, right?" huhuhuhu
"You’re still doing well, right?" Hehe
Fortunately, the music video came out just fine
and the following scene!
The real story behind this scene?
These beautiful pictures in the camera from afar..
Seems a bit off..
Merry Christmas
Anyway, Merry Christmas completed!
Did you see it? Did you see the Merry Christmas part?
It's awkward
HIis expression looked a little down
Since he's whispering
As a man, I didn't really like it at first
In Infinite, you and Sungyeollie fought for this part
Oh, the Merry Christmas part?
To be honest, I wanted to say it
...but how was I supposed to say it?
(Busan) Merry Christmas
(Nam) Merry Christmas. Nyahahaha
(Leader) Merry Christmas
(Maknae) Merry Christma-sseub
(Kenya) Merry Christmas
Ah, I'm sorry. Sungyeollie did good.
(Visual L) Merry Christmas
Did Sungyeol-ssi find his acting satisfying?
My acting?
By whispering Merry Christmas to the soldiers?
Everytime we film, I feel like I could've done better
I'll show it in a sexier way
Do I have to do it?
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas. Ah.. knht khnt *non human sounds*
Did you meet a lot of fans in Japan?
They're all so cute
South Korean fans usually yell "Sungyeol-ah, Sungyeol-ah"
Japanese fans are more cautious though
It makes me feel like I should hug them
The Sungyeol and Visual L pair!
Behind the scenes for this?
You two should enter the shop
and be in the camera's view
How should I walk? Excitedly?
Jiu! Jiu! (L's character from Japanese drama)
The main problem?
Initially promised to walk into the shop exicitedly
However in the MV..
How should I walk? Excitedly? Happily?
This is L's excited expression
If both of us walked in excitedly, it won't be fun.
One person needs to act like he's not willing to go in
so that the person behind will push and say "let's go in"
So what's the reason that you want to be that role?
kukukuku. No, actually...
Ku-huk-huk-huk. No. Koong.
He wanted me to guide him from the streets because I'm usually peppy
He asked me to do this
So I ended up doing it that way
L is usually the cool guy while I act childishly
How was shooting?
It was really awkward
You! Why did you have to be so awkward?
How would you rate each other's acting?
What's Sungyeollie's answer?
Zero points! Zero points!
That was not the truth
Truthfully, if it's awkward, it's awkward; if it's good, it's good; if it's bad it's bad
In conclusion, it has to be good
I'm saying what I feel
Yeah, you're really honest.
Fine! Do whatever you want! Go!
Did you see the "you're still doing well, right?" part? That part was a bit awkward
I think Sungyeol was awkward
Watch your back!
We are now filming our music video for our winter digital single
Visual L is in charge of singing the beginning!
Beauty shining like 100 light bulbs!!
Shooting seems to be delayed!
L goes somewhere as he waits
He looks at a shoe store that isn't even opened yet
Is it 3000yen?
Not 3000yen but 4000? Expensive right? Expensive right?
4500yen is expensive?
Is it not?
He was worried one minute and then he went to get more funds..
Yongha-hyung, please lend me some money
I literally saw the price in wons (t/n korean currency)
I said to myself it was only 4500 wons
In fact, it was on discount
Since I'd buy it on a discount, it was cheap
so I bought them without regret
After feeling good shopping, he went back to shooting
(Stares) Merry Christmas
(Part contest) Merry Christmas
(Again) Merry Christmas
Sungyeollie's lines (why are you repeating it..)
I honestly was jealous
So when the teaser came out with my Merry Christmas
Ohu, I was happy
Oh wait, edit this out!
What a lot of shots~
I took advantage of this place. Nyahak
L is in a better mood now that it ended
(One of my fans is approaching)
Not a good look..
It'll be better if I do selcas
Camera contest: success!
It's not better
(Persistent) I have to make it the best
From that point on, he takes Selcas
Fans can check out these photos on Infinite's Fancafe
Why are you filming this
because you're strange..
Last selca!
First of all inspirits...
We are preparing for our next album
We have two concerts in February
that we have to prepare for
This is slightly the winter version of
You can see us more natural and free
Please look forward to it
Part 2 ends with a scene from L
Hoya: Are you done? Why do you talk so much~
Hoya: Are you blabbering machines?
Sungjong: Get out! It's our turn~
Hoya: I'll be with Sungjong in the next part
Hoya: You'll look forward to it, won't you?
Sungjong: You'll regret it if you don't watch