Strong Abs Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 28.06.2012

Today, we're gonna focus on abs. I'm gonna show you 5 great moves that you can do to
strengthen up your entire core. Let's get started. We'll begin in a Plank Pose. So nice
and sturdy here. Make the wrists are right under your shoulders. Same thing with the
knees and the hips. And when you step back, it'll be in a nice, straight line here. So,
top of your head reaching forward. Heels lengthening back behind you. You can even peek down and
see if your body is in one straight line. Sometimes the hips lift all the way up here.
Or sinking down here is not so good for the lower back. So make sure you keep the belly
engaged here. And breathe a lot. So, see if you can stay here for about 10 full, long,
deep breaths. That's a pretty good one to get everything warmed up. And on the next
one, just coming on down to your forearms here. So you can either hold the hands gently
interlaced --that's a nice one-- or all the way out here on the ground. That's great too.
So the top of your head, again, reaching forward. Heels reaching back behind you. Again, if
you wanna scan down your body. Make sure you're in one straight line. Make sure the hips aren't
lifting way up or, again, sinking down. Not so good for the back. So, again, maybe 10
long, deep breaths here. And then, once you've had enough of that just go ahead and come
all the way back down. And then we'll come down to lie on your back for some more good
time core fun here. So lifting your legs all the way upward here, we're just gonna lower
and lift the legs here a few times. Gently lower all the way down toward the ground and
then the all the way right back up here. And you wanna make sure you keep your lower back
pressed into the ground. So if there's anyway pain here, gently sit on your arms here. You
can also bend the knees. So make sure there's no pain in the back for this one. That's no
good. So see if you can do 10 of these here, nice and smooth and easy. And the next time
your legs go up to the ceiling here --after you've done your 10-- see if you can raise
them all the way up and over here, into a nice Platypus. If a Platypus doesn't feel
so good on your neck or back, no worries at all. You don't have to go as far. So just
keep it really easy here. We're just gonna roll through these, back and forth here. So
reaching your heels down toward the front of you. All the way up. And then, all the
way back behind you. Try to keep it really smooth and easy here. Try now to just use
momentum to rock through it. So, again, 10 of these here is a pretty good place to be.
And then, after you've done your 10, we'll come all the way back to your middle. And
then, we'll rock all the way up here for your Boat Pose here. So legs nice and sturdy here.
You can have bent legs or straight legs, just try to keep your spine really long and open
here. And we're just gonna lower and lift here 10 times, really low. Halfway down. Feet
forward. Head and shoulders back. And right from your belly, all the way up for 1. You
can hold when you come up, if you want, here. Again, just like that. Halfway down. And all
the way up for 2. And again, here, halfway down. And all the way up for 3. And again,
here, just keep breathing a whole lot. And all the way up for 4. And again, halfway down.
And 5. And halfway down. And 6. And halfway down. And 7. Almost there, just keep breathing
through it. Down. And 8. The more you breathe the easier your body can work for you. All
the way done. And 9. Last one here. All the way down. And holding the 10th one. All the
way up here, just grab ahold of the legs. Draw your shoulders in and your back. Maybe
even straighten your legs out here. Nice, long spine. And then, the last little bit
here: We'll do some twisting ones here. So let go of this. Drop your knees over to your
right side. Arms come to your left. Lower halfway into a nice twist. And then, all the
way up for 1 here. We'll just do a few of these here. And again, halfway down. And up
for 2. And again, halfway down. And up for 3. Really feeling lots of strength building
there. Down. And 4. And down. And 5. We'll just go for 10 of these here. Down. And 6.
Keep breathing. Down. And 7. And down. And 8. And down. And 9. Last one here. Down. Again,
just holding the 10th one here. Grab ahold. Draw your shoulders and your back. Nice, long
spine. Maybe even straighten out your legs here. Just breathe a lot. And then, when you're
ready, go ahead and hug your knees all the way back in. And you're done. Great job. So
there you have it. 5 really great moves that you can do to strengthen up your entire core.
So stick with it, and you'll be really strong. I'm Tara Stiles, and I'll see you next time
on the Yoga Solution. Thanks so much for watching, you guys. I'm actually checking out the page
right now, seeing some of the comments. We filmed a lot of your comments and questions
today. Thanks, so much. Keep them coming, and I'll see you soon.